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18 Shake vs Shakeology Reviews

    18 Shake vs Shakeology review

    18 Shake vs Shakeology review

    18 Shake as well as Shakeology are one of the most popular meal replacement shakes in the US. Both have millions of fans supporting it. Shakeology is the number one meal replacement shake that celebrities choose, whereby 18 Shake is a cheap weight loss shake that is equal to Shakeology regarding ingredients and fan support.

    But which shake is better than the other? The luxury product or the commercial alternative? Read on to see what we discovered in our 18 Shake vs Shakeology Review…

    What are the ingredients of both meal replacement shakes?

    First of all let’s check which shake contains less calories. 18 Shake offers 90 calories per portion. Not bad. Shakeology is losing this round with 140 calories, which isn’t bad either.

    Both shakes contain less than 2g fat per serving. Shakeology 1g and 18 Shake 1,5g. The be honest, the numbers are so small you won’t see any difference regarding fat and calories in both shakes.

    But you will definitely see differences regarding taste and sugar content. One serving of Shakeology contains around 10g of sugar, whereby 18 Shake only contains 1g. Well, that’s a big difference.

    This will definitely have an effect on the taste, but first let’s check the protein content of both shakes and see how they differ from another.

    Which shake has more proteins?

    18 Shake vs Shakeology review

    Shakeology scores in this category with 17g of protein per serving, whereby 18 Shake only offers 15g per portion. But not all proteins are the same.

    Shakeology contains pea protein, which are a great source of protein for vegans. Unfortunately 18 Shake doesn’t offer a vegan version.

    Both companies also use whey protein in their weight loss shakes. Whey protein is a protein supplement that is commonly used by athletes. It contains essential amino acids which are necessary for muscle repair, improved metabolism, supporting immune system and increasing your weight loss.

    All in all we can say that this round goes to Shakeology. Not only does it contain more proteins, which are essential for curbing hunger and improving your Pre-workout performance, Shakeology also offers a vegan version, unlike 18 Shake.

    But before you choose a shake as the winner, read on to see how 18 Shake beats Shakeology regarding fiber. Improper supplement intake can cause several health issues. You can also consult with the best dietitian to get the proper diet plan for taking proper supplement intake.

    How much fiber do the shakes contain?

    18 Shake vs Shakeology review

    This time we have a clear winner regarding quantity and quality. 18 Shake offers 15g fiber per portion. That’s higher than any other meal replacement shake that we ever reviewed.

    A recent study has proven that only 10g of dietary fiber per day, help to curb hunger and improve weight loss. Considering that 18 Shake contains 15g and Shakeology only 4g of fiber, it’s understandably why 18 Shake was praised as the best weight loss shake of 2016.

    However, there are some certain aspect where Shakeology can’t be beaten by any other meal replacement shake on the market…

    What kind of vitamins and minerals can be found in both shakes?

    18 Shake is called “18”, because of the 18 vitamins and minerals that the shake contains. Shakeology on the other hand offers you nearly 100 different valuable ingredients. Now THAT’S a big difference.

    To list all ingredients of Shakeology would go far beyond the purpose of this 18 Shake vs Shakeology Review. If you are interested in a list of all ingredients and how they benefit your health, take a look at our shakeology ingredients article.

    To summarize the health beneficial properties of both shakes regarding vitamins and minerals: Both shakes contain nutrients that help you lose weight, improve your metabolism and your mood, boost your energy level, keep your mind fresher as like as you feel after playing with your children or cats, fight against cancer and heart failures, and even to lengthen your life time.

    You have heard so much from us that you might want to check the reviews of both shakes by yourself. Click on the buttons to see what other customers said about 18 Shake and Shakeology.

    18 Shake vs Shakeology review

    18 Shake vs Shakeology review

    Ingredients are well and good, but one of the most important factors when choosing a meal replacement shake is the following…

    How long do the shakes curb my hunger?

    That’s a question that can’t be answered easily. It depends on your physical constitution, gender, daily activities, weight, metabolism and so on….

    For most people both shakes satisfied their hunger for 3-4 hours without problem, but more 18 Shake customers than Shakeology fans, have stated that they didn’t experience any hunger up to 5 hours.

    Which isn’t really surprising, if we consider the fact that 18 Shake offers 15g of dietary fiber. You can see the reviews by yourself. Click here to see what people said about 18 Shake and here to see Shakeology reviews.

    Are the shakes vegan, GMO- and gluten-free?

    Shakeology offers a vegan version and claims to be GMO- and gluten-free, but we couldn’t find any certifications for this claims.

    18 Shake on the other hand doesn’t offer a vegan version, but is certified as gluten- and GMO-free.

    Do the shake contain artificial sweeteners?

    No. Both meal replacement supplements use stevia as natural sweetener.

    Is there any science to support the weight loss supplements?

    Shakeology is certified as ‘gold standard glycemic control indicator’ or short HbA1c. This medical indicator proves that using Shakeology decreases the average blood glucose concentration, which is linked to obesity and diabetes.

    18 Shake on the other hand doesn’t have any study support it, but we could find various studies proving that meal replacement shakes have a significant effect on weight loss and health. Here is a link to the study.

    If you aren’t interested in reading boring science papers, you can take a look at these 18 Shake and Shakeology Reviews.

    Shakeology Reviews:

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    18 Shake Reviews:

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    Both meal replacement shakes offer a 30 days money back guarantee. Check the reviews on amazon by yourself:

    18 Shake vs Shakeology review

    18 Shake vs Shakeology review

    Now let’s come to another vital factor….

    Which shake tastes better?

    For most people the taste is nearly as important as the nutrient content and the end results. It’s only logical to choose a shake that is amazing in taste, if you are going to drink it every morning.

    Luckily for you, we tried both meal replacement supplements and both taste great! Shakeology is famous for it’s great taste and we are sure that this factor plays a vital role in the success of 18 Shake too.

    Both shakes have a smoothie-like consistency and no artificial aftertaste. Unfortunately 18 Shake only offer chocolate and vanilla as flavors, whereby Shakeology provides you with nearly a dozen flavors.

    What about the price?

    As we said at the beginning of our 18 Shake vs Shakeology Review, one of the shakes is much cheaper than the other.

    One package of 18 Shake costs around $47,99, whereby one package of Shakeology costs $129,99. Both packages are suitable for 30 days of consumption. If we do the math we will see that one portion of 18 Shake costs around $2,80 and one serving of Shakeology more than $4.

    Tips Using Meal Replacement Shakes

    While you learn how to suppress appetite with diet, meal replacement makes a great option when you’re trying to lose weight. Replacing high-sugar or high-carb food with meal replacement shakes reduces your cravings and allows you to stick to your diet. 

    Meal replacements shakes are generally low in calories. The proper use of meal replacement shakes, a healthy diet, exercise, and good sleep are crucial to attaining your ideal body weight and overall good health. 

    Check the following tips when using meal replacement shakes: 

    • Check What’s On the Label: For a first-time buyer, check the ingredients and instructions on how to use the specific brand of meal replacement shake. Ensure to only buy high-quality shakes from trusted sellers or manufacturers.
    • Take Meal Replacement Shakes During Breakfast: Because meal replacement shakes are packed with important nutrients, they make a healthy breakfast drink. The hunger-crushing blend of meal replacement shakes helps keep you full for up to three hours. Shakes are easy to prepare in two minutes or less, and convenient to take. They are light and simple but are rich vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbs, giving you the energy you need to start your day.
    • Take Meal Replacement Shakes When You Have No Time to Prepare Lunch: For days you can’t prepare lunch, shakes make a perfect alternative. Throw in a scoop of shake replacement mix in a baggie or shaker bottle and grab an apple, banana, or fruit to complete your meal.
    • Be Creative: You can add other delicious and nutritious ingredients to your favorite meal replacement shakes. Fruits, vegetables, and even nuts provide you with more nutrients and energy while keeping your weight stable. Keep meal replacement shakes as low-calorie snacks instead of full meals by following a shake mix and milk or water without high-calorie mix-ins or pairings.


    After reviewing all important aspects of 18 Shake and Shakeology, we came to the conclusion to recommend you 18 Shake.

    18 Shake only lacks vitamins and minerals compared to Shakeology, but yet provides more than enough nutrients for your health.

    Furthermore it’s much cheaper and curbs your hunger longer than the luxury shake.

    18 Shake vs Shakeology review