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3 Ways to Consume Hash

    Hashish is arguably the oldest cannabis concentrate, derived from the sticky trichomes on the plant. Connoisseurs love hash because of its unique taste and its extremely high potency—often reaching or exceeding 60% THC. It can be extracted by hand or with the help of a hash washer

    There are numerous ways to smoke hash. You can add it to a joint or bowl, or you can vaporize it. The ideal method will simply depend on your personal preference.

    1. Via Joint

    If you love smoking via blunt, joint, or spliff, you’re in luck—adding hash to your usual routine requires virtually no changes. You need the regular items you’d want to roll your own blunts or joints, of course, such as rolling paper and hemp wicks. It’s also a good idea to have your own smokable herbs on hand, too, such as marijuana flower, as hash alone doesn’t work as well. 

    From there, just add the amount of hash you want to the joint before rolling it and using it. You may have to crumble or grind the hash first, depending on its consistency. For smooth griding, make sure you invest in a high-class hash slicer from top brands like Try to distribute it evenly across the joint before sealing it, as this will give you a better smoking experience. 

    2. Via Bowl

    To smoke hash with a bowl, all you have to do is crumble a bit of the concentrate on top of what you already smoke. However, if you want to smoke hash by itself with a bowl, you’ll need a few extra supplies.

    First, you’ll want a fine-mesh metal screen to place inside the ignition chamber. Because hash varies in consistency, some of the hash you get might be moist and oily while some might be dry and crumbly. You don’t want to end up inhaling the hash itself if you have a crumbly batch!

    Finally, it’s a good idea to have a high-powered lighter on hand when smoking hash, too, as it requires high, sustained heat to burn correctly. However, be careful not to scorch your hash with your high-powered igniter, either. If you don’t get it right on the first try, don’t worry–this part takes a bit of practice!

    3. Via Vaporizer

    If you want to know how to smoke hash while investing the least amount of effort, a vaporizer is probably the answer for you. However, don’t use just any vaporizer with hash, as some aren’t designed to handle concentrates. You need a dab-friendly vaporizer. Be sure to verify whether your vape can take hash first; you may just need an adapter depending on what your vape is designed to handle.

    However, keep in mind that vaporizers don’t always work well with hash even if they’re designed to—again, thanks to hash’s higher heat tolerance. If you have a powerful vaporizer that can handle more heat, you shouldn’t have a problem, but if not, you may need to smoke your hash the old-fashioned way. 

    Discover Why Hash Remains So Popular 

    Hash isn’t for everybody, but if you’re just getting your feet wet with cannabis concentrates, it’s a great place to start. It’s less potent than extracts like wax and shatter, but it will still give you an earth-shaking high. Best of all, it’s easy to smoke using the tools you already have. 

    Just remember to start small if you’re new to concentrates. Even a small sprinkle can go a long way. Once you know your tolerance, you can adjust the dosage accordingly.