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3 Common Causes of Arm Weakness (And What to Do About It)

    You might have heard of Kaiser Wilhelm II. The German Emperor started World War I and ended his life exiled and alone in the Netherlands as his country crumbled.

    What you might not have known about him is that he suffered from arm weakness. Today we would call it Erb’s Palsy.

    It was a grueling condition that saw his doctors go to extreme lengths to try to cure it including wrapping his arm inside the body of a freshly slaughtered hare.

    Thankfully, we don’t have to go to such extreme lengths to cure muscle weakness in arms these days. Here are some of the top causes and what to do about it. 

    1. Neurological Conditions

    You might think that problems to do with your arms are related to your muscles and that massaging them will do the trick. But remember our muscles are controlled by our brain.

    Weak arms or loss of strength in arms may be caused by a disease that affects the relationship between the brain and the muscles.

    These conditions are serious and complicated. They require specialized medical attention and usually take several months or years to diagnose. It is best not to jump to any conclusions but to see a GP and explain your symptoms rather than trying to self-diagnose.

    2. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Another potential condition that can lead to muscle weakness in arms is chronic fatigue syndrome. This is where you are exhausted all of the time and your body feels weak and tired.

    It is not yet clear what exactly causes chronic fatigue syndrome and some people can suffer from it and cope with it in their everyday lives by resting while others suffer badly from it and cannot lead a normal life.

    Be sure to check in with your doctor if you feel you have any of the symptoms including a sudden weakness in both arms. Alternatively, take a look at which may be able to help.

    3. Virus Complication

    Arm weakness can also be caused by complications to do with a virus. If you are recovering from a serious virus then you might feel that your arm is weak and this could be because your entire body is weak.

    Be sure to give your body plenty of time to rest before attending your local clinic as it may be that your arm returns to normal function in due course.

    If You Have An Arm Weakness Be Sure to Attend Your Local GP

    An arm weakness can be a debilitating illness and you may feel as if you are never going to recover but often it is associated with another wider condition.

    If you are recovering from an illness or a virus be sure to rest and recover and don’t attempt to go back to work until you absolutely need to. Muscle massages and occupational therapy might help but be sure to consult a doctor in the first instance.

    If you are interested in reading more about how to cure an arm weakness or you want to understand a sudden weakness in both arms then be sure to check out the rest of our site.