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Arbonne Protein Shake Review

    arbonne protein shake review

    The Arbonne Protein Shake is one of the most controversial meal replacement shakes we ever reviewed. It is high in sugar and fat, but on the same time super high in proteins and vitamins. So how good is the Arbonne Protein Shake? Can it really be compared with other high quality meal replacement shakes? Read on, the answer will surprise you! 

    First things first:

    What is the Arbonne Protein Shake?

    arbonne protein shake review

    Arbonne Protein Shake claims to be a nutrition product which helps you feel healthier and supports your vitality. They further claim to be clinically tested and certified as a low glycemic product.

    We found a study which supports the claims of Arbonne. We will take a close look at the study later. Furthermore the clinical advisor board of Arbonne consists of numerous high qualified professionals. Ranging from scientists to doctors.

    Additionally they assert to only use natural, safe and healthy ingredients. Let’s take a look at the ingredients in the Arbonne Protein Shake and see if this is true.

    What Ingredients does the shake contain?

    First of all: One package of Arbonne Protein Shake contains 30 servings. One serving providing 160 calories. Not bad. Meal replacement shakes with under 200 calories per serving are classified as weight loss shakes, but it can also be useful, if you want to build muscles. You can use it as a Weight gain Supplements.

    arbonne protein shake review

    So Arbonne Protein Shake is not only a protein or meal replacement shake, it’s also a weight loss shake. Sound good, am I right? Well, the problem is that one serving of Arbonne Protein Shake contains 9g sugar.

    That’s the same amount of sugar as we found in our shakeology review. Shakeology is a very popular weight loss shake with million of supporters. However, there is a shake that beats Arbonne Protein Shake and Shakeology regarding calories and sugar. Check our 18 Shake review to learn more.

    “Does that mean I should forget Arbonne Protein Shake and look for more compelling alternatives?” No, there are some ingredients that make the Arbonne Protein Shake special so read on!

    How much and which proteins can I expect?

    At this point Arbonne Protein Shake beats its competition. 20g protein can be found in one portion of the weight loss shake. Absolutely not typical for a meal replacement shake and it gets even better: The proteins in Arbonne Protein Shake are vegan and extremely healthy.

    You will find three types of proteins in Arbonne Protein Shake:

    • Pea Protein
    • Cranberry protein powder
    • Rice protein

    Pea protein contains similar amino acids like steak and fish. Ideal for people who are trying to lose weight.

    Rice protein is an incomplete protein, which means that they lack certain amino acids, but still offers the same benefits that proteins do. Fortunately the pea protein is full of amino acids to counterbalance this.

    arbonne protein shake review

    The Cranberry protein powder is the most special one of all the proteins in Arbonne Protein Shake. It contains healthy fats like Omega-3 and Omega-6.

    “Why should I care about the proteins?” you ask. Because there are various studies proving that proteins have a significant influence in weight loss and increased workout performance. So whether you want to bring your workout to the next level or lose weight. The Arbonne Protein Shake seems to be a good choice.

    Not even in our 310 Shake review have we found so many proteins. But beside the high amount of sugar in Arbonne Protein Shake, there is something else that we didn’t like.

    How much fiber is in one portion?

    Unfortunately there is only 2g of fiber per serving in Arbonne Protein Shake. That’s very little if you compare it with other shakes like the GNC Total Lean Shake, which offers 6 time more fiber in one portion.

    At least the fiber used in Arbonne Protein Shake is Inulin. Inulin has the benefit of increasing good gut bacteria and therefore supporting digestion. Additionally it helps to keep the calories down, because it goes through the digestion system without providing calories.

    The low fiber content is one of our main concerns regarding Arbonne Protein Shake. Yet there is still hope for the weight loss shake. Take a look at the vitamins and minerals before you reject the Arbonne Protein Shake.

    How many vitamins does the shake contain?

    The Arbonne Protein Shake offers its users 23 different vitamins. Here is a list with the vitamins and how they gonna support your health:

    Vitamin A: Works as an antioxidant, great for slowing the natural aging process. Furthermore it supports skin, eyes, immune system and bones.

    Vitamin C: Also a powerful antioxidant. Supporting the immune system against cancer, strokes, common illnesses and various other health issues.

    Vitamin D: Recent studies show that vitamin D is an important factor in bones health. It also boost weight loss and fights depression.

    Vitamin E: Balances cholesterol, fights free radicals, which cause diseases like cancer and heart failure, helps to slow down cell aging and balances hormones.

    Thiamine: Responsibly to convert sugar into energy, supports cardiovascular functions, eye health and it even improves mental functions.

    Riboflavin: Essential to break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates, therefore provides the body with energy. Riboflavin is also vital for healthy organs and blood cells.

    Niacin: Helps against diabetes, skin formation and supporting brain functions. Furthermore it is necessary to keep a healthy metabolism and proper cardiovascular functions

    Vitamin B6: Beneficial against various diseases, improving hormone control and helping against emotional disorders.

    Folate: Decreasing the risk of depression and supporting a healthy heart. There are studies that show a correlation between low intake of Folate and higher risks of breast cancer.

    Vitamin B12: Helps against mental diseases like alzheimer’s or memory loss. Additionally vitamin b12 supports mental functions like concentration and boosting energy.

    Biotin: Keeps your skin, hair, liver, eyes and nervous system healthy.

    Pantothenic acid: Aids metabolism, supports immune system, reduces stress and helps to balance cholesterol levels.

    Calcium: Not only essential for healthy bones, your heart, nervous system and muscles need calcium to function. Furthermore it protects against cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.

    Iodine: Helps to improve cognitive abilities, supports metabolism, balances hormones, strengthens hair and increases your energy level.

    Magnesium: Has many responsibilities in your body. For bone and teeth formation, to aiding the nervous system and helping against diabetes.

    Zinc: Increases memory and learning abilities, helping the immune system, healing wounds and protecting against age-related sickness.

    Selenium: There are increasing evidences that Selenium has a positive influence against chronic diseases. Additionally it may protect against cancer. All claims beside, it is proven that Selenium supports your immune system.

    Copper: Improving cognitive functions and helping to fight alzheimer’s disease.

    Manganese: Essential for a healthy skin, protecting against free radicals and controlling blood sugar therefore reducing the risk of diabetes.

    Chromium: Studies have shown that Chromium helps you to lose weight and control blood sugar.

    Molybdenum: Helps to break down essential amino acids. A lack of Molybdenum can increase the risk of esophageal cancers.

    Sodium: Necessary for proper brain function, preventing muscle cramps and to maintain a healthy heart.

    Potassium: Beneficial for healthy cardiovascular functions, improving blood pressure and balancing blood sugar.

    Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Here are some reviews from real Arbonne Protein Shake customers…

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    arbonne protein shake review

    Now let’s come to another interesting fact about the Arbonne Protein Shake:

    How long can it satisfy my hunger?

    Unfortunately due the lack of fiber the Arbonne Protein Shake can’t exploit their full potential. With 20g Protein it is one of the protein-richest meal replacement shakes out there. That’s important, because proteins curb your hunger and are low in calories.

    arbonne protein shake review

    However with only 2g of fiber the Arbonne Protein Shake is weak compared to other meal replacement shakes. Most users we asked and our team, felt satisfied for about 3-4 hours. We are sure that Arbonne Protein Shake could curb your hunger for more than 5 hours with 10g fiber per serving. Another great way to eat healthy is by buying a home pizza oven. You can make your own healthy pizza.

    Well, 3-4 hours per portion isn’t bad either. Most other meal replacement shake fill your stomach for about 3-4 hours. So Arbonne Protein Shake is pretty average regarding the appetite suppression.

    Click on the button to see what other users say about the hunger suppression.

    arbonne protein shake review

    But before you buy the Arbonne Protein Shake, there are some other things you should take into consideration.

    Is the weight loss shake vegan, GMO- and gluten-free?

    Yes and no. The Arbonne Protein Shake is vegan and gluten-free certified, but we couldn’t find any informations on their website about being GMO-free. If the Arbonne Protein Shake is GMO-free they would certainly mention it on their website.

    Is there any science to support the Arbonne Protein Shake?

    Yes, we found a study conducted from the Mayo Clinic, Rochester in Minnesota which shows that the participant lost significant amount of weight and waist circumference. In addition to that, the consumers felt healthier and more vital.

    There are many studies that prove the beneficial effects of the ingredients in the weight loss shake. And other studies which show that consuming a meal replacement shake helps you to lose weight, improve your performance and boost your mood.

    If you are more interested in practical and visible proves, take a look at these Arbonne Protein Shake consumers and how they transformed their bodies:

    arbonne protein shake before after

    arbonne protein shake before after

    Click on the button and order your first Arbonne Protein Shake!

    arbonne protein shake buy

    Now we will take a look at another major factor, when you consider to add a meal replacement shake to your nutrition:

    Does it taste good?

    Sadly Arbonne offers only chocolate and vanilla as flavors. We tried the chocolate flavor and most of us were quite pleased. The Arbonne Protein Shake has the perfect consistency. Not to liquid and not to thick.

    It had a little aftertaste, but not an unpleasant one. It might not be as good as a freshly cut cigar, but not bad. We recommend you to enjoy the shake cold.

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    arbonne protein shake buy

    Another important aspect if you want to purchase the perfect meal replacement shake, is the price.

    How much do I have to pay?

    A bag costs about 70$ and contains 30 servings. That’s 2,33$ per meal. Not bad at all! If you compare this price with a sandwich from subway or one portion of shakeology, Arbonne Protein Shake is the clear winner.

    Not many weight loss supplements have such a good price-to-result ratio.

    Click on the button and order your first Arbonne Protein Shake now!

    arbonne protein shake buy

    Am I going to lose weight?

    arbonne protein shake review

    Yes! But we should warn you: No weight loss shake is going to help you if you aren’t ready to change your eating habits. If you won’t do without junk food and sweets, don’t buy the Arbonne Protein Shake.

    Don’t buy any meal replacement shake! Weight loss shakes or meal replacement shakes are just a tool to help you reach your fitness goals. They won’t take all the work.

    You don’t have to workout, even if it is highly recommended, but you HAVE TO change your eating habits.

    And this will be easier than you think. Most people who consumed the Arbonne Protein Shake said that it’s much easier for them to change their lifestyle after consuming the shake for some months.

    So try the Arbonne Protein Shake and see the results for yourself. Order the Arbonne Protein Shake now!

    arbonne protein shake buy

    So how is your experience with the shake? How much weight did you lose? Do you feel healthier and stronger? Did you beat your workout records? Were you disappointed? Write it in the comments and share it with our community!