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The Importance of Perinatal Mental Health

Perinatal period is basically the period which is defined as the time between conceiving a baby till the end of the first postnatal year. It is the duration when you need to be extra careful. Women might experience mental health issues before the pregnancy or develop mental health problems at the time of the pregnancy. 

There has been a wide range of the mental health conditions which can occur during this time and the most common is depression and anxiety. So, let’s discuss perinatal mental health and how it can be taken care of?

Firstly, let’s understand why the pregnancy period for women is so important.

It is significant that women must receive treatment and support as early as possible. Also, if left untreated, the mental illness can have a prominent and long-lasting impact on the women and their families. So, if you are looking for a stress free Birth doula Melbourne can be of great help for you! 

The perinatal time if considered in a positive way is the zone of opportunity i.e., treating mental health problems at the particular time which prevents suffering as well as isolation. It not only strengthens families but also ensures kids to have a healthy start!

What is a Doula?

There is so much to think when you are having a new baby. There are various choices you will have to make depending on whom you want in the delivery room. Although moms want their partner to accompany them, a family member, or a friend next to them in the delivery room can be a great option. Nowadays women are preferring the service of doula as well. 

She is someone who is trained to support a woman through labour. Looking for a best Doula? Check out Birth Doula Services Ferntree Gully who will never disappoint you! 

From where did the word Doula originated?

The word Doula is a Greek word and the profession has historical culture intact. In ancient times, it was very common for a doula to give continuous support to a woman at the time of the labour. 

The person also helped the mother after the delivery and she was known to have a great bond with her baby until she recovers from the delivery. However, with the advent of modern times, women began giving birth in hospitals. 

These ancient supporters were replaced by the hospital nurses and many times by the family members too. But this became quite stressful as the pregnancy period is now taken as a stress and period of worries. The hospital and the labour pains also frighten the would-be moms! 

So, in order to make the maternal period more enjoyable and less frightening Doulas are getting more popular. If you are looking for one, get connected to doula melbourne eastern suburbs to experience the most beautiful time with their help!

Benefits of hiring a professional Doula

If you do not have a supporting partner, friend or the family members to support during the labor, or you feel that no significant person will be available, doula can be a good option for you! A continuous labor support is quite beneficial to the mother and baby. No support available? Get connected with the services related to HypnoBirthing doula Melbourne!

Research says that continuous delivery support can reduce the time period of labour, decrease the number of medicines that are used by the mother at the times of delivery and also lead to lesser C sections pregnancy.

 It can help in nurturing a much more satisfying birth experience. Searching for a good Doula service? Check out doula Ferntree Gully Services and you will never regret about that!

So how to fit-in Doula in your birth plan?

So now that you have been aware of the importance of Doula you can invite her as the prenatal care visits. Introduction of the doula with a physician makes them feel comfortable. You can also give them a chance to discuss the details of your birth plan. Both the physicians and Doula will be clear about their roles at the time of the labour. Also, the goal of doula is to not provide medical devices but instead support as you give birth to a baby.

Also are you interested in doula training melbourne? Surely you can go for this profile too!


Thus, Doula is the best emotional supporter for a would-be mom. It can help the pregnant woman as well as the family members to get relieved from all the stress. She is not a medical expert but surely can give the best emotional support at the most beautiful time period of a woman. 

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