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3 steps to using a vape pen for concentrates

    Cannabis is a fast-growing consumer product that is taking the medicinal and recreational world by storm. With recreational use legal now in some states and medicinal use with proven health benefits for chronic pain and anxiety, cannabis has become commonplace in our society today. 

    With plenty of dispensaries scattered around the 50 states, you may be wondering what you want to buy when going to your first store. Set up like a coffee shop, dispensaries are well-run businesses with plenty of products, see-through counters to see products, and plenty of strains for you to choose from.

    Let’s see how to use one of the most popular cannabis consumption methods ideals for beginners and new cannabis users.

    What is the difference between a vape pen and an E-Nail?

    If you are considering vaping, you need to know the different accessories.

    • An Enail is a dabbing device that delivers heat to the nail. Instead of using a blow torch or another heating method, Enails help users produce consistent heat to the nail to provide consistent hits and a smooth experience. 
      • Enails are used in tandem with a dab rig to help heat the nail to the proper level. Bought together with a dab rig, nail, dab tool, and carb cap, an Enail is a more beginner-friendly method of using a dab rig without potentially overheating the flower to the point of unusability or producing a burnt flavor. 
    • A vaporizer is a pocket-sized, transportable, convenient, and low-cost option that works by heating the oil or concentrate at specific levels to improve flavor and provide a smooth hit.
    • A vape pen is a personal vaporizer that is specifically designed for use with concentrates. There are a few separate components of vape pens that typically comprise a vape kit.
      • Battery – that powers the vape pen and provides the energy for the heating chamber to work.
      • Heating chamber – this section connects to the battery to heat the vapor for inhaling.
      • Mouthpiece – users place their mouth on this section to inhale the vapor.
      • Charger – this separate piece helps you recharge the vape pen for multiple uses.

    How do you use a vape pen?

    There are a few steps to use a vape pen correctly and produce a smooth, clean, and smoke-free hit.

    • First, you need to charge the battery to get the vape pen ready for use.
    • Next, put together the unit by screening the heating chamber into the battery.
    • Load the chamber by adding concentrates directly on the heating element.
    • Screw the mouthpiece section on the side of the heating chamber.
    • Lastly, inhale the vapor for a smooth and flavorful hit!


    Using vape pens, concentrates, or Enails are a great way to provide consistent, smooth, and flavorful hits. If you are new to using vaporizers or dabbing, learning how to use a vape pen or Enail is crucial to having the best experience possible. Enails make your life easier when dabbing, so we recommend including this accessory when heating the nail.