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Vibrant Health Maximum Vibrance Review


    maximum vibrance reviews

    When it comes to supplemental nutrition Vibrant Health Maximum Vibrance might be the right thing for you. It’s not always easy to decide which product is better than another, and what actually suits all of your needs. When you’re looking for meal replacements, it’s easy to get lost, easy to get confused by all those quick weight-loss scams. That’s why I’m here, to help you out with these appetite supplement reviews.

    This time, I’m taking on Maximum Vibrance by Vibrant Health, a product that advertises as a meal’s worth of high protein with an added dose of antioxidants, multi-vitamins, enzymes and probiotics that will help increase your energy and vitality, all the while helping you remain as healthy as a horse.

    If all of these promises come true, Maximum Vibrance will be the perfect dietary supplement, able to replace all others.

    What makes Maximum Vibrance for weight loss so special?

    People at Vibrant Health made the insanely popular Green Vibrance – a daily probiotic and nutrient-rich drink made exclusively of organic and natural minerals: Maximum Vibrance for weight loss. After that, they made a great tasting healthy drink mix that redefines fruit and vegetable-based antioxidants supplements – Rainbow Vibrance. And now, they combined these two into one super-drink. Maximum Vibrance for weight loss is a combination of 120 ingredients that are a perfect fit to be a meal replacement.

    Also, I love their full disclosure, you can see the entire list of ingredients on the package, and next to every ingredient you can see the exact amount of it that can be found in this product.

    Complete transparency is great, because you know exactly what you’re consuming, and you can check in advance if there are any ingredients that you are allergic to.

    What’s in Maximum Vibrance for weight loss

    Maximum Vibrance is designed as a meal replacement, and one full serving of it contains 80 plants, 23 grams of protein, 26 antioxidants, and the entire recommended daily intake of minerals and vitamins. So, mainly, Maximum Vibrance for weight loss consists of high-quality organic-based nutrients that cannot cause any harm and offer only positive effects. In this product, you will find an entire FDA recommended daily intake of enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, tonics and organic based protein.

    maximum vibrance ingredients

    The only thing this supplement lacks are essential fats, specifically the omega-3 fatty acids, that unfortunately still don’t have a stable powdered form with a decent shelf life. Not a big flaw, though, is it? You can learn more about the taste of Maximum Vibrance by clicking here.

    How does it work

    As every meal replacement, Maximum Vibrance has a simple task – to help you reach your health goals, by simply replacing your breakfast or lunch.

    Maximum Vibrance for weight loss ingredients are combined in such a manner that you get a perfectly balanced meal that your body needs, filled with every fruit and veggie that you’re usually forgetting to eat.

    This means that one dose of this will make any other vitamin or mineral supplement unnecessary.

    Simply put, Vibrance Health Maximum Vibrance has disease-fighting benefits because of the fruits and vegetables. Thanks to a bunch of probiotics it contains, it’s great for your gastric health. Maximum Vibrance reviews supports healing, helps control cholesterol, boosts brain health, blood circulation and strengthens the immune system.

    When you drink this, it will be more than enough to satisfy your hunger and give your body enough energy to go on throughout the day. Also, if you drink it 30 minutes before a gym session, it will be a great energy boost for your workout.

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    maximum vibrance amazon reviews

    How does Vibrant Health Maximum Vibrance Taste?

    maximum vibrance reviews

    To be honest, this is not the tastiest product I have done a review of. Vibrant Health Maximum Vibrance has a sweet aroma, and it has a dark green color, but I feel that the composition is too rough, and a lot thicker than I’d like, but, it doesn’t have to mean that you won’t like it. 

    In order to make Maximum Vibrance Reviews tastier, I had to mix it with some berries, and it worked for me. According to users who also disliked the taste, apple juice works great too.

    After all, tastes differ, but this isn’t something you’d drink for the taste.


    As you can probably assume, since Maximum Vibrance Reviews has more stuff in it than other protein shakes, it costs more than most others.

    If you want what’s best for you, a meal replacement that packs a punch and gives you the full dose of multi-vitamin, it is definitely worth the price.

    Maximum Vibrance for weight loss costs $60.76 on Amazon, and for this money you get 626.4 grams, an amount that is enough for 15-30 days.

    You can buy the supplement by clicking on the button!

    maximum vibrance amazon reviews

    User reviews

    Over 90% of people who tried this product are satisfied with it. The comments that we have seen claim that it is perfect. It replaces meals, it is great as a snack, and that after a certain period it makes you feel a lot healthier and more energetic. The effects can be seen on the outside as well – your skin clears up and you lose weight naturally.

    The main complaint? The taste. Even people who gave it a poor rating claim that it does the job, it’s just that they believe Maximum Vibrance for weight loss could have a better taste, but since its manufacturer makes new versions of their products every once in a while, I think this problem will be resolved soon.

    Overall, I think that this product is great for anyone who believes their health and energy levels need a boost, anyone who wants to help their immunity and indigestion, or wants to lose weight. All in all, it’s a good product for everyone.

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    maximum vibrance amazon reviews