Which Team Has the Best NBA Fans?

While you might think that baseball or football are America’s favorite sports, think again. Studies show that in recent years, basketball is becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst Millennials and Gen Z’s love of the sport.

If you’re a diehard basketball fan, then you understand the hype. The huge, hulking guys who are simultaneously tall, thin, and built, the amazing crossovers, impossible look 3-pointers, and screaming fans make basketball an awesome sport to watch.

Think that your team is the best? So do a lot of fans.

Let’s see if your belief that your team is the best has any clout: we’re going over the top best NBA fans and fan bases. See if your team made the cut.

Teams with the Best NBA Fans

We’re ranking the best fanbases based on a few characteristics. Tradition, history, fan attendance, and fan enthusiasm all factored into our ratings.

Let’s get into it!

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls experienced most of their excellent playing and the peak of the franchise in the 90s when the famous Michael Jordan played for them from the 84′ season to the 92′ season (and then again from 1994-1998).

With Jordan, the Bulls were basically unbeatable, winning the Championship in 91, 92, 93, 96, 97, and 98. Once Jordan left, though, the team has struggled to do well and hasn’t reached or won the championship since.

However, the enthusiasm for the team has not diminished. They claim to fame is still that Jordan played for them, and their fans love it.

The Bulls have one of the highest hometown attendance rates in the entire NBA league. Their fans are dedicated and passionate often painting their faces with team colors, crafting custom foam fingers, and not letting anyone forget about Jordan.

Boston Celtics

Boston sports fans are known for their loud and emphatic love for all of their teams. And for good reason: Boston sports have had the most overall championship wins for all sports out of any city.

The Celtics are no exception. They have a whopping 17 championship wins with the most recent in 2008. They also can boast about the multitude of famous names that wore the famous Irish green: Larry Bird, Paul Pierce, Reggie Lewis, Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, Bob Cousy, Kevin McHale, Bill Russell… the list goes on and on.

The TD Garden where the Celtics play is rarely under 90% capacity, even when the team was struggling. Boston fans are proud of their amazing legacy, and they’ll always support their teams even when the team is doing quite poorly.

Remember the diehard support of the Red Sox when they hadn’t won in over 80 years? That’s how awesome Boston fans are with all their sports.

Golden State Warriors

A newer addition to this list, the Golden State Warriors have experienced a surge of support, mostly because of the legendary Steph Curry. It’s easy to forget that a mere 5 years ago this team was one of the worst in the NBA.

But now they’re what’s called a “super team”. That’s a team that stacked with all of the best players in the current league, which makes them a force to be reckoned with.

That’s brought in a wave of old and new fans alike bringing support to the team from all over the country. It’s particularly awesome for loyal and older fans to see their franchise finally doing well after years of doing… not so well.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Boston, San Fransisco, and Chicago are all huge metropolitan areas that are well-known for sports. Oklahoma City, though, is a much smaller area with just as much enthusiasm for their team as any of those big cities.

The franchise is relatively new, as well. It goes like this: Hurricane Katrina forced the New Orleans team to relocate to OKC for two seasons. People in the area were ecstatic since they didn’t really have a team to support and get behind before that.

That’s when the Seattle Sonics relocated to OKC and became the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2008. Ever since then, fans from all over the city (and Oklahoma in general) finally had a professional sports team to call their own and throw all their support to.

New York Knicks

Another one of the big-name basketball teams with another of the country’s biggest sports cities, the Knicks had to make our list. While many people consider Knicks fans to be as (or more) obnoxious than Boston fans, they made the list because of their fervent and outspoken love of the team.

Madison Square Garden is almost always sold out for their team, which is saying something with its ~20,000 person capacity. The team itself isn’t always the best and definitely isn’t known to be one of the top teams like the Celtics, the Bulls, or the Warriors.

What the Knicks do have, though, is a passionate and outspoken fanbase. Fans aren’t shy about making their opinions known, screaming for their team in the stands, writing opinion pieces on their blogs, and wearing outrageous outfits to show support.

Final Thoughts

These teams have some of the best NBA fans you could ask for. They’re vocal, supportive, and fill up their home stadiums on a regular basis (even when the team is playing poorly).

These fans know that it isn’t just about winning (that is nice, though). They know it’s about a love of the game and pride for your city.

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