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3 Ways CBD Can Help with Your Fitness Routine

    Keeping an active lifestyle is vital to ensure your body is running at an optimal level. It also ensures your mental wellbeing is in a good place too, helping you feel more confident and motivated. There are various rituals fitness buffs stick to as part of their routine, helping them stay on track whether it’s pre and post-workout protein shakes, certain dietary requirements and more. There is a natural product that can help you along the way too, with CBD well-known for its health benefits. CBD oils, such as those found at, are a premium way to start enjoying cannabidiol. Here are 3 ways your fitness routine can benefit.

    1. Assist with Faster Recovery

    The downside of using our bodies day to day is that we can feel fatigued and can even succumb to injury. Those who regularly run 5k or take part in gruelling high-intensity workouts know that to be able to keep going time after time, being able to recover quickly is crucial. Taking regular rest days in between activities is one way to do this, but by using CBD oil as part of your daily routine, this can assist with recovery further. Studies have shown that CBD can play its part in the healing process, helping your body recover much quicker after use. This can avoid cramping and the feeling of overstretched muscles which typically will stop us from enjoying exercise. 

    1. Provide Pain Relief to Joints and Muscles

    CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties, meaning if you have pulled a muscle, have sore muscles or aching joints, topically applying CBD oil can help. There are various ways to do this, either by applying a few drops of CBD oil to the painful area and rubbing it in, or by using one of many CBD infused body lotions and moisturisers that can be easily absorbed by your skin. This way, when it comes to the next workout after a rest day, you’ll be raring to go again and not damaging your muscles or joints further by returning too soon. Studies have identified CBD as helping to delay onset muscle soreness that typically occurs after a workout.

    1. Improve Sleep Ready for the Next Workout

    Our bodies need sleep as better of a healthy routine, with us struggling to function normally with a lack of it. Getting an optimal 8 hours of sleep each night can be difficult for some, especially if you suffer from insomnia. Sleep ensures your body can recover and prepare better for the next day, something that is crucial the more active you are. CBD can help you to relax and unwind in the evenings, helping to destress and calm the mind. This is thanks to its relationship with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in our bodies, helping to influence receptors responsible for all manner of normal bodily functions from our mood, temperature, to sleep and digestion. A few drops of CBD oil before bed in a hot drink or glass of water can prepare you for a restful night.

    When incorporated into your daily routine, cannabidiol can assist your active lifestyle. If you are wanting to tackle the day and perform at your best, see how CBD oil and products can make a difference for you.