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10 Great Dental Hygiene Tips

    Maintaining dental hygiene is important for sound health and to prevent oral problems. Below are the 10 of the most important ways for keeping good dental hygiene:

    1. Brushing: First of all, your major priority should be the brushing of your teeth at least twice a day to prevent sensitivity and to avoid buildup of bacteria. Brushing your teeth removes food particles that can cause tooth cavity and decay. Make it a rule to brush every morning and night to keep your mouth clean and bacteria-free.

    1. Avoid Tobacco: Likewise, it would be a great favor for your teeth to avoid tobacco as it causes oral cancer and even severely affects your teeth. Chewing of tobacco on a regular basis causes discoloration of teeth and tooth decay. It will cause degradation of the tooth surface which may lead to cavities with time.

    2. Consume Calcium and Vitamin Rich Liquids: Your body needs plenty of calcium not just for your teeth but for bones too. Milk, fresh fruit juices, soup, yogurt, herbal juices are known to be good for your health and teeth if consumed. Calcium makes the teeth stronger and increases longevity.

    3. Visit Your Dentist: Most of us visit the dentist when the situation becomes worst but we need to keep in mind that we should visit our nearby dentist at least twice a year for regular checkup.

    1. A limit on Sodas & Alcohol: Carbonated soda, coffee, and alcohol are bad for your teeth. Too much phosphorous contained in carbonated beverages can deplete the calcium in teeth and can be a cause of other oral problems.

    1. Too Much junk Food: Many times, we eat too much chocolate, sugar candy, and chips. Such junk foods if eaten too much can cause a tooth cavity and sensitivity.

    1. Fresh Breath: Many reasons mentioned above are the major cause of bad breath that shows poor oral care. Therefore, it is important to avoid such foods and use mouthwashes on a daily basis for a fresher breath.

    2. Clean Tongue: We need to clean our tongue daily to remove plaque. You should make it a rule to scrape the tongue as well after brushing to remove all the accumulated plaque which is a major cause of bad breath in many individuals. Stainless-steel tongue scrapers are available in the market and are the best to be used. Just place the scraper on the back side of your tongue and then bring it to the front, you will notice the deposits on the scraper which is to be removed.

    3. New Tooth Brush: Yes indeed! Always keep in mind that we have to change our toothbrush once in six months. If it does not happen then the bacteria developed on the bristles of your toothbrush would come back in your mouth leading to cavities and bad breath.

    1. Electric Brush: Well, it is not that necessary for you to buy an electric brush as it was meant to be used by the handicapped people. But it is widely recommended by doctors for everyone nowadays because an electric brush is fast and clean your teeth better than the normal one.

    About the Author:

    Dr. Madhvi Nagpal and her team of doctors have been practicing dentistry in New Delhi, India for the last 12 years. She is an experienced dentist with specialization in Dental Implants. She can be contacted here to know more about dental implant costs and procedure. She & her team of well qualified doctors and assistants use the latest equipment and materials in the dental treatments.