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310 Detox Tea Reviews

    310 detox tea reviews

    310 detox tea reviews

    A detox tea that promotes weight loss, improves your digestion, tastes great without sugar and doesn’t have any bad customer reviews on the internet? Sounds like the ideal detox tea, but does 310 Detox Tea really apply to this description? We took a close look at the popular tea and discovered some amazing facts…

    What is so special about 310 Slimming Detox Tea?

    The 310 Detox Tea claims to be a natural, all organic detox tea that promotes weight loss and improves your metabolism without the common side effects that other teas have.

    Most customers love the tea, because of its gentle laxative properties and ability to reduce cravings and bloating.

    All in all it sounds like the perfect detox tea, but let’s see if the ingredients are really that natural and helpful…

    What kind of ingredients does the tea contain?

    To be honest, we are quite surprised that 310 Detox Tea really only contains natural ingredients. This includes seeds, flowers, plants and leafs with amazing health beneficial properties.

    Here is a list of all ingredients and how they benefit your health:

    Green Tea

    Known for its weight loss supporting and energy boosting abilities. Furthermore green tea is a great metabolism booster and very popular in the weight loss niche.

    Oolong Tea

    Oolong tea is made from the same plant as black tea and green tea, but the processing is different, which leads to other health promoting effects. Oolong tea stimulates your nervous system, therefore improving mental skills, heart and muscles.

    It’s even helpful against obesity and diabetes. Furthermore it improves your immune system.

    Yerba Mate

    A plant with powerful detoxifying properties. By reducing free radicals, yerba mate is a wonderful ingredient to protect against cancer and heart failures.

    Moreover the plant is rich in essential vitamins like vitamin A, C and E. All of them important for a healthy immune system.


    A South African herb that is know for its insomnia and headache reducing capabilities. Rooibos is also said to help against premature aging and allergies.


    Commonly used to treat stomach problems like morning sickness, nausea and diarrhea. Ginger tea is very popular in winter, because of the high vitamin C and magnesium content, that many people lack to this season.


    Three times more antioxidants than green tea. A great source of vitamin A, C and E.


    Has a slightly sweet taste, reduces blood sugar levels, helps against inflammation and aids digestions. Furthermore it helps to repair skin and hair.


    Not only useful because of its sweet taste. Stevia prevents certain types of cancer, aids weight loss and even lowers blood pressure. Ideal for people with a lot of stress.


    Has pain relieving properties, lowers blood pressure and enhances sexual desire.


    A flower that is used to treat infections and inflammation since long times. It helps against fever, constipation and menstrual disorders.


    Damiana works as an aphrodisiac, improves physical and mental stamina, and reduces depression symptoms.

    Honey Powder

    Not rich in nutrients, but low in calories and taste.


    Helps to curb your hunger and boost your energy. One serving of the tea contains around 23mg of caffeine. To comparison: One cup of coffee contains almost 100mg.

    So even if you are sensitive to caffeine, you won’t have any problems with it. Many people even drink the tea in the evening and have no problems to fall asleep.

    310 detox tea reviews

    That’s it! All ingredients of 310 Detox Tea are natural. If you are interested in hearing what other customers said about 310 Detox Tea, then click on the button.

    310 detox tea reviews

    You might as yourself now, if there are any side effect, when you drink the tea…

    Are there any side effects?

    We tested 310 Detox Tea for you and didn’t experienced any negative side effect. Whether the sudden urgent to run to the toilette, nor insomnia or stomach ache.

    How do I use the tea?

    The 310 Detox Tea comes in 28 tea bags. Just put the tea bag into a cup, pour boiling water over it and let it steep for 5 to 10 minutes.

    You can enjoy the tea even cold. There isn’t really a way to use it wrong.

    How does it taste?

    310 detox tea reviews

    The honey powder and stevia do a tremendous job regarding taste. You don’t have to add additional sweeteners and yet the tea tastes slightly sweet.

    What about the price?

    One package costs $29,99 and offers you 28 servings. An awesome deal, if you ask us. One portion of 310 Detox Tea costs around $1. That’s pretty good!

    Seldom you will find a detox tea that offers so many essential ingredients and yet costs so little. Click on the button to check the price for yourself.

    310 detox tea reviews

    Does 310 Detox Tea really keep its promises?

    Absolutely! After only a few days of drinking the tea, you will feel more energized and vital. Replace your morning coffee with 310 Detox Tea and experience it for yourself!

    There is even a 30 days money back guarantee for the tea. You practically can’t lose! Buy the tea now!

    310 detox tea reviews