Which lock you should use on your Entrance door?

Today we want to introduce you to some types of locks and describe the difference between them, to make you choose the right one for your needs. The most common lock these days calls “deadbolt”, however, there are several numbers of such locks and it’s really important to choose the right one. 

In general – the deadbolt was invented almost 150 years ago and the mechanism was already secure enough, it’s almost the same as it was a century ago. 

It’s also really important to install the lock in the right way as it will directly affect the protection of your home. If you are not a builder and never do such things as a door/locks installation – we will suggest you use the professional’s help. Don’t matter in which city are you located, you always can find 24 7 locksmith service, they will help you with any issue regarding the locks, doors, or even the garage door if the lock was broken. 

Well, there’s are three most common types of deadbolts, what’s the difference? Let’s figure it out!

Single Cylinder

The first one and most popular – Single Cylinder lock. This lock can be opened from the inside only with the key, but from the inside, you wouldn’t find the keyhole as it has a thumb turn. This type is good for emergency cases, as you would be able to get out from the house without wasting the time for finding the key and opening the lock, all you need to do is to make a thumb turn. 

But in several cases, this type could be a bad decision. Often people have the glass parts on their doors, or just some windows nearby the door. In that case, robbers can get inside easily – they will break your window and open the lock from the inside. It’s the most common way how people get robbed, so if you have some glass parts on your door you better not use the single-cylinder type. 

Double Cylinder 

This one requires the key to open or lock the door from both sides of the door. In general, it’s the same lock with the same security level, but robbers wouldn’t be able to get in your house from the broken window and open your door from the inside.

Almost sounds like a solution, however, this type has one big disadvantage, which is emergency. In the emergency case, you wouldn’t be able to open the door without the key, which is bad in the case of a fire. In a panic, you can simply forget where are your keys and it can be fatal. 

If you already have this type of lock – always leave the keys somewhere nearby your door (but not in the keyhole), it could save your life someday. 

Lockable Thumb turn

And here we come to the newest solution of these days. It’s like a compromise between two locks above – it has both features. Lockable Thumb turn allows you to open the door without the key, mostly people use this feature when they need to leave the kids home during the day. However, when the parents come home – they can use the lockable mechanism on their lock, which activates with the additional key, hide the additional key in some emergency place so they could access it fast in the case of fire. And that’s it, during the day, while criminals are cannot break the window unnoticed – kids are safe and locked, with an opportunity to open the door without wasting any additional time for unlocking. And when adults come home – they are responsible for safety. 

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