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3 Unexpected Ways You Can Be More Eco-Friendly

    For decades, scientists and experts have been warning the public about the long-term effects of climate change and the importance of greener initiatives. While some progress has been slowing, even little changes and updates to the way you live your daily life can help bring you back from the brink of collapse. Whether you’re running a company and have the power to invest in eco-friendly processes or you’re an individual just trying to make a positive impact, there are several ways you can work to be more earth-conscious in your life.

    There are, of course, all the standard things you think of when you imagine going green. The concepts of recycling or carpooling to work are fairly standard ideas and inspirations for how you can make a difference. If you’re willing to commit a bit more, you can also try to eat a vegan or vegetarian diet or practice composting at your home. However, there are also plenty of unexpected ways you can start being more eco-friendly. When you go a little out of your way to try something new and make a small adjustment, you could be improving the planet in more ways than you know. Here are a few of those surprising ways you can help the earth with your daily life.

    1. Invest in environmentally friendly cryptocurrency.

    So many people are jumping on the cryptocurrency train as a better way to invest in the modern age. By eliminating financial institutions from trader interactions, this form of digital currency is a great way to get market capitalization in a decentralized exchange. However, because each blockchain requires so much energy and takes up a lot of digital space, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin takes up a lot of energy and leaves a high carbon footprint. You can still invest in these platforms, but it may be a good idea to explore the best Crypto to buy that is still eco-friendly. Search for cryptocurrency exchanges that allow you to grow your bank account and buy in at a low rate while still caring about the environment. These smart contracts will have smarter blockchain operations that don’t suck all the energy out of their servers. Switching to platforms like Cardano or Stellar will help you become a better trader with a better impact on the global community.

    2. Use more eco-friendly packaging whenever possible.

    One of the biggest ways you see waste in the world is with deliveries and excessive packaging for all your purchases. Think about it. You’ll order a simple item and it comes in plastic wrapping and is put in a few boxes before it even gets to you. The best way to fix this problem is to invest in eco-friendly packaging whenever possible. If you’re running a business, you can investigate providers that use products from for better financial products that are also earth-conscious. These carbon-neutral, plant-based packaging products are made from sugar cane and are still productive and useful for your company. Plus, working to help the planet will garner you some positive PR.

    3. Get creative with your daily products and routine.

    There are a ton of little ways you can become more eco-friendly that you haven’t even thought about. Change up your daily routine by shortening your showers or taking public transportation to work rather than driving your own car. Consider bringing reusable water bottles or even utensils wherever you go to reduce single-use plastics. You can also make small adjustments like shopping at thrift stores rather than big department stores that end up with a lot of waste. Even if you’re a beginner at this whole “saving the planet” thing, each small step you take really does make a difference.