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Advocare Meal Replacement Shake Review

    advocare meal replacement shake review

    Advocare Meal Replacement Shake Review

    Advocare meal replacement shake has better amazon reviews than shakeology. Yet, advocare meal replacement shake contains artificial sweeteners, a lot of sugar and other suspicious ingredients. So why are people preferring advocare meal replacement shake instead of shakeology or other great shakes like 18 shake? Good marketing or is there more behind it? We from Miosuperhealth have found the answer to this and many other question. The truth is going to surprise you…

    advocare meal replacement shake review

    What makes the Advocare Meal Replacement Shake unique?

    As already mentioned the Advocare Meal Replacement Shake stands out with its amazing amazon reviews and their questionable ingredients. You can see the reviews by yourself:

    advocare meal replacement shake reviews

    It claims to be a meal replacement shake that helps you to lose weight in combination with the 24 Day Challenge Guide from Advocare.

    A supplement and nutrition plan to clean your body, improve your workout performance, lose weight or just to feel healthier. If you take a closer look at these weight management program you will realise that you have to buy a lot of different products from Advocare.

    This adds to a relative high amount of costs, but visit our 24 Day Challenge Guide Review and see for yourself.

    As many other weight loss shakes, it contains a bunch of vitamins, proteins and fiber. But there are also some other ingredients which some people find questionable. We will discuss these ingredients and check them for their safety.

    So what ingredients does advocare contain and are they dangerous?

    First things first, Advocare meal replacement shake offers 14 servings with one portion containing 200 calories. Not very impressive for a weight loss shake. In our 18 Shake review we found that one portion of 18 Shake only contains 90 calories.

    Furthermore it has fructose corn syrup, a sweetener which can also be found in sodas and high sugar drinks. Additionally Advocare meal replacement shake contains Sucralose, an artificial sweetener with the reputation to be toxic.

    Yet there are no scientific proves that Sucralose is harmful. The FDA and even WHO approve that Sucralose is harmless and can be consumed by kids and even pregnants. Although we think you should know what Advocare meal replacement shake contains.

    advocare meal replacement shake ingredients

    So the only negative things we can find about the ingredients in advocare is their use of fructose corn syrup and a relative high amount of sugar. For comparison: In our GNC Total Lean Shake review we found only 4g of sugar per serving. Advocare contains 12g per portion.

    But there are not only negative things to say about Advocare meal replacement shake.

    How much protein does it contain?

    Advocare meal replacement shake contains an extraordinary amount of proteins. 24g per serving. That’s impressive! Even in our Shakeology Review we only found 17g protein per one scoop.

    Advocare provides you with an easy to digest protein, called whey protein concentrate and milk protein isolate. Both are popular proteins which are used by athletes. A high amount of protein is vital for your weight loss goals, because protein curbs your hunger and boosts your metabolism.

    It’s ideal for everyone who wants to lose weight, you can even build muscles with this amount of proteins. Of course you need to have a proper workout for that. The milk protein isolate prevents your body to break down muscles instead of fat.

    However milk protein has a disadvantage. It contains around 1% lactose. So it might cause an effect if you have a low lactose tolerance.

    There are some other points about Advocare meal replacement shake which are going to intrigue you.

    How much fiber can I expect?

    Advocare meal replacement shake is relative high in dietary fiber. One serving contains around 6g fiber. Dietary fiber is proven to curb hunger and therefore helps you to lose weight.

    Well, till this point we can only criticize the high amount of sugar in Advocare meal replacement shake. No dangerous ingredients, a high amount of protein and a good bunch of fiber.

    Now let’s take a look at the vitamins and minerals the weight loss shake offers:

    Which vitamins and minerals does Advocare provide?

    Advocare meal replacement shake provides their users with more than 20 vitamins and minerals. Here is a list of them:

    Vitamin A: An essential vitamin for a beautiful skin, a strong immune system and healthy cells.

    Vitamin C: Vitamin C supports your immune system against different kind of sicknesses. Including cancer and the common cold.

    Calcium: Everyone knows calcium strengthens your bones, but it also helps your heart, nerves and muscles to function properly

    Iron: Improves your athletic performance by boosting your physical health and also leads to more mental energy.

    Vitamin B1: Helps you to maintain a healthy metabolism while preventing nerve damage and increasing your cardiovascular health.

    Riboflavin: Important for various major functions like blood health, skin and eye health, hormonal function and a proper metabolism.

    Vitamin B6: Essential for a healthy liver, metabolism, proper eye health and a vital skin.

    Vitamin B12: Helps against mood disorders which lead to stress, depression and anxiety.

    Vitamin E: Balances cholesterol, thickens hair and fights free radicals, which cause various diseases like cancer and heart failure.

    Folic acid: Helpful against DNA changes which often lead to cancer diseases.

    Niacin: Especially useful for balancing cholesterol levels, keeping a healthy cardiovascular system, it even promotes brain functions and helps to prevent diabetes.

    Magnesium: Helps you to perform well under stress, stay healthy. Magnesium may also be helpful against age related illness.

    Phosphorus: All in all it helps to maintain vital organs and balances hormones.

    Iodine: Has an significant influence on metabolism. It helps to prevent excessive storage of fat thereby supporting weight loss.

    Zinc: Acts like an antioxidant, fighting free radicals therefore good against cancer. Has a big influence on hormone balance.

    Copper: Reduces symptoms of arthritis, supporting the heart and red blood cell formation. Beside that copper has various other health benefits.

    Biotin: Necessary to transform nutrients to body energy. It also helps to keep a healthy skin, hair and nails.

    Pantothenic acid: Aids metabolism, reduces stress and helps your immune and nerve system.

    Vitamin D: Absolutely necessary for maintaining healthy bones, also fights depression and boosts weight loss.

    Not bad! If you compare it with 310 Shake, Advocare meal replacement shake is the winner. In our 310 Shake review we found only 16 different vitamins and minerals. There seem to be a lot of wrongful assertions about the Advocare meal replacement shake.

    Slowly we begin to understand why so many people support Advocare. Click on the button and see the other Advocare meal replacement shake reviews:

    advocare meal replacement shake reviews

    After all these healthy ingredients you must ask yourself: “Will they help me to curb my hunger?” Read on to find the answer to your question.

    How long will it satisfy my hunger?

    Depending on your activity level (are you doing grueling workouts or simply swinging ping irons for golf daily), weight and metabolism Advocare meal replacement shake curbs your hunger for about 4-6 hours. That’s pretty impressive. Yet you shouldn’t forget that the 200 calories per serving are a major factor.

    So don’t use Advocare meal replacement shake as a snack between meals, use it as it should be used: As a meal! Most people consume their weight loss shake in the morning and feel satisfied for hours.

    See the amazon reviews for yourself. Most positive comments come from verified buyers!

    advocare meal replacement shake reviews

    Is Advocare vegan, GMO- and gluten-free?

    We couldn’t find any information on the Advocare website about their products being GMO-free. They neither are gluten-free, but at least their offer vegan advocare meal replacement shakes.

    Are any of their claims based on science?

    Well, it is proven that weight loss shakes like the Advocare meal replacement shake support weight loss and have other health benefits. Yet we couldn’t find a specific study about Advocare. At their website they refer to a study which shows that a 1:1 protein-to-carbohydrate ratio, which they have, helps to lose weight.

    Furthermore there are plenty examples that people have lost weight with advocare meal replacement shake:

    Click on the button to see more results of advocare:

    advocare meal replacement shake reviews

    Now let’s take a look at another significant part of every good meal replacement shake:

    How is the taste?

    Advocare meal replacement shake is available in Chocolate Mocha, Vanilla, Chocolate, Berry and Chocolate Peanut Butter. Our team rated chocolate peanut butter as the tastiest flavor. We would give the weight loss shake a 4 from 5.

    Quite good, but we drunk better shakes. Of course there are many other people with other opinions. These people enjoyed the advocare meal replacement shake and rated it as very good!

    After we covered the topic taste, let’s come to another very important factor:

    What’s the price of the shake?

    Advocare provides you with 14 portions of the weight loss shake for about 45$. That’s around 3.20$ per meal. Not the most expensive shake, but certainly not the cheapest. If you compare it with Shakeology you will realize that one serving of Shakeology costs more than 4$.

    Advocare has a money back guarantee, so if you aren’t happy with the results you can contact the seller and demand your money back. You basically have nothing to lose. Order your first package advocare meal replacement shake now!

    advocare meal replacement shake buy

    You are still sceptical? No problem. We will answer your final and most important question:

    Will I lose weight with advocare?

    Definitely! There is a reason that Advocare meal replacement shake is so popular, because it works. See these verified amazon reviews for yourself…

    Advocare offers a money back guarantee, so try your first weight loss shake and experience the results for yourself:

    advocare meal replacement shake buy

    Have you tried Advocare already? How was it? How much weight did you lose? What’s your favorite flavor? Write it in the comments and share your knowledge with us and our community!