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Is There a Fountain of Youth for Aging Stem Cells in Bone Marrow?

    Recent studies on bone marrow stem cells suggest it may be possible to reverse the aging process that causes bones to weaken. As we age, our bones begin to thin. This can lead to bone fractures and diseases such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

    A team of German research scientists from the University of Cologne and the Max Planck Institute for Biology discovered that applying acetate to mesenchymal stem cells in mice may help reverse age-related damage and keep bones strong.

    Epigenetics and the Rejuvenation of Bone Marrow

    Simply put, epigenetics is the study of changes in the genes, specifically the mechanisms that modify the genes. By comparing the epigenome of young bone marrow stem cells of mice to older bone marrow stem cells, scientists discovered important information about how the cells changed with age. 

    When researchers introduced an acetate solution to the bone marrow stem cells of mice, it caused an increase in DNA activity. The increased activity led to more production of newer, stronger bone cells.

    By applying the same methods to cells from elderly osteoporosis patients, researchers found the same positive results: bone marrow cells were rejuvenated. More study is needed to conclude if the process is completely safe for humans and the potential side effects before the treatment is approved. 

    It should be noted that sodium acetate is available as a food additive, but consuming the chemical is not advised. Ingesting it is not a substitute for stem cell therapy as sodium acetate absorbed through the bloodstream will not affect the stem cells. The solution must be targeted to specific stem cells to have any effect on rejuvenating bone health. 

    Regenerative Medicine Therapy and Age Management 

    Research on regenerative medicine therapies, also known as stem cell therapy, shows great potential for age management. Aging involves the slow breakdown of every cell in the body. Though the cellular changes that come with aging are natural, stem cell therapies make it possible to slow the deterioration of cells and exercise some control over the process.

    Some of the improvements possible with stem cell therapy include:

    • Improved vision and hearing
    • Reduced muscle pain
    • Increased energy
    • Improved mood
    • Increased ability to perform normal daily tasks

    Regenerative medicine is still considered experimental. Advancements in the treatment of osteoporosis may be possible with the addition of acetate if and when such therapies become available in the future.

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