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Why Vacation Is Beneficial for Your Brain? Five Key Reasons to Consider

Did you know that the best way to get inspired is to break through your habitual routine? Of course, brilliant thoughts can come to your mind anywhere and anytime, but if you really want to boost them, you should think about some adventures. When you change the everyday scenery, your creative juices are more likely to start flowing. At the same time, it might be not that easy to decide what place to choose for your creative retreat.

One of the best places you can visit for your next vacation is Nassau Paradise Island, an amazing place to have a good rest and get inspired by numerous beautiful landscapes and activities. This is the 11th largest island of the Bahamas, located on New Providence. Believe it or not, but this island has its name for a reason. Endless seashores covered with white sand, unusual plants, and blue water make this place a real heaven on Earth. If you think that there is no way that such an amazing place can be located somewhere not far from your home, you are wrong. It is actually about 200 miles from Miami and you can get there by plane from any spot of the country in 3 hours or even faster. Despite the fact that this is a Caribbean dreamlike place, it has all conveniences for a person from the USA. The locals speak English and will gladly accept your dollars.   

There are two absolutely authentic places that make the Island different from all traditional resorts that look all the same – Atlantis and SLS Baha Mar. If you want to experience the real local atmosphere, you should go there in the first instance. And if you do, you will have no chances but to get inspired. Now let’s talk about some other places you should see and activities you should try when you visit Nassau Paradise Island.

Visit water park Aquaventure

This one is located in the center of the Atlantis and considered as the largest water park on the planet. The size of this development is 63 acres and there are about 20 million gallons of water, rivers and slides. When you see this enormous waterscape, you realize that this place was created to evoke inspiration and take all of your worries away.

The best Caribbean’s beaches at your disposal

Scientists and health experts claim that to avoid working your fingers to the bone, you should get out into nature from time to time. Vastitude is considered as a perfect remedy from falling into stress and depression. Is there any place that is more different from the office environment than tropical islands? Guess, there is not! If you are looking for an experience that will increase your open-mindedness, then you should visit Caribbean Cable Beach, which can boast of an ideal scenery.

Take a look at international culinary techniques by world-class chefs

Sometimes, watching someone professional and passionate about their calling can be very inspiring. Especially, when it comes to Paradise Island’s chefs, who are real masters of mixing, combining, frying, and boiling. There is a Nobu restaurant in Atlantis, where a chef (Nobu Matsuhisa) can demonstrate the real wonders of fine dining. You can observe him cooking lobsters, ceviche and other fish newly captured from the water.

Not only take a look but also taste some unusual dishes

Vacation is for the new experience! Why not tasting some sea-delicatessen you have never seen in your life before? Forget about pizzas and burgers, when you have all the treasures of the depths in front of your eyes. Visit Arawak Cay (Fish Fry), a large and extremely popular Caribbean feast. There you will find more than 30 small restaurants, stalls, and stands. Locals will dine you with unbelievably fresh and tasty dishes suited to every fancy.

Drink rum and discover legacy business

Don’t miss your chance to see how the legacy business is established at the Paradise Island. There is a perfect place for you to have a nice Friday evening with a glass of aromatic rum called John Watling’s. The founders of this place are a rum-making family that holds this restaurant for six generations. This is a truly legendary place! By the way, sometimes a glass of tasty beverage can be not only relaxing but also idea-provoking. Cheers!

Now when you have this guide at hand, you know how to make your vacation significantly more interesting and exciting than watching new Netflix series and eating potato chips. Take a memorable trip to enjoy amazing landscapes and taste delicious food you will never find anywhere else! Have a nice vacation!

About the author: Jennifer Pauli graduated from Corvinus School of Management and finished the faculty of Journalism at Corvinus University of Budapest. Currently, He is an editor, business writer, and copywriter, working with and other well-known companies, blogs, and personalities. Follow her on Twitter, G+ and read the personal blog