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GNC Total Lean Shake Review

GNC Total Lean Shake Review

“One portion of GNC Total Lean Shake and I was satisfied for 6 hours!” One customer on amazon wrote this in his GNC Total Lean Shake review and he is not the only one. Numerous users claim to lose their hunger for 4 hours or more. But can this be true, when even shakeology, one of the best and most popular meal replacement shakes, only curbs your hunger for around 3 hours? We from Miosuperhealth are going to answer this and many more questions about GNC Total Lean Shake:

  • What makes GNC Total Lean Shake unique?
  • What Ingredients does it contain?
  • What about the proteins?
  • What can I expect regarding the fiber?
  • Which minerals and vitamins does the shake provide?
  • Can it really replace a real meal?
  • Is it vegan, GMO- and gluten-free?
  • Is there science to support GNC Total Lean Shake?
  • How good does it taste?
  • How much do I have to pay?
  • Will I lose weight with it?

gnc total lean shake review

What makes GNC Total Lean Shake unique?

GNC, the company behind GNC Total Lean Shake, exists since decades and offers various other supplements for athletes and people who want to improve their health and fitness. GNC Total Lean Shake is one of their most popular products. It’s a meal replacement shake which, so claims the company, helps you to lose weight, build muscles and provides you with valuable nutrients.

GNC Total Lean Shake contains dozen vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber. So far nothing special, but what makes the meal replacement shake really unique is their use of fiber-rich blend.

We didn’t found this special fiber in any other meal replacement shake. Not in our 310 shake review and not even in our shakeology review.

You may ask yourself: “Okay, but what is this fiber-rich blend and why is it so special?” Read on and you will discover it, but first let’s take an overall look on the calories, fat and sugar in GNC Total Lean Shake.

What Ingredients does it contain?

GNC Total Lean Shake contains around 16 servings with 2 scoops per portion. One serving offers approximately 180 calories. The average calorie amount in meal replacement shakes tends to be around 200 calories. So this is not bad.

GNC Total Lean Shake Ingredients

Furthermore it contains around 4g sugar and 2g fat  per serving. For comparison: One serving of Shakeology contains approximately 9g sugar. However, GNC Total Lean Shake offers 13g fiber and 9g protein per serving.

All in all, we can say that GNC Total Lean Shake contains just a little sugar and fat, a few calories a good bunch of fiber and proteins. Now let’s take a closer look at the proteins and why they are so important for your weight loss goals.

What about the proteins?

GNC Total Lean Shake has three types of proteins. Milk, whey isolate and whey protein. Whey protein is a high quality protein prefered by athletes. They have a minimal fat content, are low in cholesterol and lactose and provide your body with 9 essential amino acids.

These amino acids are necessary to keep a healthy heart, repair and grow muscles, enhance endurance and even to lose weight.

So GNC Total Lean Shake is not only beneficial if you want to lose weight, but also when you want to gain muscles. Additionally proteins are important for satisfying your hunger and burning fat, especially in stomach and thighs areas.

Now let’s come to another major aspect of GNC Total Lean Shake: The fiber content.

What can I expect regarding the fiber?

GNC Total Lean Shake uses a combination of dietary and soluble fiber. Fiber has the advantage of curbing your hunger and keeping you full. This is encouraged through their patented fiber-rich blend, which increases satisfaction and fullness.

GNC Total Lean Shake Review Buy It

Whereas the dietary fiber helps you to make it through the day without hunger feelings, the soluble fiber has other advantages. Soluble fiber is extracted through oat bran, which is known for its support of blood glucose levels. Making GNC Total Lean Shake to a diabetic prevention weight loss shake.

This unique combination of fiber makes GNC Total Lean Shake to a meal replacement shake that stands out among their competition. Now we will show you a list of the vitamins found in GNC Total Lean Shake and how your body is gonna benefit from them.

Which minerals and vitamins does the shake provide?

GNC Total Lean Shake contains more than 20 vitamins and minerals with various medical benefits. Ranging from cancer prevention to boosting mental abilities and increasing mood. Especially Americans often suffer from a lack of nutrients. But see for yourself:

Vitamin A: Essential for cell growth, reproduction, supporting the immune system, increasing your vision and responsible for a healthy and beautiful skin.

Vitamin C: Not only beneficial for elastic skin, it also strengthens your immune system, helping you fight diseases like strokes, cancer and the common cold.

Calcium: Plays an important aspect in maintaining healthy bones, but also necessary for your heart, nerves and muscles.

Iron: Helps to transport oxygen to your organs and muscles. Boosting your mental and physical abilities.

Vitamin E: Reduces the amount of free radicals, these bad boys are responsible for various diseases like cancer and heart failure. Vitamin E is also beneficial for fighting the natural cell aging process.

Thiamin: Plays an important role in keeping healthy cardiovascular functions and maintaining a healthy nervous system.

Riboflavin: Plays a major role in producing energy and metabolising fat.

Niacin: Besides its abilities to balance cholesterol levels, it reduces atherosclerosis. A dangerous symptom which leads to the hardening of arteries, therefore increasing the risk of heart failures.

Vitamin B6: Has a positive influence on hormone control, metabolism, skin conditions and good against cardiac diseases.

Folic Acid: Helps against changes in the DNA, which lead to cancer. Also supports the production of new cells.

Vitamin B12: Has numerous benefits for the central nervous system. It protects nerves and keeps them healthy.

Biotin: Thickens nails, hair and makes your skin beautiful. Furthermore it is a key nutrient regarding metabolic, nerve and cardiovascular functions.

Pantothenic Acid: Fights hair loss, allergies, stress and anxiety, therefore leading to a healthier heart.

Phosphorus: Very important player regarding dental health.

Iodine: Proven to increase cognitive abilities, improves metabolism, protects thyroid and balances hormones.

Magnesium: Athletes commonly experience a deficit in magnesium. The symptoms are: muscle aches or spasm, poor digestion and trouble falling asleep.

Zinc: The benefits of zinc include: better digestion, control of diabetes, reduction of stress and last but not least, an improved metabolism.

Selenium: There are indications that selenium helps against heart diseases, but there are no doubts about the following benefits: It fight inflammation, increases blood flow and reduces free radicals.

Copper: Increases energy production and prevents premature aging. Furthermore it supports the heart, increases wound healing and reduces bad cholesterol.

Manganese: Aids vitamin absorption, helps you to lose weight and improves your metabolism.

Chromium: Helps the insulin to transport glucose into cells, thereby it functions as a diabetic prevention agent.

Molybdenum: Aids the metabolism of fat.

Not bad, isn’t it? Not even in our 18 shake review did we found so many different vitamins and minerals like in GNC Total Lean Shake. If you are still unsure about our GNC Total Lean Shake review, see these amazing amazon reviews for yourself:

GNC Total Lean Shake Review

Did we promise too much? Most people have a quite positive opinion about GNC Total Lean Shake. They say that it helps you lose weight and feel more energized.

Okay, after all these vitamins and minerals let’s jump back to a more practical question:

Can it really replace a real meal?

Yes, many people claim that GNC Total Lean Shake curbs the hunger for more than 4 hours. Of course it highly depends on the individual. Skinnier people tend to need less food, whereby some athletes need around 3000 calories per day.

All in all we can say that one serving of GNC Total Lean Shake satisfies for about 4 to 5 hours. So this meal replacement shake is a perfect breakfast. Actually most people use it this way!

But hey, GNC offers a 30 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your progress within 30 days you get your money back. You can’t lose with such a offering. Click on the button to learn more about GNC Total Lean Shake:

GNC Total Lean Shake Review

Of course some people will still have questions about the weight loss shake. Considering the trend to vegan, gluten-free and GMO-free we investigated the next question for you:

Is it vegan, GMO- and gluten-free?

Yes, yes and yes! It’s vegan, GMO-free and gluten-free. The perfect meal replacement shake for everyone.

Is there science to support GNC Total Lean Shake?

Yes, GNC published a study where 98 participants were observed in order to compare the effect of GNC Total Lean Shake against participants who only took 1500 calories per day. The results of the study shown that the participants who consumed GNC Total Lean Shake lost twice as much weight in the same time.

Furthermore there are plenty studies proving that protein and high amount of fiber help you lose weight. You can read the study here.

If you aren’t interested in technical terms and dry narrations, you can take a look at these before/after pictures of people who used GNC Total Lean Shake:

GNC Total Lean Shake Review before after

Still sceptical? No problem! Click on the button and see real customer reviews on amazon:

GNC Total Lean Shake Review

How good does it taste?

The GNC Total Lean Shake comes in various flavor. Such as: Swiss chocolate, cookies and cream or vanilla bean. Personally we found chocolate to be the best flavor, whereby vanilla bean didn’t suit most of use.

But there are various other people online who enjoyed the taste of other flavors. Some people claimed that they loved it as much as Pugs love their own food. See what one customer wrote

Just click on the button and order the weight loss shake now!

buy gnc total lean shake review

How much do I have to pay?

One package of GNC Total Lean Shake costs around 30$, depending where you buy it,  thus providing you with 16 portions. So one serving costs about 1.85$, that’s pretty good! None of our other weight loss supplement reviews revealed such a great price to cost ratio.

Just think about it: One meal for 1.85$! And this is a nutrient-rich weight loss shake, not junk food. We highly recommend you to get one package. GNC offers a 30 days money back guarantee, you basically can’t lose!

buy gnc total lean shake review

Will I lose weight with it?

Yes! It works! If you don’t believe us see the amazon reviews.

The GNC Total Lean Shake has quite a good reputation and this doesn’t come from anywhere. GNC is popular and trusted because it works! See the amazon reviews for yourself:

buy gnc total lean shake review

Tell us how much weight you lost with GNC Total Lean Shake. Write it in the comments and share your progress with our readers!

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