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11 Easy Lifestyle Choices to Slow Aging

    Aging is a natural process, and you will keep aging at a regular pace until you take proper steps to slow down the cycle. According to PRB, around 41,910,114 people in the US are in the age group of 15-30, and 49.2 million people are senior citizens. 

    You can slow your aging process with the help of BioProtein technology and some healthy lifestyle changes.

    Focus on Active Life

    The more you walk, take stairs, and ride cycle, the more you will have an active life. At work, stand for a few minutes at regular intervals than sitting for long hours at the desk.

    The first practical choice to slow your aging is to adopt a fitness routine, and you must choose it for your betterment.

    Stop Intoxicating

    Intoxication does not only mean consuming alcohol, drugs, or smoking. It also includes metallic elements found in food. The high amounts of lead, arsenic, and mercury can accumulate in your body for years because the body cannot digest such metals and leads to an increase in malicious cells. The more malicious cells in your body, the faster your aging process will be.

    Increase the Intake of Fiber

    Oats are high in fiber. Fibrous foods aid in the digestion process and also improves your gut. The secretion of enzymes and absorption of vital nutrients is possible only when you have a diet high in fiber. It also helps in cutting the body fat and stimulating the DHEA hormone. Hormone replacement therapy can also help in curing this problem. It uses naturally-derived hormones to treat hormonal imbalances. 

    Flush out the Toxins with Water

    Water not just hydrates your body and maintains the PH level; it also aids in flushing out the toxins from the body. The more you drink water, the more you will get rid of unwanted chemicals in the body. 

    The vital organs like kidneys and liver also function optimally when you are adequately hydrated. A well-hydrated body will age at a slower rate.

    Don’t Ignore the Minerals

    Zinc, calcium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, phosphorous, etc. are a must for the profound growth of a body. They are needed to fulfill the other essential activities in the body. 

    Most of these nutrients are there in dry fruits and dairy products. Along with these minerals, you can also incorporate BioProtein technology and holistic medicine to slow down your aging.

    Include the Vitamins As well

    Vitamins (A to folic acid) are essential for the healthy growth of nails and hair. Vitamins nourish your skin and also increase your immunity strength. The stronger your resistance power, the slower your aging rate.

    Proteins for Muscle Mass

    Lean muscle mass is essential for a healthy body. As you age, your muscles go weak, and they start sagging or loosening up. Therefore, the doctors recommend increasing the intake of proteins to repair the tissues and ligaments. It indirectly promotes slow aging.

    Healthy fats are also Important

    It is necessary to include healthy fats in your diet for proper breakdown of proteins. Fats lubricate the joints and protect the vital organs. You need to take a calculated intake of fats and check on the calories you consume daily.

    Increase your Intellectual Strength

    Keeping your brain active is another essential step in slowing the aging process. You must solve puzzles, play sudoku, learn a new language, and read books to enhance your brainpower.

    Practice Meditation and Get Enough Sleep

    Sleep for a minimum of six to seven hours. Your body repairs itself when you sleep. Meditation calms your mind and stimulates the happiness hormone called oxytocin. Also, the growth of stress hormone cortisol is suppressed immensely with the help of meditation. Many South Asians practice meditation to attain longevity. If you also meditate regularly, your body will automatically slow down the aging process.

    Spend More Time with Nature

    With more greenery around, you have better exposure to fresh oxygen. Oxygen supply is a must for all your cells. Even brain cells stop functioning if there is limited oxygen supply. 

    Hence, spend more time in the parks and woods to boost your energy supply. It will also reduce your stress level and infuse positivity in your mind.