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3 Most Popular Marijuana Accessories For Smoking Pleasure!

    Smoking marijuana is becoming more mainstream and acceptable, and as such, there are plenty of great accessories that weren’t readily available not that long ago. If you’re an old-school smoker or are only familiar with joints, pipes, and bongs, you are in for a real treat if you try any of the smoking options we’ve got for you today.

    No matter your smoking pleasure, you’re bound to enjoy one of the following.

    Chill Out With Chillums

    Once you’ve used StrainSanity to find your favorite strain, you can almost never go wrong with a good hand pipe such as a chillum. Originating in India and having been commonly used by smokers for over 60 years, chillums are a type of clay or glass pipe that are also known as a one-hitter, glass one-hitter, metal chillum, glass chillum, discreet chillum, or cigarette chillum that are gaining in popularity.

    Because of their small stature, chillums are a favorite among StrainSanity visitors, and since a good majority of people still don’t know what chillums are when they see them, smokers can use them pretty much anywhere.

    Get Hammered With E-Nails

    E-nail is short for electronic nail, which is a quartz, titanium, or ceramic surface that is used with a dab rig. For those that aren’t regular visitors of StrainSanity or not “in the know”, so to speak, dabs are concentrated doses of cannabis, and dab rigs are specialized “bongs” that are utilized to smoke dabs as they take a higher temperature to vaporize. 

    An e-nail is a dabbing device that receives heat via either a handheld torch or a connected controller box that allows the user to regulate the temperature of the e-nail. As using an e-nail with a torch can result in inconsistent heating and therefore dabbing results, the temperature regulation opportunities with e-nails is desirable to StrainSanity visitors and dabbers everywhere. 

    Get Un-Straight With Straight Tubes

    Straight tubes are another one-hitter option that usually looks like a small baseball bat or cigarette. A one-hitter is a small pipe generally made from glass or metal and, as the name suggests, typically holds one hit of marijuana. Shaped like a straight tube, with the mouthpiece on one end and the one-hitter bowl on the other, they are known as straight tubes, dugouts, and one-hitters.

    Dugouts are pretty popular with straight tubes, and StrainSanity users love them because they come with a small container that has a spot to hold the one-hitter as well as space for ground weed, making them ideal for easy travel and discreet smoking. The fake cigarette option is also perfect for smoking while in public or in mixed crowds where you may not want everyone to know what you’re doing.

    Smoke It If You’ve Got It

    With marijuana becoming legal in more and more states and the stigma of use is finally waning, people that once wouldn’t consider smoking it are now becoming advocates. Whether you’ve never smoked, only smoked occasionally, or are a true marijuana connoisseur, utilizing the smoking accessories above can expand your enjoyment and overall experience.