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10 Things People With Hidden Depression Do without Realizing

    Depression is a mental health condition faced by many today. Many individuals are vocal about it, but on the other hand, many don’t even know they are suffering from it or also, if they know, they want to keep it hidden. Still, in my opinion, people need to spot depressed individuals. 

    They can be helped and catered even if it has to be done without pointing out that they are suffering from depression. Therefore, I have collected ten things that people with hidden depression do without realizing, and they are as follows, 

    They have a forced, happy face:

    When a person is depressed, they are great at making different excuses that get them out of things, and they try too hard to blend in and seem happy. The control they have on themselves and the smiling face they put on for others can become weak and thin if they have to pretend longer, this is one of the prime reasons why depressed people don’t spend a little extra with anyone than they have to. 

    They will always have an excuse not to go out, not meet people, not stay in crowds, not go shopping, or at dinner with friends. It’s hard to catch the person behind the happy mask, but you can find a glimpse if they are honest.

    They cry for help and take it back the next second:

    Keeping depression hidden is exhausting; thus, the people suffering from it have to go the extra mile and work extra hard but sometimes give up the struggle and want to change things for themselves. 

    At that time, they can be motivated, they will be answering every question you ask and even book an appointment to a psychologist or psychiatrist for themselves, but the next morning when they wake up, things will have changed. They will have the strength to pretend again, and that is where they take everything back, denying they even have a problem. 

    They are sensitive to many things:

    A normal person with no depression will listen to things and not be affected by it, but a person suffering from hidden depression will be sensitive to different things.

    In my own experience, I have seen people with hidden depression cry on baby videos, animal videos, and dads coming back to their home videos on Instagram. They cannot bear to see others in pain, especially when someone is going through the same thing they have been going through. 

    Strange eating habits:

    A depressed person will either not eat when they are feeling down or eat a lot when they are feeling down. Many individuals do stress eating, which helps them distract, but when you are suffering, you don’t have any specific time for eating, which means they eat at any time and whatever they desire. This cannot only affect their mental health but physical health too. 

    They are great at cover-ups:

    People with hidden depression are great at covering up. For example, you see person A at your workplace and ask them why their eyes are red or have they been crying all night; they will not hesitate or think for a second to answer and say that they have been working late or they couldn’t get sleep which seems to be rational reasons that one can believe, but they are never valid. 

    They will have believable cover stories ready when they don’t pick your call for a few days or don’t come to work. 

    They hurt when others hurt:

    A depressed will feel more emotions than a normal person, not suffering from depression, and the only reason behind this is that they can relate. Whatever they have gone through in life has taken a toll on their mental health due to which when they see another person going through the same thing, it breaks their heart and forces them to feel what they are feeling. They also want to help the person get through their problem and try extra hard for it. 

    They find it hard to be optimistic:

    An optimistic human being is a person that looks at the positive side of things. A depressed person will find it extremely hard to be confident about anything happening in their life or surroundings. For example, if they were offered a higher position in their office due to their hard work, they will be happy, but they will probably focus on the negatives such as all the extra work they will not have to do or the extra people they will have to meet. 

    They jump to worst-case scenarios:

    Jumping to worst-case scenarios is a normal thing, and they do this because they are afraid. For example, if a loved one hasn’t returned home in time, they will say they have met with an accident without calling them or trying to find out where they have been. 

    Jumping to worst-case scenarios can be the worst and the best, this helps them to be prepared for the worst of the worst things that come their way. Whatever life throws at them, they will be ready to deal with it. 

    They try to cure themselves:

    A depressed person will have episodes of mood swings and diagnose themselves with terms like tired, frustrated, overworked, or exhausted and then find solutions to their diagnosis on the internet or by talking to people. Their solution usually includes listening to music, exercising, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, or walking.

    They have abnormal sleeping habits:

    In a state of helplessness such as theirs, it is possible that they are not getting any sleep for days, or even if they are sleeping, they may only be sleeping for three to four hours, which is damaging for their brain. While on other days, sleep will be the only thing they will be doing. Their sleeping habits are unpredictable, which is not a good sign, and they will make sure that no one knows about it.


    To sum it all up, many people try different medications and products such as weed or CBD, which are available at and great for helping with depression, but taking medication is the next step. 

    The first step is always accepted, and that is hard to do, so if anyone is suffering from depression. They want to keep it hidden; then, you should step up and talk to them about it but remember to take it slow so that they are not scared and can open up to you about whatever is bothering them; you never know you might end up changing a life.