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Why you need to drink Green Smoothies

Green smoothie benefits

Green smoothies are a fantastic way to lose weight without suffering from hunger or a exhausting workout. Green smoothies help you to reach your daily quota of vegetables and fruits the easy way. And the best part of it: There are literally thousands of recipes, so you will never get bored with the same old smoothie.

We found 13 good reason to drink green smoothies on a regular basis. Read on to see how a simple green smoothie can help you feel healthier and happier!

1) You Lose Weight

EVERYONE who drinks green smoothies loses weight. There are two simple reasons for that. First: Green smoothie are low in calories, yet they can be a replacement for a meal.

A green smoothie each morning provides you with enough fiber, protein and other valuable nutrients to curb your hunger till lunch.

Secondly, they help you to develop a taste for healthy food. Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits takes your desire to eat sugar-rich food, like cookies or gummy bears.

2) You boost your fruits and vegetable intake

Countless studies have found connections between cancer and a low intake of certain nutrients. The American Cancer Society recommends 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

green smoothie benefits

Just think about it. 5 to 9 servings per day! How should anyone accomplish this? Well, a green smoothie contains around 4 to 5 servings of fruits or vegetables. Doesn’t sound so hard anymore. Am I right?

3) Green Smoothie boost your Energy

With all the caffeine and sugar in our nutrition, we almost forget the natural energy booster. Vitamin B, iron and magnesium are natural energy booster and can be found in green vegetables and fruits.

Avocados, bananas, raspberries, blueberries or other kinds of berries, are a great source of energy boosting nutrients.

4) Great source of Nutrients

The average green smoothie recipes offers more than 100% of the recommended vitamin A intake. Beside vitamins, green smoothies provide you with necessary minerals, like calcium, phosphorus, copper or potassium.

Additionally, a smoothie is easier to digest and therefore maximizes your nutrients absorption.

5) Improve your Immune System

Green smoothie contain a high amount of antioxidants, vitamin C and other immune system supporting nutrients. Antioxidants reduce the amount of free radicals in your blood, therefore protecting you against various cancer diseases and heart failures.

green smoothie benefits

I recommend you to add berries, ginger and citrus fruits into your green smoothie. All these ingredients help your immune system to fight cancer, the common cold and numerous other diseases.

6) Green Smoothies support healthy Bones

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, 50% of all women over 50 will break their bones because of osteoporosis. The good news: It can easily be prevented through healthy eating habits.

Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus are essential for healthy bones. You can reach the recommended daily intake by adding milk or yogurt in your smoothie or from green vegetables.

7) Green Smoothie Reduce High Blood Pressure

My Grandfather as well as my father, have high blood pressure. Both of them had to take medications for a while and are not allowed to drink coffee or add salt to their meals.

green smoothie benefits

There are indications that high blood pressure is genetically determined, therefore I have to take good care of my eating habits. Losing weight and eating healthy helps to reduce high blood pressure.

A green smoothie is ideal for both!

8) Helps to Lower High Cholesterol

Beside lowering blood pressure, green smoothies are full of plants which help to reduce high cholesterol levels.

You don’t have to become a vegan. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet will certainly benefit you in terms of lowering your cholesterol.

9) Improves your Brain Power

Why drink a coffee, when you can get more out of your green smoothie without dealing with the risks and side effects of caffeine? A green smoothie isn’t only a great breakfast, but also a tasty afternoon snack to keep you on the track.

green smoothie benefits

Coconut, banana, walnuts, blueberries, green leafs and countless other smoothie ingredients help you exploit your mental potential. Many green smoothie newbies talk about the mental clarity and improved focus they got since drinking green smoothies.

Give it a try and see for yourself!

10) Improves your metabolism

Unlike when you juice fruits, green smoothie contain whole fruits and vegetables. Therefore providing you with all the fiber and nutrients the ingredients contain. Fiber is a major factor for a healthy digestion and curbing hunger.

You can improve the fiber content of your green smoothie by adding bananas, pears, apples, avocados or lemons in your smoothie.

11) Stronger and Prettier Skin, Hair and Nails

Many people claim that their skin, nails and hair looks healthier when they regularly drink green smoothies.

That’s not surprising, if we consider the fact, that vitamin a, b, c, d and e promote hair, nails and skin.

12) Benefits for Women

Green smoothies support a healthy pregnancy and help women who suffer from PMS or are going through menopause.

Nutrients like magnesium or potassium help to balance hormones and are included in nearly every green smoothie recipe existing.

13) They taste terrific!

If it isn’t obvious since now: Green smoothie taste absolutely amazing! Just give them a try and you will be surprised how much you will enjoy them. Just don’t forget to have a balanced amount of fruits and vegetables in your smoothie.

Add vegetables for the highest health benefits and fruits for taste and sweetness.

Well, that’s it! If you have any ideas on how to improve our list or suggestions for other articles regarding green smoothies, don’t hesitate to write it in our comments! How is your experience with green smoothies? How often do you eat them? Any recipes which taste extraordinary good?

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