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3 Effective and Natural Pain Relief Options

    One day you may wake up and have a sharp pain around your tooth.Another day you may stand up from your chair after five straight hours of work , and have a terrible backache.

    The first impulse many people would have is to  reach for the closest painkiller . And yet, nature can already give us a lot of option for a pain-free life.

    Here are 3 natural pain relief options that will work wonders for your everyday life. When it comes to pain relief, you may be surprised by what might help you feel better.

    CBD Oil

    Available in all 50 states and over 40 countries around the world, cannabidiol hemp oil or CBD hemp oil  is made from high-CBD, low-THC hemp. What does it means? CBD oil doesn’t present , unlike medical marijuana, a high value of psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), just a trace under 1%. Which means CBD oil products cannot cause psychoactive reactions in the mind-body system. Every Day Optimal CBD oil products have made their appearances all over the nation, they don’t require a prescription to be purchased and some of its main health benefits are targeted to ease inflammation, chronic pain; CBD oil is also used as an additional treatment to fight cancer.

    Willow bark

    Dating back for centuries, willow bark was used by different populations in the world to treat inflammation. One of the chemical key that you can find in the white willow is salicin, which turns out to be very similar to the main chemical found in aspirin. It was common practice to directly chew the bark to find relief from pain and fevers. In our times willow bark is transformed in a dried herb ready to sell so that you can make a tea with restorative properties. You can find it in drugstores also in the form of liquid supplement or in capsule form.  You must be aware anyway that willow bark may present side effects. For sensitive people, taking willow bark may cause distress to the stomach, and it may cause malfunctions to the kidneys. It is also advised to be used only by adults.


    Turmeric is known as one of the key ingredient of the traditional Indian cuisine as it is a spice that originally comes from India and curry has to credit turmeric for its yellow color and flavor. This spice also has practical use as a natural pain relief thanks to its component, curcumin , which is an antioxidant that helps the body on a cellular level as it is a formidable shield against free radical molecules. Turmeric is a great natural help against inflammation , but its use is versatile: it can help with digestion, ulcers, and psoriasis.

    The natural pain relief options we talked about may be effective for specific causes of pain.

    That sensation may last a couple of hours, like a stretch in your muscle after running for 30 minutes.

    Yet, pain may be the hint of a more serious condition that requires medical attention.

    Don’t delay an appointment with your doctor. It may turn out that  a natural solutions for your health issues may be the right path for you after all!