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18 Shake vs 310 Shake Review

    18 shake vs 310 shake review

    18 shake vs 310 shake review

    Both meal replacement shakes are popular, but only one of them really burns fat and tasty great, whereby the other weight loss shake doesn’t hold its promises. Our 18 Shake vs 310 Shake Review is going to tell you all important things that you should know, when you want to buy the 18 Shake or 310 Shake. Read on to learn which shake burns fat and which one your money.

     What makes the 18 Shake and 310 Shake so special?

    First of all, both meal replacement shakes are very popular. 18 Shake offers a detailed plan on how to maximize your weight loss, contains 18 vitamins and a lot of fiber. Whereas 310 Shake stands out with its unique protein combination.

    18 shake vs 310 shake review

    18 Shake as well as 310 Shake are free of chemicals ingredients that other meal replacement shakes often contain. Both claim to help customers to transform their life to a healthier one, through weight lost and valuable vitamins.

    Let’s see how true these statements are…

    What Ingredients do 18 Shake and 310 Shake contain?

    Our 18 Shake vs 310 Shake review discovered that both weight loss shakes contain 90 calories. That’s pretty good, but 310 Shake covers only 2% of your daily fat intake, whereby 18 Shake contain twice the amount of fat.

    The first point goes to 310 Shake. Not a big difference, but we want to take a close look at both supplements.

    The 310 Shakes wins another round with 0g sugar, whereby 18 Shake contains 1g. Seems like a winner is emerging, but don’t judge too soon. Later, when we compare the taste of both supplements, you will see that 1g sugar can make a big difference.

    Furthermore 18 Shake contains a natural sweetener called stevia. 150 times sweeter than sugar and yet almost no calories.

    Now let’s see how much proteins both shakes offer…

    Which shake has more proteins?

    Both meal replacement substitutes provider their consumers with 15g proteins per scoop. That’s extremely good, if you compare it with other weight loss shakes that contain only 5g per serving. Proteins are proven to satisfy hunger and reduce weight loss, so that’s good news.

    But protein doesn’t equal protein. There are many kinds of proteins with different advantages. Our 18 Shake vs 310 Shake review exposed that 310 Shake offers an additional protein that 18 Shake lacks.

    18 shake vs 310 shake review

    Milk protein concentrate. It prevents losing muscles instead of fat, when you reduce your calorie intake. So another point goes to 310 Shake.

    3 : 0 for 310 Shake. But don’t think it’s already over. 18 Shake is going to catch up soon…

    Which meal replacement shake has more fiber?

    A recent study has confirmed that 10g fiber per day reduce hunger and increase weight loss. 18 Shake contains 15g fiber whereby 310 Shake only offers 5g to consumers. That’s a BIG difference.

    You will certainly feel more and longer satisfied after drinking 18 Shake instead of 310 Shake. We will later take a closer look at what other people said about their hunger curbing’s. Now take a look at the vitamins that both shakes provide…

    Which shake has more vitamins and minerals?

    There is a reason why 18 Shake is called 18 Shake. The meal replacement supplement contains 18 different vitamins and minerals. Their health beneficial properties range from weight loss to boosting your mood and fighting diseases like diabetes and cancer.

    18 shake vs 310 shake review

    Another point for 18 Shake, if you consider that 310 Shake has only 16 vitamins and therefore lacks two vitamins that reduce the chances of heart failure and stress.

    Read on to learn how long both shakes curb your hunger…

    Which shake curbs my hunger longer?

    Depending on your daily activities, your metabolism, physical condition and gender the length of hunger satisfaction can vary between 2 hours. Most people who consumed 18 Shake experienced 4-5 hours without feeling hunger.

    Whereby 310 Shake consumers felt satisfied for only 3 hours on average. A big difference and another big point for 18 Shake.

    Are the shakes vegan, gluten- and GMO-free?

    This is the first time in our 18 Shake vs 310 Shake review that both meal replacement supplement lack in an important aspect.

    18 Shake is gluten- and GMO-free, but sadly doesn’t offer a vegan option. Whereby 310 Shake offers a vegan version and is gluten-free, but not GMO-free.

    Are there any artificial sweeteners in 18 Shake or 310 Shake?

    No, both shakes rely on natural sweeteners.

    Is any of these shakes supported by science?

    Yes, there are no particular studies regarding the weight loss shakes, but there are various studies that prove the effectiveness of meal replacement shakes.

    You can take a close look at the studies here or you read what real customers said about the shakes:

    18 Shake Reviews

    18 shake review-1

    18 shake review-2

    310 Shake Reviews

    310 Shake Before After 2

    310 Shake helped me take my health and fitness to the next level. When the shake became a consistent part of my routine, the weight was coming off and my body was looking leaner. I also noticed that my sugar cravings were gone. I’m so happy to have found something that really works.”Laquisha Ivery

    310 Shake Before After

    “Before I started 310 I weighed 240 lbs. I am now down to 180. My pants size was a 24 and I am now down to a 14. My shirt size was a XL, now down to small/medium. Thanks to 310 Nutrition and dedication at the gym I have reached one of my many goals.” – Charity Goodwin

    You can see more amazon reviews about 18 Shake here and about 310 Shake on this link. Both shakes offer a 30 days money back guarantee. So you can easily test them by yourself and see which one works better for you:

    buy 310 shake now

    buy 18 shake now

    …or you read on to see which one is better than the other.

     Which shake tastes better?

    Most people enjoyed the taste of 18 Shake much more than 310 Shake, just as I did. 310 Shake sacrificed its taste for a healthier product. Zero sugar and almost no fat, but if taste is a major factor for you, I would recommend you to choose 18 Shake as your winner.

    18 Shake offers only chocolate and vanilla flavors, but they taste far better than every other flavor that 310 Shake offers.

    Don’t forget that 18 Shake offers a 30 days money back guarantee, so test it now and see for yourself. This brings us to another very important topic. The price…

    How much do the shakes cost?

    One package of 18 Shake costs $47,99 with a free meal plan that helps you lose fat even faster. One serving of 18 Shake costs about $2,80, which is extremely cheap compared to other meal replacement shakes. For more health news read here.

    But 310 Shake can top this! One package of it costs around $68 and contains 28 servings. Meaning one serving of 310 Shake costs less than $2,50.

    Both prices are unbeatable when you compare them with other shakes or regular food. You won’t find a meal with all these nutrients for less than $5. Click on the buttons to see the exact prices of 18 Shake and 310 Shake:

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    That’s well and good, but which shake is better?

    The answer is: It depends. 18 Shake contains more fiber and vitamins. Furthermore it taste much better, but it doesn’t offer a vegan version and is slightly more expensive.

    310 Shake has a vegan version, is cheaper and offers milk protein concentrate, which should intrigue athletes that don’t want to lose muscle while burning fat. On the other hand it lacks taste and doesn’t curb your hunger as good as 18 Shake does.

    Final Conclusion:

    Buy 18 Shake when you want a tasty shake and don’t care for vegan alternatives.

    Buy 310 Shake, if you don’t care about taste and are short on money, but still want to do something for your health.

    And don’t forget that both shakes offer a 30 days money back guarantee, so don’t hesitate to try both!