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​Ultraviolet Blood Treatment Benefits

    Sunlight has the power to kill bacteria, and all of us know this for centuries. What if one can get the sun’s light directed to the bloodstream directly to kill infections? This is what the Ultraviolet Blood Irritation treatment does. Photochemical, psychological and biochemical benefits are found tremendous in this therapy. During the therapy session, the patient’s blood is exposed to UV. This does not mean the entire bloodstream is exposed, but a small part, around 25 to 60 cc of blood is needed.

    The therapy works by a few major principles

    1. It improves the blood circulation. This means the entire body gets oxygen supply correctly. This also means the health is maintained healthily as a result.
    2. It augments the production of white blood cells. This can lead to the boosting of the immunity. So, the body is strong enough to fight the existing infections and also the ones that can be faced in the future.
    3. It neutralizes the pathogens. It can kill any bacteria, fungus, virus, and parasite, regardless of the resistance it can possess.
    4. Blood vessels are dilated, again improving blood flow. This also cuts down the chances of cardiovascular diseases.
    5. Rich in anti-inflammatory effects and hence it can bring down the ill effects of chronic infections.

    What ailments can be treated with UV therapy?

    A wide range of infections, diseases, and disorders can be cured using this therapy. In fact, in the 1930s this was the trusted method to treat pneumonia, tuberculosis, and cancer. With the advent of the antibiotics, this has been pushed back. With the limitations of antibiotics and traditional treatment methods and side effects involved, the UV therapy is again gaining importance. Here is a short list of diseases the UV therapy is being used to treat efficaciously.

    • All types of aches and inflammations – arthritis, rheumatoid ailments, and osteoporosis.
    • Cancer- blood, lymph, breast, and prostate.
    • MRSA- this is an infection that is caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This is a severe infection that can even end up being fatal. Often this is contracted in the hospitals as a secondary infection.
    • Autoimmune disorders- Lupus and fatigue syndrome
    • Allergies
    • Infections that last for a long time- candid and other yeast infections
    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Mononucleosis
    • Psoriasis

    Additionally, the therapy helps in increasing the production of white blood cells, red blood cells, boosts immune power, decreases fatty elements in the body, dilates blood vessels, brings down triglyceride levels, eases and reduces chronic pain, removes toxins from the body, and oxygenation of the cells is improved.

    The UV blood treatment can have a very mild side effect like the area where the catheter is inserted intravenously can get some bruises. A few patients feel fatigue, but this is again a very temporary condition. In order to ensure that the treatment works the best, taking in 2 liters of water per day is required. This therapy works by flushing out the toxins, and when additional water is taken, the toxic removal becomes easier and faster.