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Can you use a built-in microwave on the countertop – Tips to position your microwave

    If you are looking out for the top-most microwave that can fit into almost every part of your kitchen then
    what is better than opting for a built-in microwave? However, the question that strikes our mind is “can
    you use a built-in microwave on the countertop?”, installing the built-in microwave on the countertop
    of your kitchen is not at all difficult task, following the few basic techniques you can easily position it on
    the countertop on your own.

    In the recent times, the demand for the built-in microwave is increasing day by day. Although in the
    earlier period, these microwaves were only capable of reheating purposes, it can aid you to cook
    delicious food within a short period of time. According to the countertop microwaves reviews, there is no
    doubt to say that built-in microwave is positioned as one of the top-class microwaves that have been
    utilized by a large number of people in different corners. Besides the cooking features, people can also
    avail the benefits of baking and grilling. So now baking cakes and grilling pizza is no more a hard task for
    the built-in oven users.

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    Can you use a built-in microwave on the countertop?

    Make sure you have got the best tools like cordless drills at hand for finest installation. In order to place the built-in microwave on the countertop, examine the designing of your microwave and whether you have sufficient room on the countertop for a microwave set up. If you are having enough room to position the microwave, then here are the steps you are required to follow to get the set up done
    within a few hours:

    Check the vent placement

    Usually, the countertop or the built-in microwave comprises the vent either on its upper and lower end or
    on the left and right side. If you find it difficult to ascertain the vents, then keep the microwave board and
    cook or reheat the food. While doing so, put your hands near each corner of the microwave and observe
    the direction of blowing air as that is the place where the vents of your microwave are cited. Moreover,
    make sure to keep aside the entire loose objects from the oven before picking up the microwave as they
    may fall while you lift it up.

    Place the built-in microwave on the countertop

    Position the microwave in a way that the two vents of the same should have at least 2-3 inches of gap
    between them. If the cord is not fitting on the countertop, then find at least one stud using an electronic
    stud finder or alternatively using a hammer. Drill a hole in the shelf and see if the cord gets fit on the
    counter. If you still face hurdles, then it is advisable to opt for the help of a professional person.

    Clean the vents every week

    Since placing the microwave on countertop provides it with a very little space to ventilate properly, it is
    recommended to clean the vents every after 2-3 weeks to eliminate the dust and filth in the same.

    What are the locations to place a built-in microwave?

    Although the most appropriate location to position your microwave is on the countertop, you can
    alternatively install it in other directions if you are having insufficient space in the kitchen.

    Below the counter

    Down under is another best option to save area of your kitchen. The major benefit of this area is that it is
    comparatively less visible than that of the on or above the countertop. However, below the counter won’t
    turn out to be the best place if you are having kids at your home or you find it troublesome to bend again
    and again.

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    Wall oven tower

    Placing the microwave over a wall oven can be the best option as the other kitchen appliances, and food
    ingredients are usually placed over the wall making it easy for you to pick up the ingredient and put it
    inside the oven. However, this again can require the people having a good height as you can’t always
    carry the hot object higher than your line of a spot.