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3 Reasons Why At-Home Exercise Could Be Better Than Your Gym!

    Are you tired of performing the exact same exercises for each workout? Have you spent endless time searching on the internet or in fitness mags for new ideas, only to discover that these ideas were hard to integrate into your new fitness regimen? Search no further! With the OutWorkIt Random Workout Generator, you can create new workout programs for yourself. OutWorkIt chooses random exercises based upon your preferences and goals, enabling you to concentrate on the good stuff: gaining muscle and losing weight.

    I am thrilled to quit going to the gym. Yes. There, I said it. Below I explain why I am happy to exercise at home with the OutWorkIt Random Workout Generator. Here are 3 reasons why at-home exercise could be better than your gym:

    Make working out from home interesting again, it’s cheaper!

    For some people, this one is the only reason that’s needed. Exercising in the comfort of your own home can be free of charge, or just cost a small month-to-month fee. Also, it saves you gasoline money – a real win-win. You can make working out from home interesting again! The OutWorkIt Random Workout Generator offers new features each month. They’re always adding new things to make workouts better. Fresh features will involve the capability of editing individual workouts and keeping a log of your exercise progress!

    Exercising at home saves time

    I could end this article here, since time is our most valuable commodity, and I am not willing to lose time driving to the gym or sitting in traffic. Isn’t it ironic that we spend all that time sitting to reach a destination where we can work out? Also, it saves you time because you aren’t waiting on equipment and machines, for a shower, or getting stuck in small talk with a stranger. At the gym, does anybody else spend a ton of time changing into clothes? It is an art to make sure that your clothing and bare feet do not touch the floor of the locker room!

    Make working out from home interesting again! With the OutWorkIt Random Workout Generator, each associated muscle group and exercise are split into a custom-made day-to-day schedule.

    Exercise Around Your Schedule

    In exercising at home, you control when a class ends and starts. You’ll no longer need to rearrange your routine around your favorite class or childcare. 

    It’s possible to fit in exercise at home once you have time and exercise in shifts if you have to. If you cannot fit all your exercise in during your baby’s nap, do ten minutes now and ten minutes later on. At home, it’s possible to make those adjustments when needed.

    With the OutWorkIt Random Workout Generator, you can make working out from home interesting again, as it works for either a commercial gym or a home gym –just customize your preferences based upon the equipment you have available.

    Working out at home shows your family that fitness is important. With the OutWorkIt Random Workout Generator, you can get the kids involved!