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10 Fitness Hacks to Get More Out Of Training

    If you are serious about getting in shape, your fitness program needs to be serious and flexible. Your routine should be tweaked regularly, in order to make regular progress. There are a few simple tips that will boost your motivation and give you an action plan that will help you love working out. Here’s how you can make that happen.

    Set Aside Time Each Day

    The first thing to do is to set aside a time each day in which you can workout. Make it your goal to do it at the same time, developing a habit. If you’re not a morning person, schedule it right after work. After a few weeks you will get used to the schedule and your biological clock will tell you it is time to work out. Making simple goals, like 20-30 minutes of fitness a day can also help you form the habit. Keep track of your progress on a calendar for additional motivation and confidence boost, as you are able to watch the progress you’re making.

    Start Small

    Many people have an “all or nothing” mentality when it comes to fitness. It’s really not true at all. Doing just 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups a day will help build strength and endurance, even if they’re not consecutive in their execution. So think big, but start small!

    Bring a Friend

    Working out with someone else is not only more enjoyable but can also strengthen results. Your friend will provide encouragement and rely on the same from you. It helps you have accountability and inspires you to do your best at keeping a schedule. Another idea would be to take a walk when making a phone call. You can turn that hour-long conversation with your mother or sister into valuable cardio time.

    Go Compound or Mix Strength and Cardio

    Try using exercises that engage multiple muscle groups at the same time, replacing isolated exercises. Movements such as the squat or deadlift help burn many calories while increasing your metabolic rate. Also, try mixing strength exercises with a cardio exercise at intervals to boost metabolism.

    Don’t Just Train, Compete

    Join a sports league, play a game of basketball, or sign up for a 5K run. You can also create your own challenges in the gym by completing a circuit workout with pace and intensity. You can also record your sets and repetitions during workouts. This will help you keep track of goals and progress to reveal your accomplishments and where you might improve. With this knowledge, you can structure workouts and “compete” against your previous records.  

    Stay Hydrated

    Ensure that you drink plenty of water throughout the day and during workouts. Exercising while dehydrated can take a toll on energy levels, muscles, and motivation. Train hard and drink hard, and don’t forget to replenish the body after workouts with food and water to help promote recovery. Low-sugar electrolyte drinks can help with this.  

    Power Down

    Try turning off all electronics, like your phone and computer, an hour before you want to go to sleep. It can be quite a challenge, but it will really improve your sleep, which is essential for getting into shape. It will help to create a routine, as well, that you can accomplish each night before going to bed; that way your body is wired to go to bed, and wake up, at a certain time. You can also invest in a sleep mask, or try some “bedtime” tea to help you unwind and sleep well.  

    Start with a Plan

    If you’ve picked up the motivation to work out, start by already having a routine in mind. This way, you’ll be able to go from one exercise to the next without having to stop in-between or come up with what to do next. This will keep up your momentum and motivation.

    Stay Fueled

    Proper nutrition is always important, but especially during times of exercise. Following a plan, such as the ketogenic diet, can help turn your body into a fat-for-fuel burning machine. It helps switch the body from a state of burning carbohydrates to one of burning fat, or ketosis, which can provide more fuel in the long run. If you are not able to follow the whole keto plan, for it can be restrictive, using exogenous ketones in supplement form can be a great solution. They can keep you in ketosis, even if carbohydrates need to be part of your daily intake as an athlete. When you’re done using the exogenous ketones for fuel, your body will start the ketosis process quickly.

    Be Kind

    Every time we’re tired, instead of being irritated with yourself or wishing you were in better shape, congratulate yourself on working out so hard that you are tired in the first place. Change your mindset to build yourself up and be confident in your abilities. It is hugely motivational. Believing you can do something is the first step to actually accomplishing it.

    With all of these great tips and goal, remember to be realistic. It’s important to understand that developing habits takes time. Remember also that the quality of your workout doesn’t depend on its length. The most important thing is to just start moving, and to keep moving! When you’re tired, this is a great way to slow down the pace for a quick “breather” but keep the body exercising. Always take a few periods of rest throughout the week as well. Everyone needs recovery time, even great athletes. Your body needs time to repair joints, muscles, and tendons that may be strained during workout. This will decrease your risk of injury, and even help you make further progress in future workouts. Getting in shape and leading a healthy lifestyle is really possible! Start with little steps today…and tomorrow you will have arrived!