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18 Shake vs GNC Total Lean Shake Review

18 shake vs gnc total lean shake review

“Why should I buy 18 Shake, when GNC Total Lean Shake curbs my hunger twice as much and provides more vitamins?” That’s what Tom, one of our newest readers, asked. This question gave us food for thoughts and we decided to answer him and all the other people who ask themselves: “Which supplement is better: 18 Shake or GNC Total Lean Shake?”

To determinate which meal replacement shake is better, we have to consider various factors. Including the ingredients…

What about the ingredients in both weight loss shakes?

We don’t have to explain you how essential it is to reduce calorie intake, when you want to lose weight. 18 Shake is a great help with 90 calories per serving, whereby GNC Total Lean Shake offers aroun 180 calories in one protion.

That’s twice as much as 18 Shake. The sugar and fat content in both shakes isn’t supporting GNC Total Lean Shake reputation. 18 Shake contains 1g of fat and sugar in one serving. GNC Total Lean Shake on the other hand, contains 4g of sugar and 2g of fat per protion.

Doesn’t look good for GNC Total Lean Shake, but maybe our next question is going to give GNC a opportunity to catch up…

How much proteins do the supplements offer?

18 shake vs gnc total lean shake review

One portion of GNC Total Lean Shake contains 9g proteins from three different sources: Milk, whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate.

Whey protein is a special protein that is favored by athletes, because of its high amino acid content. Whey protein is ideal for you, if you want to lose bodyweight without reducing your muscles.

18 Shake doesn’t have milk proteins, but also offers whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate, therefore it doesn’t lack essential amino acids. Furthermore one serving of 18 Shake contains 15g of proteins! That’s pretty good, even if you compare it with other meal replacement shakes like 310 Shake.

Now let’s take a look at the dietary fiber in both substitutions.

How much fiber can I expect?

Fiber is essential to keep your metabolism healthy and curb your hunger, therefore no meal replacement shake should lack it.

18 Shake validates his good reputation again with a dietary fiber content of 15g per serving. A recent study has proven that 10g of diatery fiber per day improve weight loss significant. GNC Total Lean Shake disappoints again with only 8g of fiber per portion.

Still think GNC Total Lean Shake is better than 18 Shake, Tom? 😉

Which shake contains more vitamins and minerals?

This round goes to GNC Total Lean Shake. 18 Shake provides you with 18 essential vitamins, but GNC Total Lean Shake offers 20 vitamins. The health beneficial effects of all these vitamins and minerals range from weight loss support and cancer prevention, to a better mood and more energy.

Here is a list of all ingredients that can be found in 18 Shake and GNC Total Lean Shake:

18 Shake Ingredients:


GNC Total Lean Shake Ingredients:

GNC Total Lean Shake Ingredients

After reading so much about both meal replacement supplements, you might be interested in hearing what other customers have said about 18 Shake vs GNC Total Lean Shake:

18 shake vs gnc total lean shake review

18 shake vs gnc total lean shake review

Now we will discuss another essential question, when deciding what meal replacement shake you want to buy:

How long do the shakes curb my hunger?

The high amount of calories in GNC Total Lean Shake is a clear advantage now. Most customers felt satisfied for 3-4 hours after drinking 18 Shake, but GNC Total Lean Shake curbed the hunger of most people for 5-6 hours.

Well, that’s a big point for GNC, considering the fact that people often fail their diets, because the temptation to eat junk food or unhealthy snacks is too big.

Are the supplements vegan, gluten- and GMO-free?

GNC Total Lean Shake fulfils all of these points. Unfortunately 18 Shake doesn’t offer a vegan version. At least both supplements are GMO- and gluten-free.

Is one of these shakes backed up by science?

GNC Total Lean Shake is supported by a study that showed significant more weight loss by participants who consumed GNC. Sadly we couldn’t find any studies regarding 18 Shake.

Nevertheless, there are countless clinical studies proving the weight loss promoting capabilities of meal replacement shakes like 18 Shake and GNC Total Lean Shake.

If you don’t like to read complicated science papers, check these real customer reviews:

18 Shake Reviews:

18 shake review-1

18 shake review-2

Click on the button to see more reviews.

18 shake vs gnc total lean shake review

GNC Total Lean Shake Reviews:


GNC Total Lean Shake Review before after

Click on the button to see more reviews.

18 shake vs gnc total lean shake review

Quite impressive, isn’t it? Before we come to our conclusion and decide which supplement is the winner, we have to consider two additional factors. One of them is taste…

Which shake tastes better?

First of all, both shakes taste great and have a creamy consistency! But 18 Shake tastes slightly better than GNC Total Lean Shake. However, 18 Shake is only available in two flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla, whereby GNC offers various flavors for every taste.

Luckely 18 Shake comes with a free ebook that includes numerous recipes to avoid the boredom that comes with drinking the same shake over and over and over again.

Click on the buttons to see what other customers have said about the taste:

18 shake vs gnc total lean shake review

18 shake vs gnc total lean shake review

How much do the supplements cost?

None of both meal replacement shakes is expensive, but GNC Total Lean Shake is cheaper than 18 Shake. One package of 18 Shake costs $57 and provides you with 16 servings, that’s $3,56 for one meal. Not bad, but GNC Total Lean Shake tops this.

One package of the supplement costs $39 and offers 16 servings, therefore you pay $2,43 for a single meal! A great price, if you compare it with other weight loss shakes and conventional meals.

Luckely for you we found the cheapest online vendor of both shakes. Click on the buttons!

18 shake vs gnc total lean shake review

18 shake vs gnc total lean shake review


It’s not an easy decision. Both shakes have their advantages and disadvantages. In the end it depends on your preferances.

We recommend GNC Total Lean Shake to you, if you have problems to successfully finishing your diet and if you don’t want to spend too much money on it.

We recommend 18 Shake, if you want the best of the best and are ready to pay more for results.


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