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All Shakeology Ingredients

    Shakeology ingredients

    All Shakeology Ingredients Listed

    Never buy a product if you don’t know what’s in it! This is one fundamental principle of nutrition. It’s more important than ever to know what ingredients you add to your body. Especially when you’re searching for a good meal replacement shake and consider to buy shakeology. We from Miosuperhealth made a complete list with all shakeology ingredients. If you want to know more about shakeology than the ingredients, read our shakeology review.

    I am sure you are eager to learn about all shakeology ingredients, but first let’s take a step back and see why shakeology claims to be better than other meal replacement shakes.

    Shakeology ingredients

    Is Shakeology really as good as it claims?

    Shakeology claims to be the best meal replacement shake, which helps you to lose weight, feel healthier, improve your workout performance, boost your mood and even your libido. One serving of shakeology contains only 140 calories, that’s solid if you compare it with other weight loss shakes.

    Furthermore it contains 1g fat, 19g carbohydrates, 17g protein and no saturated fats. All in all a good performance, but we also found something that we didn’t like. One serving of shakeology contains 11g sugar and only 4g dietary fiber.

    11g sugar is quite high for a weight loss shake, but this would explain why the shake taste so good. Furthermore there are studies which prove that 14g of dietary fiber helps to curb hunger and lose weight.

    After these downing facts, can we really say that shakeology is as good as thousand of instagrammers and the company itself claim? Read on, there is a reason why shakeology is so popular!

    So what makes Shakeology so special?

    Easy to answer: The 70 healthy ingredients in shakeology. Yes, shakeology contains 70 ingredients.The benefits of these vitamins and minerals range from losing weight to fighting heart diseases, cancer and even improving your mental health. Not even in our 18 shake review were we so surprised.

    If you are not interested in reading a long list of health improving ingredients, feel free to look at our shakeology review, where we only list the most important ingredients and made a complete review for you.

    Now we will show you what kind of proteins you can expect in shakeology and why they are so important:

    The Proteins in Shakeology

    One serving of shakeology covers about 35% of your daily value regarding proteins. That’s optimal if you consider that shakeology is a meal replacement product. One third of your required protein intake is covered with one shake.

    Proteins are necessary for muscle repair, muscle grow, boosting your metabolism and even keeping you saturated.

    Shakeology uses whey protein isolate, a popular protein used especially by athletes, which provides you with 9 different amino acids. Additionally it offers quinoa, pea and brown rice protein, all of them are well known for their saturating properties. Only one meal replacement shake provides it users with a better protein, the Triplex Protein

    See our 310 shake review to learn more about the Triplex-Protein. But be aware! Shakeology has nutrients that not even the 310 shake can surpass!

    Now let’s see why amino acids are so important for your health and well-being.

    The Amino Acids

    Histidine: It’s responsible for various metabolic reactions and ensures a healthy oxygen supply to all your organs. Furthermore histidine supports wound healing and natural repair mechanism. A lack of histidine can lead to slow development and regeneration.

    Isoleucine: Known for its ability to enhance endurance, muscle grow and repair. Necessary for everyone who wants to stay healthy, especially people who workout need these amino acid to improve their fitness.

    Leucine: Are you working for a six pack or a round butt? In this case you can’t waive these amino acid. Leucine works like a switch for your muscles. Let it be part of your diet and your muscles will grow.

    Valine: Like Isoleucine and Leucine it promotes muscle grow and repair, but in addition to that, it regulates blood sugar, provides the body with energy and is needed for proper mental health.

    Lysine: Various studies proven the benefits of lysine regarding skin diseases, like cold sores, preventing herpes, but also fighting hair loss and reducing anxiety.

    Methionine: Plays a critical role in metabolism. Also a powerful antioxidant, which fights free radicals. Free radicals are proven to cause various diseases like cancer and  inflammatory diseases.

    Tyrosine: Has a strong influence on neurological functions like improved focus and attention.

    Threonine: Supports the immune system and is found in the central nervous system. There are indications that threonine fights depression. Furthermore it supports the liver and cardiovascularity.

    Tryptophan: Best known for its improvement of emotional and mental health. Fights depression, anxiety, estrogen imbalance, cravings for carbohydrates and even insomnia.

    That’s well and good, but many other protein shakes contain whey protein. So now let’s take a look at the so-called super greens, because these make shakeology extraordinary.

    Phytonutrient Super Greens

    Chlorella: An algae which lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels, is also useful for detoxification, hormonal control and fighting heart diseases.

    Spirulina: Natural anti-aging food, which is found in oceans. It’s proven that spirulina protects against cancer and various other diseases.

    Hydrilla: An aquatic plant that improves your mood and boosts your energy level.

    Blue Green Algae: Are small plant-like organism with various health improving abilities, like helping to lose weight, prevent heart diseases, fight depression and stress, improve memory and many other things.

    Spinach Powder: Supports the heart, improves immune system and prevents age-related poor eyesight.

    Barley Green: A cereal grain, that helps to strengthen the immune system, supports bone and skin health, helps to fight addictions and detoxifies the body.

    Kamut Grass: Helps to regulate blood sugar levels, promotes weight loss and benefits to a healthy gut flora.

    Oat Grass: A nutritional powerhouse that helps to lose weight and aids to a healthy digestions. Furthermore it’s proven to have significant benefits for your heart health.

    Wheat Grass: Is a powerful detoxifier, which lowers high cholesterol, balances blood sugar level and aids digestion.

    As you can see, these are quite a lot nutrient-rich foods you consume when you drink shakeology. And it’s only the beginning! After seeing all the ingredients shakeology contains, it’s quite understandable why people have a improved workout performance, feel healthier and happier.

    You can see for yourself: Read the amazon reviews!

    shakeology ingredients

    But Shakeology offers more healthy ingredients. Read on to discover all of them.

    Antioxidant Super Foods

    Shakeology is full of so-called “Super Fruits”, these fruits contain far more nutrients and health beneficial vitamins than most other fruits and vegetables. Here is a list of them:

    Acerola Powder: Gained from the acerola cherry, helps against infections, diseases, hair loss and inflammation. In addition to that, acerola powder is supporting weight loss, regulating blood pressure and aiding wound healing.

    Pomegranate Powder: Made from the seeds of the pomegranate fruits. It improves your heart, supports fat burning and lowers bad cholesterol.

    Bilberry Powder: Extracted from bilberries. Helps blood circulation, improves night vision, your heart health and helps against inflammation.

    BlueBerry Powder: Originates from blueberries. Blueberries are well-known for their cancer prevention abilities. Furthermore they support weight loss, balance blood sugar levels and boost your gut flora.

    Lycium: Also called goji berry, is a superfruit that slows the natural aging process, fights diseases, reduces pain and even extends your lifetime.

    Acai Powder: Derived from the acai berry, helps your weight loss, improves your digestions, cellular health, boost your general energy, even your sexual drive.

    Maitake Powder: Originates from a mushroom. It aids chronic fatigue, enhances weight loss and keeps your liver healthy.

    Citrus Bioflavonoids: Bioflavonoids improve mental abilities, lowers high cholesterol and reduces inflammation.

    Rose Hips Powder: Regular doses of rose hips powder help against fat accumulation.

    Banana Powder: Bananas are well known for their digestion supporting benefits.

    Carrot Powder: Yes, carrots are a widely underestimated super food. They improve your eyesight, your liver functions and your metabolism.

    Orange Powder: Cleans your lungs and improves respiration.

    Pineapple Powder: Pineapples are considered a great fat killer. Moreover they help you to a beautiful skin.

    Raspberry Powder: Raspberry powder curbs hunger and there are indications that raspberries help to prevent cancer.

    Strawberry Powder: Not only does strawberry powder boost your short term memory, they also help to burn stored fat.

    Without doubt, shakeology is really a nutritional powerhouse. Find out what other users think about shakeology:

    shakeology ingredients

    Adaptogen Herbs

    Maca Powder: Extracted from a root, which improves energy levels, mood and even sexual functions.

    Astragalus Root Powder: Stimulates the respiratory system, promotes a healthy bladder and improves the nervous system.

    Ashwagandha Powder: Made from the Ashwagandha shrub. It has cancer fighting abilities and contains properties which help you to lose weight.

    Cordyceps: Has a wide range of health beneficial properties. From increased sexual health to a longer lifetime and weight loss functions.

    Reishi Powder: Made from a mushroom with  infection preventing properties. Reishi powder has weight loss supporting abilities and is vital for a healthy heart.

    Schisandra Berry Powder: Improves the sexual drive, mental functions, helps against insomnia and has anti-aging abilities.

    Suma Root Powder: Supports weight loss and muscle building. Also it has powerful hormone balancing abilities and it aids regeneration.

    Ginko Powder: Improves focus, supports mental health and fight depression.

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    shakeology ingredients more infos

    Probiotics in Shakeology

    Probiotics are bacterias that support your digestion and depending on your gut flora, help you to lose weight. The ingredients in shakeology contain more probiotics than any other competitor.

    Here is a list of them:

    Bromelain: Recent studies show that Bromelain has the potential as a therapeutic agent against cancer. Moreover it helps your digestion and boosst your regeneration abilities.

    Protease: Similar to Bromelain, Protease supports digestion and wound healing, but it also helps to prevent heart diseases.

    Lipase: Breaks down fat in your body. People with a lack of Lipase have a hard time losing weight and may suffer from high cholesterol.

    Lactase: Prevents certain digestion issues. Furthermore it reduces gas, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome.

    Cellulase: Keeps cholesterol in your blood at the optimal level, supports cell membrane to keep free radicals and other toxic chemicals out of your cells.

    Papain: Works as an antioxidant, it supports your immune system and helps your digestion.

    Amylase: A lack of it is associated with higher risks of diabetes. Improves your energy level and helps against stress.

    All of these enzymes are essential for a healthy body and well-being. The shakeology shake contains appropriate amount of these enzymes. As you can see, there is a reason for the shakeology trend. No other meal replacement shake provides it users with this amount of quality nutrients.

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    Still not convinced? No Problem! Read on and discover how to get your shakeology portion cheaper!

    Miscellaneous Ingredients

    Green Tea: It’s loaded with antioxidants like flavonoids and catechins, which reduce free radicals in your body. This free radicals are associated with cancer, aging and numerous other diseases. Additionally it’s well known that green tea improve physical and mental performance. It even helps you burn fat and lowering mental diseases like alzheimer’s or parkinson’s.

    Grape Seed Extract: Is proven to help repair skin damage and wound healing. There are even indications that the antioxidants in grape seed are helpful for your health.

    Amaranth: Is a high fiber food with various health beneficial properties. Lowering bad cholesterol, balances blood pressure, helps against inflammation and fights cancer diseases.

    Quinoa: Is full of iron, which keeps your red blood cells healthy and indirectly improves your physical and mental performance. Furthermore it contains magnesium, a mineral responsible for healthy bones and teeth.

    Pea Fiber: A helpful ingredient for weight loss. It’s low in fat but high in everything else. In addition to that pea fiber prevents stomach cancer, improve your energy level and helps to fight mental diseases like alzheimer’s.

    Shakeology beats it competition with their quantity in nutrients and thereby with quality. See these before/after pictures:

    shakeology before after results

    Do not hesitate anymore! Click on the button and see the overwhelming positive amazon reviews for yourself:

    shakeology ingredients

    We are eager to learn about your experience with shakeology. Write it down in the comments! Share your progress with our community!