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10 Natural Ways to Reduce Insomnia

    Nowadays, it seems that everything is more important to people than taking care of themselves and their health. Moreover, when an issue such as insomnia arises, they want an instant solution for their problem.


    Reasons that cause problems with sleeping are numerous. However, the most common reason people are experiencing insomnia is stressful lifestyle and disruption in daily natural cycle.


    Reducing insomnia begins by practicing discipline and including healthier living habits in your everyday life.

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    Establish a regular 24 Hours Cycle

    The 24 hour daily cycle is split in 3 parts. First 10 hours you are allowed to eat (from 10am to 18pm) and in the next 8 hours you should let your body digest the food. The last 8 hours are for rest.


    It is very important not to eat right before you go to sleep or late in the night. Human metabolism slows down in the evening hours and digesting food can be a difficult process which may cause difficulty falling asleep.

    Practice a regular Bedtime Routine

    Natural human cycle demands a person to be asleep at 11 o’clock pm. The firs sleeping hour from 11 to midnight  is important for a well rested heart. It is very important to sleep through this time of the night in order to feel rested and satisfied. Moreover, if you go to bed very late, it doesn’t matter how many hours you sleep, you won‘t ever feel rested.


    Human’s natural cycle requires a good sleeping pattern, and if you succeed to go to sleep at the same time every night, you won’t experience insomnia again.

    Sleep in a completely Dark and Quiet Room

    How does your body know when it is night and time to go to sleep? In a natural environment the only light a human can see is the sunlight. When the day is over and the eye experiences dark, the body starts releasing the sleeping hormone called melatonin.


    Nature is a quiet and dark place at night, however our living environment doesn’t resemble nature that much. Moreover, trying to fall asleep with lights on, in front of the TV or computer will disrupt the sleepy feeling because all that light sensation misleads the body into thinking it’s still not time to go to sleep.

    Leave your Computer, Phone and other Gadgets in the other Room

    As mentioned before, the light from the screens will delay your sleepy feeling and will make you feel tired and lightheaded. Electronic screens emit blue light that suppresses the secretion of melatonin. Therefore, instead of watching movie or wasting time on social media turn everything off and practice relaxation methods or read a book.


    Don’t forget to set your phone on silent mode and leave it in the other room.

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    CBD Oil

    We all have heard about the benefits marijuana-plant-based products have on the human health. Some components of the plant are used by modern medicine to produce a healthy remedy for various physical and psychological issues.


    Cannabidoil is the non-psychotropic component of the plant, from which CBD oil is made. The fast-growing popularity of this supplement is due to many satisfied consumers claiming that CBD has helped them fight insomnia, anxiety and stress.


    Benefits of the CBD oil are numerous, however a few drops a day may help you fight your insomnia problem.

    Practice Relaxation Techniques

    There are many techniques that people use to achieve mindfulness. This means to get in touch with your body, be aware of what is happening to you and how you react to stress and anxiety that might be the cause for your insomnia.


    Practicing techniques such as, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery or meditation will help you relax and in a long run help you reduce stress.


    Relaxation practice for 15-20 minutes, lying on your back in bed, right before sleeping might help you easily float in peaceful dream.

    Weighted Blanket

    Many people, who suffer from insomnia caused by stress, have found their comfort in using a weighted blanket.  This blanket resembles a regular one but is filled with innovative materials that weigh enough for a gentle pressure during sleep. Deep pressure touch will soothe your nervous system and that will results in increasing of the serotonin levels, diminishing the stress and anxiety.


    Make changes in your diet

    A well-balanced diet is crucial for a healthy organism. In order for the body to function properly you should consume food with a good nutritional balance and in accordance with the daily cycle.


    Avoid consuming sugar, saturated fats and a lot of caffeine especially at the afternoon. Sugar stimulates the secretion of adrenaline hormones and caffeine suppresses the secretion of melatonin. Therefore, making it impossible for you to fall asleep or cause interruptions with recent waking ups.

    Leave your Bed if you can’t fall asleep

    You would try to stick to your bedtime schedule and be willing to go to bed early. Well, sometimes if you can’t quiet your mind and fall asleep, don’t force yourself to. Tossing and turning for hours may be a real torture and amplify your anxiety even more.


    Don’t feel bad for not being able to fall asleep, just leave your bed and do something relaxing, like reading a book , drinking a cup of tea or warm milk. However, do not turn on a screen or stay in bed over-thinking what worries and prevents you from sleeping.

    Avoid napping

    Taking a nap during the day may seem like a convenient way to catch up with the sleeping shortage. However, napping in the afternoon may seriously disrupt a good night sleep. Try to fight the need to take a nap and go for a walk to catch some fresh air.