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Top Tips To Prevent A Fungal Nail Infection

    Your feet are very important, you need them to move around and balance. You probably know that but you may never take the time to admire your toenails. Your nails are made from keratin, it’s a type of protein, the same type that makes up your hair

    In fact, your nails are made of the same material as claws on animals and even horns on bulls. While you may no longer be able to hook your prey with your claws, your toenails are still invaluable as they protect your feet and they improve spatial awareness by exerting counter-pressure when you walk. 

    In short, you need to take care of your feet and your toes. That’s why you should see a specialist, such as Swift Wart Sydney and have any issue on your feet dealt with, whether it’s warts or fungal nail infections.

    Of course, prevention is almost always better than treatment to cure an issue. Here’s how you can prevent a fungal nail infection. 

    Understanding Fungus

    There are several different types of fungus that can attack your nails, it likes to feed on the protein in your nail. The most common is referred to as DSO and it’s caused by T.Rubrum which is the same fungus that causes athlete’s foot. 

    Once infected, the part your nail sits on will change to a yellow or white colour. If left untreated the nail will lift off the bed and fall off. 

    In contrast WSO, the second most common toenail fungus causes white spots on your nail. There are others but the result is usually the same, you’ll lose your nail and the protection and other benefits it offers. 

    Top Prevention Tips

    There are several things you can do to reduce your risk of fungal nail infections:

    • Keep them clean

    It’s easy to forget about your toenails in the shower but they need to be washed and cleaned in the same way as any other part of your body. Use soap and warm water, along with a nail brush to ensure they stay clean. That means there is nothing to attract fungus.

    • Cut regularly but carefully

    It’s advisable to keep your nails short as this reduces the speed and effectiveness with which fungus can spread. Of course, it’s best to clean your nail grooming tools before you use them and you should avoid cutting your cuticles. The cuticles are designed to keep out infection.

    • Be alert in dangerous spots

    There are various places, such as gyms and swimming pools which are considered as hot spots for the spreading of infections. They are easily spread from foot to foot in the water and are one of the main reasons for you contracting fungal nail infections and warts.

    Take care in these hot spots and make sure you wash your nails thoroughly at home afterwards. 

    • Avoid Moisture

    You can’t help getting your feet wet but it’s critical that you let them dry properly. Wet or damp feet create the perfect breeding ground for a wide variety of bacteria, including nail fungus. 

    It’s best to have breathable socks and shoes to allow air to circulate and, when possible, go barefoot.