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310 Shake Review



    “This shakes tastes awful and I merely lost weight!” Raise your hand if you have ever experienced this situation. I’m sure you have or at least live with the fear of it. Every seller can claim to be the best, but how can you as a customer make sure to buy the best shake for your money? Luckily we from Miosuperhealth faced the problem and wrote a complete 310 shake review. You will get an answer to the following questions:

    • What is 310 shake and what makes it special?
    • What Ingredients does it have?
    • How many and which kinds of protein does it contain?
    • What’s with the fiber?
    • Which vitamins does 310 shake offer?
    • How long does it curb the hunger?
    • What about vegan and gluten?
    • Do I have to worry about artificial sweeteners?
    • That’s well and good, but is it Science?
    • How is the taste?
    • Is the price appropriate?
    • Give me a quick answer: Does it work?

    What Is 310 Shake And What Makes It Special?

    310 shake is a meal replacement product which claims to be a unique path to lose weight and live healthier. It works great with pre-workout especially for beginners. Like many other meal replacement products it contains whey protein, milk protein, fiber, a bunch of vitamins and some natural sweeteners. 

    But what separates 310 shake from other shakes is their waiver of soy protein, which are in suspicion of increasing various cancer diseases. Furthermore 310 shake doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients. There are many other shakes that are super healthy and improve your overall digestion and immune system. Checkout the Detox Organics Review for one such shake that improves overall health.

    Not bad, but is this really enough to stand out and help you lose weight? Read on…

    What Ingredients Does It Have?

    First of all, 310 shake contains 90 calories per serving. If this wouldn’t be great enough, the fat content covers only 2% of your daily value. Which makes 310 shake to a weight loss replacement meal as described in the books.

    Another fact that surprised us, is the high amount of fiber. One serving covers 20% of your daily value. A point which should intrigue you, because most people living in western countries have a shortage of dietary fiber. This leads to constipation and a higher risk of diabetes. This shake will also help with the elimination of toxins after taking generic tadalafil.

    What really blow our mind was the high portion of vitamins in one serving. Roughly one third of your daily value gets covered. But more on this topic later, now we are going to take a look on the unique protein combination of 310 shake, which is called Triplex-Protein.

    310 Shake Nutrition

    How many and which kinds of protein does it contain?

    310 shake contains three different kinds of protein

    • whey protein concentrate
    • milk protein concentrate
    • whey protein isolate

    Whey protein is a common ingredient in bodybuilding supplements, but don’t be frightened. It is usual for meal replacement product to have proteins, in fact there are increasing evidences that proteins help lose weight.

    If you now fear to lose fat AND muscles, you can calm down. To prevent this is exactly the job of the milk protein concentrates. But be aware! If you want to build muscles and lose fat on your way, 310 shake might not be the best option for you. At least not without a little improvement.

    With only 15g proteins it is a great weight loss product, but people who want to gain a big biceps are missing some proteins. I recommend these people to take half or three quarter of their protein powder serving and use it with a portion of 310 shake.

    Our next point is the whey protein isolate. This special protein lacks fat, carbs, cholesterol and lactose. It is essential to provide your body with amino acid.

    What’s with the fiber?

    Fiber is not only helping you to maintain a healthy digestion, it’s lowering the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. The 310 shake provides 5g of fiber per serving, that’s 20% of your daily value.

    According to the FDA, 310 shake is a high fiber food. The shake uses Fibersol-2, a man-made fiber which suppresses hunger.

    Which vitamins does 310 shake offer?

    The 310 shake provides you with 16 different vitamins and minerals:

    Vitamin A: Is essential for a good vision and healthy bones. Furthermore it supports the immune system and your skin.

    Calcium: It is undeniable that your bones need calcium to work. There are even some studies suggesting that a combination of vitamin D and calcium can protect against cancer and diabetes.

    Vitamin D: Calcium alone is not enough for strong bones. You also need a good quantity of Vitamin D. Many people in Canada and the northern US lack the right amount of Vitamin D.

    Vitamin B: From heart diseases to strokes and alzheimer’s. Vitamin B is an allrounder in prevention of illness and boosting your energy level.

    Niacin: This guy’s primary function is to lower the levels of bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

    Folate: Doesn’t only increase the mood, folate is a great nutrition for your hearth and neural-system.

    Biotin: Strengthens nails, skin and hair. Also it helps your metabolic, nerve and digestive functions.

    Phosphorous: Fulfils a number of critical functions, especially in bones, teeth and muscles grow.

    Magnesium: Absolutely necessary for a healthy heart and kidneys.

    Vitamin C: An allrounder regarding your immune system, protection ranging from the common cold to cancer.

    Iron: Essential to carry the life-giving oxygen to human blood cells. A natural energy booster.

    Vitamin E: Helps against the natural aging of your cells and fights heart diseases.

    Riboflavin: Plays a significant role in your energy production.

    Vitamin B6: Plays a vital part in hormonal control and metabolism. Both important for emotional well-being.

    Vitamin B12: Helps to maintain the nervous system.

    Pantothenic Acid: Beneficial against chronic stress and anxiety.

    But enough about nutritions and vitamins. Let’s us come to the real questions.

    How long does it curb the hunger?

    One portion of 310 shake has no problem keeping active and inactive users satisfied for about 3-4 hours. Considering that the recommendation is to eat it two times a day, we can without doubt say that the shake satisfies his promises.

    What about vegan and gluten?

    Have no fear the answer is here. Yes, 310 shake is gluten-free and there are vegan flavours.

    Do I have to worry about artificial sweeteners?

    No, the only sweetener the shake contains is stevia, which is a natural one.

    That’s well and good, but is it Science?

    Well there is no particular study about the 310 shake, but we could find various studies covering meal replacement shakes generally or the ingredients and their benefits to us.

    Just one example:

    If you have no interest in reading a dry science paper, we can offer you a bunch of pleased customers and their stories:

    310 Shake Before After 2

    310 Shake helped me take my health and fitness to the next level. When the shake became a consistent part of my routine, the weight was coming off and my body was looking leaner. I also noticed that my sugar cravings were gone. I’m so happy to have found something that really works.”Laquisha Ivery

    310 Shake Before After

    “Before I started 310 I weighed 240 lbs. I am now down to 180. My pants size was a 24 and I am now down to a 14. My shirt size was a XL, now down to small/medium. Thanks to 310 Nutrition and dedication at the gym I have reached one of my many goals.” – Charity Goodwin

    You want to see it for yourself? Click on the button and see the amazon reviews!

    310 shake review

    Well it seems promising, but what’s about the taste?

    Despite all the good things we can say about 310 shake, the taste is sadly none of them. They used to have a well tasting recipe, but sacrificed the flavor in exchange for a healthier product.

    Which shouldn’t surprise you. The 310 shake has zero sugar and is fat free. A ideal weight loss replacement meal, but if taste is a major criterion for you, we recommend you to take a look at our shakeology review.

    Before you get desperate, read on. The taste isn’t that bad, but it also isn’t fantastic. If you add some fruits or nuts you can not only increase the nutrition content, you also get a better taste.

    So don’t reject it without trying it at least. 310 Nutrition offers a 30 days money back guarantee. A smooth transition to our next topic.

    Is the price appropriate?

    310 shake costs $68 per bag. That’s 28 servings thus 28 meals. Divide 68 through 28 and you get around $2,43 per serving. Even if you take two portions per day you would only pay around $5 for two meals.

    We guarantee you, that you will never reach the same daily value of nutritions for $2,43, if you try to buy fruits, vegetables or vitamin supplements.

    So yes, the price is appropriate. Especially if you compare it with other meal replacement shakes. You may also like weight loss supplement.

    Give me a quick answer: Does it work?

    YES! There are hundreds of customer reviews around the web. Some of them lost 20 lbs some other 95 lbs. Of course the 310 shake isn’t magic. We recommend you a healthy diet beside your shake and to do your regular training.

    Apart from the weight loss, lots of people gained a better mood and felt more active. People who have a shortage of certain nutrients often experience this phenomenon.

    The best is yet to come. 310 nutrition offers a 30 days 100% money back guarantee. To put it simple: You can’t lose!

    Click now on the button and get your first 310 shake packet!

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    What are your experiences?

    We would love to hear about your experiences with 310 shake. How much weight did you lose? Do you feel more active and productiv? Have you any doubts? Write it in the comments!