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18 Shake Review

    18 shake reviews

    Read this 18 Shake Review

    18 shake reviews

    The best meal replacement shake of 2016. That’s what you read in customer reviews on wellness websites and on health blogs. But what makes a meal replacement shake so special to earn such a titel? Good marketing or a great product with real people supporting it? We from Miosuperhealth addressed the question and made a complete 18 shake review for you. We will answer the following questions:

    • What is 18 shake and what makes it special?
    • What Ingredients does it have?
    • What about the proteins?
    • And what’s with the fiber?
    • Can you list me all the vitamins the 18 shake offers?
    • How long will it satisfy my hunger?
    • Is it GMO-, gluten-free and vegan?
    • Are there only natural sweeteners?
    • Is there any Science to support your claims?
    • The most important one: How does it taste?
    • Do I have to be rich to buy it?
    • Is it working? Yes or No?

    What is 18 shake and what makes it special?

    18 shake is a meal replacement shake like Keto chow which helps you lose weight, increase your mood and strengthen you through your workout. It contains whey protein concentrate and isolate, Fibersol-2, various vitamins and minerals.

    Like many other meal replacement shakes, 18 shake contains zero artificial additives. So far nothing special. But read on, we aren’t at the end.

    18 shake shines out with their free e-book that you get, when you buy their product. Many other meal replacement food providers don’t offer detailed information about their product and how to use it best.

    18 shake meal plan

    The 18 meal plan explains all the aspect of the 18 shake diet, answers frequently asked questions and shows you how to lose weight on the fastest and healthiest way.

    What Ingredients does it have?

    18 shake contains 90 calories per serving and only 1.5g fat per scoop. From which 1g is saturated fat. That’s only 4% of your daily value. According to the FDA every product containing 5% or less, is considered as “low fat”. So 18 shake is a low fat product.

    Ideal for a weight loss replacement meal. The fact that one scoop contains only 1g sugar confirms our statement. Many other meal replacement shakes add higher amount of sugar into their shakes, but 18 shakes relies on stevia. A natural sweetener 150 times sweeter than sugar.

    Another point that astonished us, was the large amount of vitamins the 18 shake offers. 18 different vitamins! But more on that later, first we will tell you everything you need to know about the proteins in 18 shake.

    What about the proteins?

    With their whey protein concentrate and isolate, they offer a quality source of amino acids. Amino acids possess various benefits, like increasing your endurance, greater fat burn, increased mental focus and much more.

    Due protein complex is the name for this special combination of whey proteins. Additionally whey proteins are easy to digest, help your immune system and proven their weight loss function numerous times.

    One scoop or serving provides 15g of proteins. If you take the 18 shake for breakfast and lunch like recommended, you would consume more than half of your daily value of proteins.

    Not bad.

    But enough about proteins, let’s get to our next important player in the game of weight loss. The fiber.

    And what’s with the fiber?

    The quantity of fiber in 18 shake is one, if not the most, amazing fact which should swept you off your feets.

    Why, you ask?

    Because the fiber in 18 shake is a man-made fiber called fibersol-2. We were able to locate a study which proves that only 10g of fibersol-2 decreased hunger and 18 shake contains 15g per serving!

    And the best is yet to come. Fibersol-2 is digestions resistant, which means it provides no calories and yet satisfies your hunger.

    Amazing, isn’t it?

    This is without doubt a one of the reasons the 18 shake gets praised as the best shake of 2016. But everything has it downsides, read on to find out what could disappoint you.

    Can you list me all the vitamins the 18 shake offers?

    The 18 shake provides you with 18 different vitamins. Here is a list and why they are important for you.

    Vitamin A: Important for a healthy skin, immune system and cell grow.

    Vitamin C: An true allrounder for boosting your immune system. Keeps not only the common cold away, but protects you from strokes and cancer.

    Vitamin D3: Absolutely essential for healthy bones. This should intrigue you, because many people living in western countries lack the vital amount of Vitamin D.

    Vitamin E: Improves physical strength and endurance. Also helps to repair skin and thickens hair.

    Vitamin K: Recent studies have shown that vitamin K helps to prevent cancer and protects your heart from common heart failures.

    Thiamine: Often called the “anti-stress” vitamin. It helps your body to withstand stress.

    Riboflavin: Helps to convert carbohydrates into sugar, which fuels the body with energy.

    Niacinamide: Boosts your cognitive abilities, helps against high cholesterol and diabetes.

    Vitamin B6: Protects the immune system and has positive effects on your metabolism.

    Folic acid: Helps to prevent DNA changes that lead to cancer.

    Vitamin B12: Supports the nerve system, reducing stress and depression.

    Biotin: For a beautiful skin, thick nails and hair.

    Pantothenic acid: Alleviates asthma, hair loss, stress and heart problems.

    Potassium iodide: Keeps your hormones balanced. A deficit leads to emotional disorders and weight gain.

    Zinc citrate: Has a big impact on hormone balance, fighting cancer and preventing heart diseases.

    Selenium chelate: Reduces the signs of premature aging and inflammation.

    Copper chelate: Increases red blood cell formation and boosting your overall energy.

    Chromium nicotinate: Helps against heart diseases, diabetes and supports fat burning..

    The 18 shake isn’t only a weight loss replacement shake, it is an upgrade to your current lifestyle. Many people in western countries suffer from heart diseases, cancer and diabetes. The main reason for this is the lack of nutritions and a proper diet. Outside the obvious positive benefits of using a replacement shake for weight loss and lifestyle upgrade, Dr.  Jude LaBarbera MD Plastic Surgery is dedicated to using both surgical and non-surgical techniques to reveal your full potential as an individual.

    You want to see more? Click on the button and see the latest amazon reviews of satisfied customers.

    18 shake Amazon Reviews button

    But now to the really interesting questions:

    How long will it satisfy my hunger?

    Well, for most people it’s about 4 hours. If you take it two times a day you will make it through the day without hunger.

    Is it GMO- , gluten-free and vegan?

    Yes and yes, 18 shake specify that their shake is gluten-free and GMO-free. Sadly 18 shake doesn’t offer a vegan version. One of the two things that disappointed us. Read on to see what comes next…

    Are there only natural sweeteners?

    Yes, only 1g of sugar per serving. 18 shake relies on stevia as sweetener.

    Is there any Science to support your claims?

    Yes. While there are no studies specific to the 18 shake, we found a study regarding meal replacement shakes and their influence on weight loss. But see for yourself.

    Moreover there are various reliable studies concerning the ingredients, which you can find with a quick google search.

    But if you don’t want to read a boring science exam, we can give provide you with some real world examples:

    18 shake review-1

    18 shake review-2

    18 shake offers a 30 days 100% money back guarantee. Buy a package now!

    18 shake buy

    Let’s come to the most important question:

    The most important one: How does it taste?

    Most customer enjoy the taste and consistency of 18 shake, so did we too. They found the perfect mix between just enough sweeteners to have a good taste and a healthy almost sugar-free meal replacement shake.

    Do your remember the first thing the 18 shake lacks? Here comes the second:

    There are only two flavors: Chocolate and vanilla. We only tried the chocolate version and although we enjoyed it, we were a little sad, that we could only choose between two flavors.

    Luckily 18 shake provides their customers with numerous recipes on how to pimp your shake. Especially the creamy peanut butter shake pleased us.

    Visit amazon an get your first shake now!

    18 shake buy

    Sure, before you buy it you would like to know if you could get something better for your money. Our next point is covering your question:

    Do I have to be rich to buy it?

    Definitely not! One package cost $47.99 with the free 18 meal plan ebook, free shipping and a 100% money back guarantee.

    One serving costs about $2.80. That’s one meal for $2.80! You will never find a way to consume the same nutrition without spending at least 3 times more just for one meal! Even your average meal without all the nutrition cost you about $5.

    So if you ask us: Is the 18 shake expensive?

    We can tell you with an easy conscience: No, it’s actually quite cheap.

    18 shake buy

    Is it working? Yes or No?

    Yes. If you don’t believe us see for yourself. The majority of people lost weight and feel healthier than ever:

    18 shake before after

    What’s your experience?

    Those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction are often suffer malnutrition. Making a physical recovery is essential to long term recovery and a feeling of vitality and purpose. Western Counselling UK provides long term recovery programs for those with a history of substance and alcohol misuse. We are excited to hear about your experiences with 18 shake! How much weight did you lose? Do you feel more active and healthy? Tell us! Write it in the comments!