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3 Ways to Keep Yourself from Mental Disease as a Student

    According to CNBC, citing a massive international study by the American Psychological Association, more than a third of first-year college students are affected by mental health problems. The study involved nearly 14000 students from 8 countries, including the US. The two most frequently occurring types of mental illness reported were major depressive disorders, with about 21% of the surveyed students reporting life-long symptoms, and general anxiety disorders in roughly 19% of the respondents.

    The growing rate of students suffering from significant psychological problems has been of concern for some time already, as demonstrated also by a 2011-2012 survey. In this one too, anxiety and depression are indicated as the key problems with mental health in college students, while relationship problems ranked third. About a fourth of counseled students was taking psychotropic drugs. Also, don’t forget to custom essay service to be more free while studying and have less stress.

    3 Ways to Keep Trouble Away

    Taking good care of your body. This involves:

    • exercising regularly – exercising is so universally potent that it is not only a preventive measure but is also used for improving the symptoms of those who already suffer from depression and other mental problems.
    • getting enough sleep – sleep is indispensable for the normal functioning of the organism and the nervous system in particular.
    • having a healthy diet – our brains are chemical /physical machines whose normal functioning depends heavily on the input. Ensure all vitamins and essential nutrients are consumed in adequate quantities, especially if you are a vegan or vegetarian.
    • meditating – knowing how to “turn your brain off” or to engage in meditation has invaluable benefits both for body and mind apart from boosting your spirituality. It has been proven scientifically that meditation can even alter the expression of genes throughout the body.

    Build a social support network

    We are social animals and there is nothing that can undo this biological and evolutionary truth. Research shows that people that benefit from family/ friend support or from close ties are more resilient in terms of mental health being supportive in turn, also makes one feels great and important. Make new contacts as well, since this would break the routine and would serve as a new source of inspiration. These people don’t have to necessarily be your colleagues or peers – they could be from the outside, with entirely different priorities, life problems, hobbie.

    Managing stress appropriately. Stress is a key risk factor not only for mental health afflictions but also for a great number of body diseases, including cancer. Failure to manage stress appropriately may lead to nervous breakdown symptoms, characterized by intense anxiety and inability to cope with typical life challenges. If stress and anxiety are impacting your ability to concentrate, then it’s the right time to reach out to a professional. Seek out for ways to release accumulated stress or to counter.

    College studies are associated with lots of stress due to the excessive workload, challenging subjects, and the importance of getting good grades for later employment or admission to higher-level educational programs. While students should attempt to complete as much of the coursework themselves, at some point, almost every student is confronted with multiple burning deadlines. While one could cram under huge stress and sleep deprivation without guarantees of success, the alternative option is to focus on one or two important disciplines, while for the other assignments, to get research paper services to complete them. To do this, one only needs to upload the instructions and materials and specify the deliverables.

             This can help students not only dedicate more effort to disciplines corresponding to their specialization but also to avoid getting overly tired before important exams. Occasional errors in time management don’t have to necessarily turn into academic performance disasters. Knowing that you have this emergency option, will ensure greater peace of mind throughout your college studies and lower the risks of mental health issues and overall health issues.

    Think Positive – Stay Positive

             We’ve listed some universally recommended and lucrative methods to avoid mental health issues, but feel free to consult additional tips, use your imagination, and learn from your own experience. This is because everybody is unique, has unique strengths and vulnerabilities, unique requirements, and unique strategies to overcome life hurdles. Yet despite these differences, most solutions converge to a rather basic and universal list, hence, when in trouble, it is wise to try working out the solutions formulated in it and see what works best. Take care of yourself and others!


    Emma is a content writer for a few small online magazines focusing on student life and student well-being. She has also a great concern and interest in the educational policies promoted at state and federal levels. Apart from this, Emma has also worked for on-demand speech and essay writing platforms.