Le-Vel Thrive Side Effects

le-vel thrive side effects

Whenever a new weight loss product comes along, promising incredible results with minimal effort, people rush to get it, without even wondering about the possible side effects.

Most of the times, side effects are non-existent, or negligible. Other times, they can be rather serious and cause severe health issues. So, before you buy Le-Vel Thrive, read this article.

Whenever a company slaps the “all natural” sign on their products, people have a tendency to forget that even completely natural ingredients can be dangerous.

Just because something consists completely of natural ingredients, doesn’t mean that it is healthy and safe to use.

So, when I heard about Le-Vel Thrive Patch users complaining about side effects, I simply had to check what is in it, how dangerous those ingredients might be, and just how severe these reactions can become.

What is Le-Vel Thrive

le-vel thrive side effects

Thrive Patch is a weight loss patch that should boost your metabolism, kill your appetite, and burn fat. According to the manufacturer, this will not only provide weight management but will also provide energy, circulatory and nutritional support to your body.

Le-Vel Thrive patches are simple to use, you just clean the skin on your upper arm, near the shoulder, peel the paper protection off the patch, and apply it. One patch, one day, and then you take it off, rinse and repeat the process.

Weight loss results seem to differ when this patch is in question. They vary between 6 and 20 pounds within three months. This might be due to user’s skin type, amount of subcutaneous fat, diet, and many other elements.

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Possible Side Effects of Le-Vel Thrive Ingredients

Instead of going into side effects of Le-Vel Thrive patches right away, I chose to dissect this product ingredient by ingredient, and check which one of these can have side effects, and what they are.


Subtropical plant Coleus forskohlii is the key ingredient of this product. In India, this plant has been in use for centuries for skin conditions, stomach pain, and much more, and in these patches, it should promote weight loss and deeper sleep. Side effects? This is safe for most users, but for some, it can cause flushing and low blood pressure.

Green tea extract

As in most dietary products, green coffee extract serves to boost the effect of other ingredients, and your metabolism. It rarely has side effects, but when it does, they can be anxiety, headaches, vomiting, upset stomach, and a rapid heart rate.

Garcinia cambogia

This tropical fruit should help you to burn fat faster, and according to research, it really does that. What weight loss companies don’t advertise though, is the fact that if you ingest vast amounts of this extract, you can experience serious side effects.

Anxiety, fatigue, dizziness, digestive issues, and liver damage. Luckily, the amount of Garcinia in Le-Vel Thrive is too small to cause any of these.


Coenzyme Q10 is a molecule that is present throughout our bodies, and it helps our bodies to turn calories from what we ingest into energy.

Basically, it boosts weight loss. If you take 100mg or more of this ingredient per day, you might experience irritability, sensitivity to light, heartburn, fatigue, headaches, abdominal pain, insomnia, and rashes. Again, the amount of this component in Le-Vel Thrive is nowhere near 100 mg.

White willow bark

This ingredient increases the effects of thermogenic ingredients. It means that it helps your body burn more fat. If you’re sensitive to aspirin, you should avoid it. It can cause nausea, vomiting, skin rashes, and tinnitus if taken in large quantities. Once more, there isn’t enough of it in Le-Vel Thrive patches to cause any of the side effects.


This ingredient is what makes these patches work. It helps all other ingredients to enter the bloodstream through your skin. There are no known side effects of this component.

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Side Effects That Users Reported

le-vel thrive side effects

According to user reports, there are no major side effects of this Le-Vel product, but in rare cases, these patches can cause skin redness, itchy skin, upset stomach, dizziness, hot flashes, and muscle cramping. These side effects of Le-Vel Thrive are very rare, and they subside quickly after patch removal. Go to Teen drug rehab if you need help.

Is It Too Risky To Use?

Definitely not. It is very similar to weight loss body wraps. You should pay attention to the ingredients, and avoid Le-Vel Thrive patches if you’re overly sensitive to any of them, but otherwise, this product is completely safe for everyday use.

I didn’t get a chance to try it out myself, but from what I can see, side effects are rare, and when they do exist, they aren’t severe.

I believe Le-Vel Thrive is completely safe.

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