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3 Simple Yet Effective Home Gym Equipment for Bodybuilding

    So, you want to set up your home gym, but not sure where to start? Come with us, we will take you on a journey to establish just what you need and which one is the best one for your workouts. 

    Setting up a proper home gym may not be easy especially when you are clueless on what you need to buy first. However, you do not need to go to lengths or break the bank just to make sure you have all the right equipment. You can always ask your gym buddies for any suggestions or you can also check this source , that will help you work out your entire body as well as throw in some variations and routines for everyday use, for you and your family. 

    If your keen on getting started, let’s take a look at what these items will be and what they can be used for, so the next time you walk into a gym equipment store or fitness center to buy them, you know exactly what to go for and the benefits you will achieve with it.


    Why Home Gym?

    But first, let’s take a few steps back to the beginning. Setting up a home gym is one of the most important things you could do for yourself and your entire family. In the current climate where we cannot go out as much as we like and the majority of the gyms or health centers are closed until further notice, it may be the best thing to do, as you will be able to stay indoors and get the added benefit of staying active all at the same time.

    Below are some of the benefits that you can get from setting up a gym at home.

    1. First and foremost, it’s convenient You can always hit the gym anytime you want to. This is a good one because it’s a lot more flexible when having access to a gym at home rather than having to fit into the schedules of the fitness centers. It gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want to. 
    2. Secondly, it’s a preferred environment for most people. It’s more comfortable, plus if you’re conscious of other people being around you this will be the best thing to do. This will give you the privacy of being on your own, or just enjoy the gym with those people that you’re comfortable to be with. Plus, if you set it up in a place where you enjoy spending time, it makes it all worth the while. 
    3. It’s cost-effective. Yes, that’s true. Once you’ve set all the equipment up, it’s there for life, plus you don’t need to spend any money on membership fees. Imagine if you frequent the gym for the next 5 years and spend on average $100 per month on fees. This compared to buying all the items for that $500 you save by not paying the fee, but rather spending it on decent equipment, you will have made a significant investment in both costs and health.
    4. Lastly, you don’t need to wait for your turn if it’s busy, and you get a variety of different things to play with. It’s a win-win in this case. You cannot go wrong with this set up because above anything else, investing in your health is one of the priorities of life. 


    Three Items That Will Make A Great Bodybuilding Home Gym

    If you are going for body-building, these three fundamental pieces of equipment are the best for you to invest in so they can pay you long term in getting you that desired physique in no time and the comfort of your garage.


    A Tall and Good Quality Power Rack. This is comprised of a steel unit with multiple levels and supports that can be used as bench press, as a squatting platform, and a deadlifting platform. You can use different size weights on the bench while sitting or lying down.

    If you want to get one better, grab the one that has the pull-up bars built-in. You can do tons of different exercises with it, such as rack-pulls, squats, overhead presses, bench presses, and pull-ups if you get those options. You can build both your back muscles chest and arm muscles all at the same time. 

    Strong and Adjustable Bench. This is the third piece of the puzzle that will make or break the whole picture. You need a bench. A lot of the varieties on the market are either too small or too weak and you will need to look for something strong enough and good-quality. This is something you can either buy at the store or online. 

    If you get it at the store, you will be able to test it out to see if it’s comfortable when you lie down. Also, if it is adjustable, you will be able to put it in different angled inclines to work different parts of the torso and lower body parts. 

    Keeping it flat for bench presses and putting it up for back support and squat racks and even 90-degree military squats can be done using the bench. One-arm dumbbell rows are also a favorite at the gyms with this piece. 

    Investing in quality items is also important for you we want to make sure that we can maximize the use of the equipment for a long time.


    Weight Barbell & Weight Set. Once you get your power rack set-up, the next thing to get is the weights that you can use with it. Usually, it’s not included to the rack set so you need to buy it separately. For this, you can choose the weight and capacity for your preferences. 

    The best way to do this is to order them online and get them delivered to your door. As they will be heavy, shopping for them at the store will be difficult unless you’re big enough to carry the load. Look for the best ones that have the highest ratings as well, for example, the Homegymmania buyers guide, can offer you some detailed information on the best ones with the highest ratings and usability, as well as with the reasonable prices.

    A full set is your best bet because they will have a variety of different sizes and weights, so you can start small and build your way up to the heavier ones. 

    You do not need complicated ones. What is important is you have the right equipment for those areas in your body that you would like to enhance and focus on.