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Advocare 24 Day Challenge Reviews

    “Works great, I have lost 15 lbs with the Advocare 24 Day Challenge!”

    “I am currently on day 16 and lost 19 lbs!”

    “Had to stop the program, because I got headache from the supplements.”

    “Not impressed. Spend a lot of money and barely lost any weight.”

    Some people speak highly about the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, whereby other people couldn’t even finish the program without headache or digestion problems. A lot of users lost a good amount of weight and other participants only lost 5 lbs. Miosuperhealth took a good look at the so called “supplementation and nutrition program” to see if it brings the promised results and made a Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review.

    But first things first.

    advocare 24 day challenge reviews

    What is the Advocare 24 Day Challenge?

    Advocare 24 Day Challenge claims to be a nutrition program, which helps your body to reach your fitness and health goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, boost your energy, fill your body with nutrients or just to feel better. Checkout mres food if you want to learn more.

    The Advocare 24 Day Challenge consists of two parts:

    First the Cleanse Phase:

    The Cleanse Phase last for 10 days and is the first of two phases in the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. The major goal of this phase is to clean your body from toxins and provide you with a high amount of nutrients therefore boosting energy and overall health.

    Advocare 24 day challenge review

    The Cleanse Phase includes the Spark energy drink, a supplement with 20 different vitamins like vitamin B or caffeine which enhance mental focus. Furthermore you have to consume Omegaplex, a supplement full of Omega-3-fatty acids. The nutrient is linked to healthy cardiovascular functions, an improved immune system and supports weight loss.

    The last supplement in the Advocare 24 Day Challenge Cleanse Phase is the Herbal Cleanse System. This supplement offers probiotics and fiber. Both aid your digestion and support weight loss.

    In this phase it is essential to follow the instructions which you receive when you buy the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, but nevertheless we listed the most important ones out:

    Drink a lot of water:

    It is vital to drink lot of water, but when you make the Advocare 24 Day Challenge you should consume more water than regularly. The water will help you to get rid of the toxins and wash them out of your body.

    Don’t forget to exercise:

    Movement and exercise boost your metabolism therefore supporting the cleanse process. You don’t have to do a marathon, your regular workout is going to be enough. You should at least do a long walk, if you aren’t doing any exercise.

    Eat healthy:

    No junk food! The Advocare 24 Day Challenge is not magic. You have to quit soda, cakes, burgers and other junk food. Eat mostly vegetables, fruits, brown rice, whole grains, fish, chicken, nuts, olives, beans and other healthy foods.

    Of course there is the valid question: “If I have to workout, eat healthy and quit junk food, why should I use the Advocare 24 Day Challenge? It’s their job to make me healthy. I pay them!”

    First of all: It’s impossible to lose weight with any weight loss program or meal replacement supplement if you don’t eat healthy.

    Everyone who promises otherwise is lying. It’s just not possible. You don’t have to exercise to lose weight, although it is very helpful. But you have to consume less calories than your body needs to lose weight. That’s the 101 of weight loss.

    The Second convincing point is the habituation to eat healthy. Many users claim to feel motivated and lose the urge to eat sugar-rich snacks after they completed the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.

    Just read what users say about the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and you will understand…

    If you take a close look at the amazon reviews you will see that people who were ready to change their eating habits and their way of thinking, experience the best long term results. Many users got used to eat healthy and changed their life, because of Advocare 24 Day Challenge.

    Certainly the biggest benefit. Click on the button and you can see the Advocare 24 Day Challenge reviews on amazon for yourself:

    advocare 24 day challenge reviews

    Now let’s take a look at the last phase of Advocare 24 Day Challenge.

    The Max Phase

    The Max Phase lasts from 11th day to the 24th day. This phase helps you to control your appetite, lose weight and increase your energy for a better performance within your workouts. As you can see there is a reason this program is called a challenge. We recommend to exercise regularly for the best results.

    Your are going to consume three supplements through the Max Phase. First the Metabolic Nutrition System. The main focus of this supplement is to curb your hunger and boost your energy. The second supplement is the Advocare Meal Replacement Shake. This shake is designed to provide you with necessary proteins, fiber and low carbs.

    The last supplement is the Advocare Spark, a energy boosting supplement. Offers valuable vitamins, amino acids and caffeine.

    Similar to the Cleanse Phase it is essential to never skip a meal, drink enough water and do some exercise. The Advocare 24 Day Challenge even contains a DVD with exercises. We highly recommend to add sport to your weight loss program.

    See what these users said about Advocare 24 Day Challenge…

    You can see the other Advocare 24 Day Challenge reviews, when you click on the button:

    advocare 24 day challenge reviews

    Of course everything has its downsides. Some of the users experienced negative side effects. Read on the see what we mean.

    What are the side effects of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge?

    One of the most common side effects are headaches. The main reason is the absence of sugar and high amounts of caffeine. You can fight the symptom by increasing your daily water consumption.

    Another possible side effect is nausea in the morning. We think the reason for this is the high amount of stomach acid. If you eat a lot of sugar and fat, the stomach increases the amount of stomach acid to digest the food.

    Now that you don’t eat as much sugar and fat in the morning your body needs some time to adapt to the change. Our tip: Take your supplement with a healthy breakfast. Choose a banana and some sugar free cereals instead of donuts.

    The third side effect of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge are bowel problems. Even if the number of people who got digestion problems is very low, you should prepare yourself for a good number of toilet visits.

    The reason for that is simple: The antioxidants in the Cleanse Phase fight toxins like free radicals, which lead to cancer and other serious diseases. The toxins have to be washed out and the most obvious way is through your back door.

    After all these negative side effects you certainly wish to know what ingredients we found in our Advocare 24 Day Challenge Review. Read on, the answer will intrigue you!

    What Ingredients can I expect and where are the dangers?

    An absolutely reasonable question when you consider to take supplements. It’s important to know what you add to your body. The Advocare 24 Day Challenge provides its users with dozens beneficial vitamins and minerals. It would be a massive article if we list them all.

    You can expect to find all the necessary nutrients your body needs and even more! That’s what we can promise. The benefits of the nutrients range from more energy, better immune system, increases mental focus and a happier mood to cancer fighting and weight loss.

    But the more interesting question should be: What are the suspicious ingredients?

    We have listed them for you and the possible health risks:

    Gum Arabic:

    Gum arabic is extracted from the acacia tree and has no recommended maximum intake assigned by the FDA. Different studies on humans and animals have shown that consuming gum arabic leads to no negative symptoms.

    In fact, there are indications that gum arabic is a powerful prebiotic. More powerful than insulin, which is sold as one. So it’s pretty significant. Yet there are side effects if gum arabic is consumed in excessive amounts. Especially nausea and excessive gas can be a symptom. Furthermore there is the possibility to be allergic against gum arabic.


    There is a recent study which shows that Sucralose can have negative impact on the metabolism. Yet it is an approved sweetener and has been tested in over 110 studies by the FDA.

    All in all we can say that Sucralose needs more testing to be declared as harmful. Sucralose is included in various other foods like baking soda, chewing gum, gelatine and so on.

    Guggul Gum Resin:

    Has been used since more than 3000 years as treatment against obesity and rheumatic pain. Today it has various proven health benefits, such as: Antioxidant, supporting immune system, improving metabolism and helping you lose weight.

    The side effect of Guggul Gum Resin include diarrhea, anorexia, abdominal pain and in some cases skin rash.

    All in all it’s not that bad. Most of the claims regarding the risks of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge are not proven or can happen in combination with any other supplement. But enough about the negative aspects of Advocare 24 Day Challenge, let’s see what science says about Advocare:

    Is there any science supporting Advocare?

    Advocare consists of dozen scientific, medical and sports advisors with impressive titles and degrees. Additionally they are members of numerous councils and own a bunch of certifications.

    Yet we couldn’t find any specific studies regarding the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. Although there are plenty of studies proving the effectiveness of the ingredients which are covered in the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.

    But if you have no interest in reading a long science paper, just look at these Advocare 24 Day Challenge before after pictures:

    advocare 24 day challenge before after

    advocare 24 day challenge before after

    advocare 24 day challenge before after

    Still not impressed? Take a look at these amazon reviews and see the results for yourself:

    advocare 24 day challenge reviews

    Now let’s come to the last but not least important aspects of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge:

    How much does it cost me?

    Well this is one of the biggest cons regarding the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. You pay about 200$ for a 24 Days program. Some people don’t have the money, others don’t want to spend it on a nutrition and weight loss program.

    Some people were happy to spend the money for the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, because it helped them to take the first steps to a healthier diet and lifestyle. Many users claim to profit from the results long after the challenge.

    In the end everyone has to make the decision for himself. We found the cheapest provider of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. Click on the button to see the price:

    advocare 24 day challenge reviews price


    The Advocare 24 Day Challenge may be one of the most controversial weight loss and nutrition programs out there. Some people had fantastic results, whereby others only experienced the side effects.

    What can be definitely said is that the Advocare 24 Day Challenge is expensive and brings the best results when combined with exercise and a healthy diet. There is a reason it is called a challenge, so if you want to sit on the coach and lose weight: Forget It!

    On the other hand, if you want to take your workout to the next level, boost your energy level and need a kick to start a healthier diet, than the Advocare 24 Day Challenge could be perfect for you.

    Click on the button to see the cheapest price:

    advocare 24 day challenge reviews price

    What is your experience with the Advocare 24 Day Challenge? How much weight did you lose? Have you experienced any negative side effects? Would you recommend it? Write it in the comments and share it with other readers!