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The Self-Care Guide for Men


    For so long, self-care had single-handedly been associated with women. For some reason, unless you were a celebrity, It was considered against manliness for men to take care of themselves. The good thing is this belief has shifted dramatically over the past decade. Men are starting to take control of their bodies beyond hitting the gym. The real change is that society is normalizing the practice for both men and women to take care of their bodies (and not just physically). Men’s self-care is all about feeling healthy, looking good, and knowing what it takes to have both.

    Unfortunately, some men still feel embarrassed to talk about it. And that is why it is important to open up discussions about it. If men had a complete guide regarding men’s self-care and wellness, it would normalize the conversation of how men can feel great, look great, and have access to great products (like essential oils with eucalyptus and macadamia oil that have significant benefits for men). 

    Of course, it’s important not to simplify men’s self-care to just one area but to consider a holistic look at what self-care can be for a man.  Here are six self-care tips for men:

    1. Focus on the Body

    There are many things that men do that put a lot of stress on the body. Workouts, lawn mowing, construction, home improvement projects, and even playing football or basketball with friends or children. To reward your everyday life, and have a balance for self-care, focus on your body with a hot shower or bath. Using an essential oil with eucalyptus and macadamia oil is a great way to release stress and loosen your body’s muscles. Visiting a professional dentist in Vienna or one near you for your dental health is also one way to take care of your body.

    1. Balanced Diet

    Every man loves having a slice of pizza every now and again (especially if it is his night to cook). But for self-care, especially if the goal is to take better care of yourself, it is important to have as many healthy meals during the week (and perhaps save the unhealthy eating for the weekends). You could take some help from a professional dietician in this regard.

    1. Get More Sleep

    If you’re always sleepy or feeling exhausted at work or during the day, you are probably not getting enough sleep. It may be time to make a change to your bedtime routine. Avoid using electronics in the dark, pick an hour at which you want to sleep, and then time your alarms accordingly. Sleeping and waking up at particular times regularly will make you feel healthier, less tired, and more active.

    1. Use a Moisturizer

    The most straightforward self-care routine that you can follow for your face is to keep a moisturizer on it, and for those with beards, the expertise of beard oil experts from Jericho can enhance the experience. It doesn’t matter how busy you are or how minimal you consider it; moisturizing is essential. A hydrating face moisturizer with eucalyptus and macadamia oil can not only make your face look good but can also make shaving easier (because the skin is softer). The anti-aging process will help you avoid wrinkles and uneven tones over time.

    1. Plan Exercise Routines

    To keep your body at its best, it’s necessary to plan a healthy exercise routine. You don’t have to jump into something strenuous. You can start with a simple walk or jog in the morning or afternoon. You could also take out some time and allot it to a few in-home exercises. The routine will not only keep you physically active but will also give you time to declutter your mind.

    1. Focus on Yourself

    It’s not entirely wrong to associate wellness with physical appearance because it matters. But while you consider how you physically look, remember your mental and emotional health takes just as much attention as the rest of your body. With the day-to-day work put in, your mind absorbs the pressure. That is why it’s best sometimes to give time to your thoughts and acknowledge how you feel. A self-care guide would be incomplete if you don’t give yourself room for mental health care.


    While self-care for men has made changes, as you can see, they are not impossible to adopt any of the things mentioned. A little can often go a long way to making you feel good about yourself. What you need is to focus on how you can evolve, adding things slowly. Your body needs as much attention as any other work you prioritize.