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3 signs you need a deep tissue massage for rehabilitation and injury prevention!

    If you have been injured in an accident, have chronic tightness or joint pain, or you play sports, chances are you could benefit from going to a professional who can help you with therapeutic techniques. To relieve sore muscles and aching joints, paying for therapy can help you get back on the playing field or do your daily activities without pain. 

    3 signs you need a massage – look for a local therapist for a therapeutic deep tissue massage in Lexington, KY!

    If you need a deep tissue massage, chances are you have recognized some signs that your body is not working as it should. Whether it be due to an accident, stress, trauma, or a sports-related injury, getting a massage has numerous benefits for the entire body – or a specific area of your body – that needs some extra love and care.

    If you have chronically tense areas, such as your low back, upper back, shoulders, or neck, getting a deep tissue massage can help relieve the tight areas and reduce the presence of ‘knots’ in your muscles. When you feel these areas, you will feel how tight and bound your muscles are – this can lead to a restricted range of motion and other health concerns. You can look for a local therapist for a therapeutic deep tissue massage in Lexington, KY!

    Paying for a massage from a local and reputable massage therapist can help relieve symptoms and increase your overall wellness. Let’s see the signs you need to sign up for a deep tissue massage as soon as possible!

    Chronically tight areas

    Some people type away at their keyboards all day and hunch over the keys, leading to a rounded back and tight neck. Other people who drive for long periods suffer from low back pain or tense necks. If you are an athlete, you may constantly be swinging a golf club or kicking a soccer ball, leading to the overuse of certain muscle groups.

    Whatever the reason, chronically tense areas can be relieved by going to a local therapist for a deep tissue massage. Look for a reputable therapist who can do deep tissue massage in the Lexington, KY area.

    Range of motion restoration

    If you have tight shoulders or a tight low back, you may not have the same range of motion as you previously did. For those with a limited range of motion, this can impede your daily movements, making it harder to do simple tasks. If you are an athlete, restoring full range of motion is imperative to your performance. Visit a therapist’s office to pay for a deep tissue massage for your entire body!

    Increased overall wellness

    Getting a full-body deep tissue massage helps you feel relaxed and de-stressed. Going to a massage parlor and relaxing for one hour can help you decompress from the time-crunched vibe of your daily life.


    Getting a deep tissue massage helps you de-stress, restore full range of motion, and help any chronically tight areas loosen up over time. If you live in the south, you can look for a deep tissue massage therapist in Lexington, KY, to take care of your body woes!