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Why Bed Bugs Are A Health Hazard

There can be nothing like a good night of sleep. A hard day of work demands your body to be well-rested. After an eventful day when you lay on your bed, you might not get the desired sleep you have been wanting. The reason could be a bed bug.

You might refuse to notice it but sooner or later the effects of not getting enough sleep will catch up with you. Sleep-deprivation can cause serious health challenges and disturb your normal course of life.

What Can Happen To Your Body Without Enough Sleep?

Not only will you get up tired and irritable, but no amount of coffee will also help to lift your mood. Followed by such a lethargic morning, your work routine will also get affected. Sleep-deprivation causes serious long term as well as short term damages to your health.

Not only physical but psychological damages also happen when you do not get enough sleep. It is also known to be associated with heart disease, delusion, the problem with decision making, fluctuations in blood pressure. It also increases your chance of having lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

What Are Bed Bugs?

They are apple-seed sized bugs which can bite you and leave itchy and painful rashes.

How Do You Treat Bed Bug Bite?

It generally disappears if you discontinue sleeping on a bed infested with bed bugs. With time mild rashes might go away. But with severe bites, steroid ointment treatment might be prescribed. For people who might have allergies to bed bugs, they might even get prescribed antihistamines to address the allergy condition.

Bed Bugs – How Do They Affect You

They multiply by the thousand and literally suck your blood out. The itches can leave marks and cause rashes. Sometimes the rashes can be quite severe. Apart from scratching all night and not getting enough sleep, the bed bugs put you in one of the most uncomfortable sleeping postures which may even disturb your gait. Boise bed bug control can help you get rid of the bed bugs in no time.

What To Do If You Have A Bed Bug Situation?

Call the experts. There are plenty of homemade solutions that the internet offers but to get a long term remedy, take help of experts who deal with bed bugs on a regular basis. A good bug exterminator can help you identify where the bed bugs are most present and help you get rid of them.

Where Are The Bed Bugs Present?

Everywhere. Even though they are called bed bugs, they are practically growing and present in all upholstery. So not just your bed, the curtains, the sofa even the pillow, cushion every bit of tapestry in your rooms might have bed bugs present. They get attracted to the dead cells that your skin sheds every day. Once you come in proximity to them, they feed on your blood by attaching themselves to you. Their bite marks typically present in the form of a line.

Hotels And Homes

If you are worried about staying at a hotel and suspect bed bugs, it will be in your best interest to carry bed sheets or demand fresh sheets form the hotel staff. Also, do not forget to carry a bug-repellent. If you take these measures, then for a few days you can be saved from bed bug bites.

On returning from a trip where you stayed at a hotel, make sure to wash your personal belongings before reusing them. Bed bugs are little leeches that can easily attach themselves and go unnoticed.

There are many hotels that get reported for the presence of bed bugs. So if you are the hotel owner, do not forget to get your hotel treated by an expert bug exterminator.

For homes, after you get your house treated by an anti-bug specialist, make sure to ask them how you can maintain and stay bug-free. Washing linens of your rooms will be given priority. Also change your furry pet’s bedding once in a while. Let plenty of sunlight come into the rooms. Bugs find it easier to grow and thrive in the damp and moist environment.

Sleeping should be the most peaceful experience for you. Do not let the bed bugs interrupt your time for rejuvenation. Bed bugs are a menace with the potentiality of harm to your health. If you notice any such infestation or feel it, take advice from the professional and get the right help that you deserve.