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12 Symptoms That Indicate Low Testosterone Levels In Men

    “Too much testosterone!” You may have heard this line before. This generally indicates males or masculinity because the hormone testosterone plays a vital role in the male body. 


    Testosterone is present in both men & women, but the ratio is much higher in men. When the standard amount of testosterone decreases in men’s bodies, the syndrome is called Low Testosterone or Low-T.


    This hormone helps in erection & stimulation of sexual desires. It also maintains the balance of bone & muscle density. Besides these, it helps in building sperms and ensure their quality & quantity. The optimum level of testosterone in a man’s body is 300-1200 nanograms per deciliter (ng/DL). But if the level drops below 300 ng/DL, then we can call it a Low-T problem. Over time, the amount of testosterone reduces, however, this problem should not occur before the 40s or 50s.


    Here are some of the most common signs that the level of testosterone in a male body is dropping-


    1. Decreased Libido

    Libido means the impulse to have sex. Testosterone mostly generates sexual desire in a man. But it may be abnormal if you don’t feel sexually attracted to anyone anymore.


    With time, the sexual drive will decrease. But for that, the person has to be over 50, at least. A lower level of testosterone can be the result of losing sexual desires at an early age.


    To help you through this, you may consult with your doctor if you feel any change in your sexual desire. Judging the situation & the level of your testosterone, your doctor may prescribe some treatment.


    Supplements are commonly used to raise the levels of testosterone. But they can also cause side effects. Herbal remedies, like Tongkat Ali, are now being widely praised because of their usefulness and almost zero side effects.


    2. Occurrence Of Erectile Dysfunction

    Because of low-T, you may face problems regarding erections. However, several things are responsible for erectile dysfunction, such as smoking, stress, anxiety, and diabetes. But you can’t opt-out of the possibilities of low-T.


    In erectile dysfunction, you may encounter the disrupted ejaculation of sperms while having sex or masturbating. This problem mostly occurs when you have testosterone lower than 300 ng/dL.


    3. Decreased Semen Density

    Semen density decreases with aging. The amount of semen ejaculation also decreases if you ejaculate excessively. But if you don’t ejaculate too much, there’s no natural cause of the reduced density of semen. 


    You may face this due to low-T. Though testosterone doesn’t produce semen directly, it helps significantly in the production of semen. If you notice your semen getting thinner & thinner, it may be because of the lower level of testosterone. Consult with your doctor, & get your testosterone level tested.


    4. Premature Hair Loss

    The more you age, the lesser hair there will be on your head. That’s why it’s common among men to become bald sooner. But premature balding is a severe concern for everyone. 


    The lower level of testosterone is directly responsible for excessive hair loss. It affects facial hair too. People go bald after their 40s. But if you notice hair falling rapidly, then that may be a cause for concern.


    5. Smaller Testicles

    A low level of testosterone is responsible for the smaller size of testicles & penis in men. Testosterone provides nutrition to the penis & testicles. However, if the amount of testosterone drops alarmingly, penis & testicles won’t get enough nutrition. Thus, the size of the testicles & penis will be comparatively smaller than most of the people.


    But this theory is still inconclusive. Lots of factors may hamper the growth of testicles & penis. So, blaming the lower level of testosterone is sometimes incorrect.


    6. Increased Fatigue Issues

    If you are someone who exercises regularly (or at least often) & sleeps timely, you shouldn’t feel exhausted. But sometimes, you may feel exhausted after a few hours of work, even if you are sleeping 8-9 hours a day. 


    If this problem is still bothering you, consult with your doctor about your testosterone level. Exhaustion is predominantly one of the main signs of low-T. So, don’t wait any longer!


    7. Thicker Bone Density

    The ratio of your bone is structured according to the other parts of your body. The density of your bones will match different parts of your body. If you notice something odd, that may be because of low-T. 


    Researchers have suggested that if you suffer from low-T for a long time, the mass of your bones will degrade seriously. So, before it’s too late, consult with your doctors. 


    8. Excessive Body Fats

    People with lower levels of testosterone gain weight easily. As a result, they become bulky. An increased amount of fats in the body disrupts their daily activities.


    Gynecomastia can also result from low-T. Gynecomastia is a disease where breast enlarges. It is because of the excessive fats stored in the breast. However, gaining body fats & gynecomastia is common among the people who are over 40-45 years old. But the lower level of testosterone speeds up the process of excessive body fats at an earlier age.


    9. Disruption Of Sleep

    Low-T can disrupt your sleep. Even if you abide by the rules of health & try to sleep 8/9 hours a day, lower testosterone levels can cause amnesia.


    However, this issue is also inconclusive, as there are many factors related to amnesia. But sleeping issues & memory loss are also the adverse effects of low-T.


    10. Random Mood Swings

    You may have encountered this problem often but ignored it like always. Exhaustion isn’t only responsible for mood swings. The lower level of testosterone is also responsible for this problem. If you notice your mood swinging continuously, probably see a doctor as soon as you can.


    11. Premature Hot Flashes

    Hot flashes occur when the body’s upper parts (neck, face, chest) become warm. You get a reddish face as if you are blushing. But there’s an age for hot flashes. It usually occurs in men when they cross 40. 


    12. Decreased Muscle Density

    Testosterone helps to form & develop muscle. It provides sufficient nutrition needed for the body. The lower level of testosterone will cause decreased muscle density.  



    The signs we talked about above can be because of a myriad of reasons, but these can also indicate a gradual loss of testosterone levels that could be terrible for your health if not treated soon. Be sure to check up with your doctor soon, and follow all the instructions diligently if you face these symptoms.