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4 back workout routine for beginners

    The back is the essential part of our body, and being a health-conscious person, you should focus on some back workouts. Different and easy back workouts at home will give you a substantial impact on your physique. 

    To manage your daily work-life balance, it is necessary to train your back muscles with the help of various back workouts at home. 

    If you are a beginner and worrying about some exercises, we will help you with them. 

    So, are you ready to work at home with these four easy back workouts –             

    1. Bridge

    The bridge is the most challenging exercise for a beginner as back workouts at home but can be done through this easy way. This bridging exercise as a beginner will keep your body fit and strong, which may create a better life span and heart rate.

    How to create a position for the bridge

    Carefully lie on your back. Rest your head on the ground. Bend your knees and ensure that your heels are straight under your knees. Keep your arms at your side with your palms facing the downside.

    2. Superman 

    If you have no or less control over your body, follow this super easy back workout known as Superman. To effectively manage your heart rate, this superman exercise will help you generate more potent abilities and a better life span as well.  

    How to create a position for Superman

    Lie flat on your belly. Extend both arms in the forward direction and keep palms on the floor.

    This exercise will help keep your bones and muscles strong to have better results. However, the change in the body mapping can lead to strong and effective muscles. 

    3. Low plank and high plank

    A low plank is the most crucial exercise among all back workouts at home for making your back strong. 

    How to create a position for low plank

    Follow plank exercise; you need to lie on your belly. Bend your elbow under your shoulder. Place your forearms on the ground. Spread your legs. Rest the ball off your feet.

    How to create a position for high plank

    When it comes to high plank, it creates a bit difficult for a beginner, but you do not need to worry about it. Place both hands shoulder-width apart under the shoulders. Keep your elbows slightly bent.

    4. Quadruped limb raises

    Quadruped limb raising is the only exercise that will be easy for you as a beginner. Nonetheless, this exercise is the best for back workouts at home for beginners.

    How to create a position for Quadruped limb raising

    Get on all fours. Place both hands shoulder-width apart under the shoulders. Keep your elbows slightly bent, and then place both knees under the hips. The body posture should be parallel to the ground. 

    Then you need to ensure that there should be a straight-line formation from the head to the buttock. Then next is to pull both shoulders in and down according to the thoracic region.