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Why Shouldn’t Women Ignore Physical Fitness?

    The importance of physical fitness for each and everyone is something that can’t be ignored. While maintaining physical fitness not just makes you healthy, it also gives you an unknown sense of comfort. Staying physically healthy also helps in mental health. It helps in maintaining your metabolism, your heart rate, your blood pressure, etc.

    Now, while men are known to be comparatively more concerned about their physical fitness at almost all stages of their life, women often tend to ignore it in the midst of other responsibilities and roles they play. However, keeping your body healthy is as important for women as it is for men. Many of the health issues that women face can be improved substantially with regular exercise. In today’s time where toxic hustle culture has taken over the world, it’s important to take time off for yourself and maintain a healthy physical and mental health. 

    There is no falling short of reasons as to why women should not ignore their physical fitness. Here are a few of those reasons:

    Regular exercise prevents bone loss and osteoporosis

    Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones become fragile and more likely to break and is most prevalent in post-menopausal women. Now, adequate bone strength is important to keep you healthy and to keep your body functioning, even at mid-age. It’s important to keep your bones healthy through diet and daily work-out. Get yourself tested if there are any issues with your joints, and consult a physiotherapist. 

    Since weak bones are more prevalent in women, especially during and after their Menopause, it is all the more important for women to build and maintain that level of physical fitness that comes to aid at this point.

    A report says that “During the teen and young adult years are when women build most of the bone mass that can protect them from osteoporosis later in life.” Exercises, such as jogging, climbing, aerobics, and hiking, help enhance the bones’ strength. Weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercises also enhance your bone health.

    Exercising helps you keep a check on your weight

    Maintaining a healthy and fit body has its own set of pros. Keeping a check on your weight is one of those. There is no giving second thought to how an obese body becomes home to a number of diseases like heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. These diseases also tend to happen to people of young age, if they are overweight. Consistency in exercising helps control weight, build lean muscle, and reduce body fat, hence reducing the chances of these diseases.

    In younger women, weight gain that must have happened during pregnancy can linger long past it. In middle-aged women who lose estrogen in menopause, the body redistributes fat cells to the belly, which does not let you lose weight that easily. And because muscle burns more calories than fat, women can struggle with maintaining or losing weight since their muscle mass tends to decline with age. 

    Therefore, the advisable thing to do is maintain a healthy body right from the beginning and make your body habitual of exercising. Keeping your body healthy helps you build an immune system that can fight diseases easily and help you when your body responds to natural changes.

    Regular exercising reduces chances of stress and anxiety and increases productivity

    Reports suggest that women have more problems sleeping than men due to increased stress due to various reasons. Inability to sleep causes a number of problems, including stress, anxiety and depression. However, it is also proven that exercise has an excellent track record of improving sleep. 

    Exercises have proven to be a great source of reducing stress and anxiety. This, in turn, helps individuals in maintaining a healthy and stable mind. The stability of the mind is directly related to self–improvement and overall productivity. It leads to the person feeling a sense of comfort and easiness at all times that comes from the clarity of thoughts which is often a result of regular exercise. 

    Women often tend to take more stress and worry more about the roles and responsibilities they have to undertake, leading to an increase in stress and depression. Therefore, the importance of physical fitness stands true at all ages, not only for just a fit body but also for a fit and stress-free mind, especially for women.

    What can be done to maintain your physical fitness?

    There are a lot of ways women can take care of their physical fitness. Exercising regularly stands primary. Be it regular walking, mild jogging, doing weights, running or hitting a gym regularly, physical fitness should be an important part of your daily routine. 

    Women can either visit a gym regularly or can exercise at home on their own. This decision should also depend on the requirements of your body and your age. In such cases, it is advisable to consult a professional and work under their consultation. 

    You can opt for a personal trainer women’s fitness who knows their way around the whole thing. They will guide you along the whole process and help you and give suggestions that are required by your body at your age. 

    They might come in very handy for you at all times because of the level of professionalism and experience that they have in this field. You can look up trainers online and can hire the one with the best reviews that can help you find your way along the whole process of keeping yourself physically fit.


    The importance of physical fitness is not a novel concept and has been talked about repeatedly. The importance of this stands all the truer for women since it is likely for women to ignore this aspect of their lives. Keeping fit has not just one but multiple positive impacts on a woman’s life.

    Keeping fit brings with itself a fit body and a healthy mind with a clear and better perspective towards life and things in general. Therefore, it is advisable to check on your physical fitness right from the early stages and consult a professional as and when needed.