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Hatomugi Skin Conditioner Review

    Hatomugi Skin Conditioner reviews

    Hatomugi Skin Conditioner reviews

    Hatomugi” (ハトムギ) is the Japanese name for the tropical plant Coixlacryma-jobi, commonly known as Job’s Tears.

    This plant is especially popular in the region of East Asia, where people commonly use it as decoration or as a natural remedy. Moreover, the plant’s seeds are also consumed as food, and numerous dishes and drinks are made from them.

    As the product’s name suggests, it is a skin conditioner which uses Job’s Tears as its primary ingredient. Its medicinal uses are many, but when applied to the skin, it has a powerful hydrating and cleansing effect.

    Not only is it an excellent multi-purpose cosmetic product, but it is also highly affordable – a single 500ml bottle costs as little as 10 euros.

    What Is It Made Of?

    As you can obviously tell from the name, Job’s Tears seeds are the primary ingredient of this lotio. It has remarkable moisturizing properties that the product takes advantage of.

    It includes water, alcohol, butylene glycol and dipropylene glycol as solvents, with the latter two substances having moisturizing properties as well. It includes dipotassium glycyrrhizate and makes full use of its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties.

    Moreover, the lotion includes citric acid as a pH adjuster, along with sodium citrate which also has antioxidant properties on top of that. And lastly, methylparaben and propylparaben fulfill the functions of preservatives.

    The natural ingredients in the conditioner are what gives it its milky color and appearance. Also, it’s important to say this that this product doesn’t have any added colors, and it’s free of any fragrances.

    What Is It Good For?

    Hatomugi Skin Conditioner reviews

    Above all else, this product is great for skin hydration and for reducing inflammation. It’s very lightweight, so it will absorb very easily into skin. Once it dries off, and that will be very quickly, you will feel like you haven’t got anything on your face.

    Another good use of this conditioner is like a mask. It’s very simple to use, and all you need is just a few cotton pads that you probably already have. Soak these with the conditioner, and then place them around your face. For an optimal effect, wait anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes before taking the pads off.

    If you’re already using other skincare products, Hatomugi skin conditioner can nicely complement the effects of those products. It can improve the level of hyaluronic acid in your skin, which can improve the skin cell renewal, as well as skin clarity.

    This will all have an excellent anti-ageing effect on your skin, so you can enjoy your younger you for a longer time.

    Finally, you can use this conditioner as a soothing face and body mist. Pour a certain amount of the liquid into a spritzer bottle, and then simply spray it on your body for a cool and hydrating effect on a hot day.

    All-In-One Solution

    Hatomugi Skin Conditioner reviews

    Hatomugi Skin conditioner is made in Japan, and it’s a popular all-in-one product for hydrating, toning and evening out the skin. This gives it improved clarity and radiance, making your skin look younger.

    One of the cool things about this product is that it has a very thin and watery consistency. In this context, ‘watery’ is certainly not a negative word, though.

    It simply means that the skin will be able to absorb it very quickly, while still taking advantage of its moisturizing effect.

    On the other hand, this particular consistency might not be an effective solution for those living in more extreme, colder climates. As the skin quickly absorbs the product, it might not provide the sufficient moisture that the skin needs. However, this is a something that most people will not have to deal with.

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    Hatomugi Skin Conditioner reviews

    Big Size

    The conditioner is available in two sizes, 500 and 1000 ml, which should last you awhile, depending on how you use it. The larger bottle can also come with a handy pump for easier application. Both represent excellent value for the money, as they are all-in-one solutions that perform several functions of some other beauty products.

    Hatomugi Skin Conditioner Reviews

    Hatomugi skin conditioner is a popular beauty product for several reasons. First, it’s a great moisturizer, and a good alternative to moisturizers that leave an oily residue on the skin. This is something that the user reviews notice. They praise the conditioner’s ability to be absorbed easily, which is appreciated by many.

    Another positive aspect is the lack of scent, which is something a lot of people prefer. Finally, the reviews also focus on the cost of the product, which is quite affordable. It even comes in a larger sized bottle, making it a great addition to your collection of beauty products.

    All things considered, Hatomugi skin conditioner is an excellent solution for hydrating, toning and evening out the skin. It’s very versatile, and you will certainly end up using it very often.

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    Hatomugi Skin Conditioner reviews