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10 Health Warnings Your Mom Was Right About

    From generation to generation, an abundance of knowledge gets passed down. Granted, some of these messages may have been refuted as silly old wives tales (don’t swim until your food has settled!), but in times of doubt, one can usually assume that mommy knows best. Here are 10 health warnings she was definitely right about:

    1. Wash Your Hands Before You Eat
    Without even realizing it, you are perpetually touching assorted surfaces throughout the day, picking up various species of bacteria as you go about your business. By using antibacterial soap before enjoying every meal, you prevent that collection of germs from getting onto your food and into your system, which hinders the spread of various infections (including the flu virus, bronchiolitis, and hepatitis A).

    2. Don’t Forget to Floss
    Brushing your teeth twice a day is important in the defense against plaque, but flossing has the extra advantage of getting between the teeth (a notoriously difficult area to reach). This act has been proven to significantly reduce gum disease, which means stronger teeth, an attractive smile, and less money spent on the dentist.

    3. Sit Up Straight
    The benefits of a sturdy posture are widely reported and include the reduction of stress on your surrounding muscles, a correctly aligned spine, an easier flow for the respiratory system, less compression on the digestive system, and an overall confident demeanor. If your posture is a concern in your life, invest in a correction brace, as this solution
    supports your back throughout the day whether at work or relaxing at home.

    4. Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables
    By now, everyone should understand that a balanced diet is one of the most essential factors of a healthy lifestyle. The multitude of vitamins, minerals, and fiber offered by these food groups promotes a strong heart and a sharp brain while warding off cancer, meaning that you’ll probably live much longer. Plus with all its desirable effects on the skin, hair, and weight, you’ll look healthier too!

    5. Always Cover Your Mouth When You Sneeze
    The same goes for when you’re coughing! These actions are the body’s way of ejecting unwanted particles, and if you let them fly free, they may end up in someone else’s system. By doing this, you are encouraging the spread of germs and infections, and increasing the risk across your community.

    6. The Early Bird Gets the Worm
    By building a healthy routine which mimics a similar pattern to the sun, your mind becomes accustomed to powering up at an earlier hour, which advocates a more productive morning and minimizes the need to start your day with any stressful rushing around. What’s more, your tired brain will fall asleep much easier at bedtime, gifting you with the recommended amount of slumber every single night.

    7. Don’t Eat So Fast

    It takes around 20 minutes for your brain to get the message that the stomach is full, which is why you have to give your body a chance to catch up, or you run the risk of overeating and becoming overweight. Chew your food properly and take it slow by sipping water or talking between swallowing.

    8. Always Wear Sunscreen
    When it comes to the practice of applying sunscreen, the general motto should be “better safe than sorry”. A burnt body is not only painful but also causes the skin to lose its elasticity, which fast-forwards the aging process substantially, and poses a very scary threat towards developing skin cancer in later life.

    9. Don’t Pick Your Nose

    The exploration of your nostrils probably won’t kill you, but its ugly presentation is not the only reason why your mother told you to stop doing it. The introduction of a fingernail into this cavity can accidentally cause a small cut, which may, in turn, become a breeding ground for bacteria, concluding with a troublesome infection.

    10. It’s Okay to Cry
    Besides the obvious tension release which comes with a good cry, there are studies which indicate this emotional reaction has a detoxifying effect. Research has proven that
    tears contain stress hormones (like cortisol), while people who cry more regularly have less of these chemicals in their system. Whether the body is rejecting such hormones via the tear ducts is an open debate, but the mood stabilizing advantages of sobbing your eyes out is indisputable.