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310 Shake vs Advocare Meal Replacement Shake Review

    310 shake vs advocare meal replacement shake review

    310 shake vs advocare meal replacement shake review

    A meal replacement shake with an unique combination of three proteins and a weight loss shake with questionable ingredients, but surprisingly good reviews. Our 310 Shake vs Advocare Meal Replacement Shake Review is all about this.

    310 Shake as well as Advocare Meal Replacement Shake are one of the most popular weight loss shakes in the USA, but which one is better. We took a close look at both supplements and discovered some shocking facts…

    But first things first: Let’s check the ingredients of both substitute shakes.

    What kind of ingredients can be found in both shakes?

    310 Shake contains about 90 calories per serving and only 1g fat. Both numbers are extremely good for a weight loss shake. Furthermore the weight loss supplement doesn’t contain any sugar. Sounds ideal right?

    Now let’s take a look at Advocare.

    One portion of Advocare Meal Replacement Shake contains about 200 calories, 3g of fat and 12g sugar. The fat content is good, but there are too much calories and sugar in Advocare.

    All in all it seems like a bad start for Advocare Meal Replacement Shake, but let’s not forget that the calorie amount is significant for curbing your hunger and a lack of sugar can mean a lack of taste.

    We will talk about taste and hunger satisfaction later. Now let’s check how many proteins both shakes offer.

    How much protein can I expect?

    310 shake vs advocare meal replacement shake review

    Proteins are essential to curb your hunger, repair your muscles, provide you with amino acids and improve your workout performance.

    310 Shake offers about 15g proteins, whereby one serving of Advocare Meal Replacement Shake contains 24g proteins.

    It seems we have a clear winner regarding proteins, but protein doesn’t equal protein. There are different kinds of proteins with various health beneficial effects.

    310 Shake consists of an unique combination of whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. These proteins are commonly used by athletes. They improve your muscle growth, prevent losing muscles instead of fat and offer essential amino acids.

    So far so good, but what kind of proteins does Advocare Meal Replacement Shake offer?

    Well, actually the same as 310 Shake, except whey protein concentrate,which is responsible for muscle growth. But don’t be worried. You are only going to grow your muscles, when you are actively training for it.

    All in all, we can say that Advocare Meal Replacement Shake is the winner of this round. Now let’s check how much fiber both shakes contain…

    How much fiber do the supplements offer?

    In our 310 Shake vs Advocare Meal Replacement Shake Review we found out that both shakes contain around 5g of fiber. Pretty average for a weight loss shake.

    Fiber is an important ingredient in weight loss supplements, because they help to curb your hunger and increase your metabolism rate.

    Before we take a look at the artificial and controversial ingredients of Advocare and 310 Shake, let’s see how many vitamins and minerals they offer.

    Which shake has more vitamins?

    Advocare Meal Replacement Shake wins this match with 20 different vitamins, whereby 310 Shake only offers 16. Only a slight difference, but yet important.

    If you are interested in checking what other customers said about the weight loss shakes and want to see all ingredients, then click on the button:

    310 nutrition reviews

    310 nutrition reviews

    Some pretty good reviews, right? But now to the next question:

    What about the questionable ingredients?

    310 Shake doesn’t have any artificial ingredients, but Advocare contains fructose corn syrup, a sweetener that is also prominent in soda and sugar drinks. Doesn’t sound very healthy…

    In addition to that, Advocare Meal Replacement Shake contains Sucralose, a sweetener that is toxic according to a few studies. Yet it is approved by the FDA and WHO for children and even pregnant women.

    We though you might want to know this…

    How long do the shakes curb my hunger?

    Most customers of 310 Shakes stated that the shake curbs their hunger for 3-4 hours. Advocare Meal Replacement Shake on the other hand, satisfies most of its customer for 4-6 hours. Quite a difference!

    But you shouldn’t forget that the amount of calories plays a significant role in hunger satisfaction, even if 200 calories are pretty low for a single meal.

    Are both shakes vegan and gluten-free?

    Both shakes offer a vegan version and 310 Shake is even gluten-free.

    Any studies to support the claims of the supplements?

    Unfortunately we couldn’t find any studies regarding 310 Shake or Advocare Meal Replacement Shake, but there are plenty studies that prove the effectiveness of weight loss shakes. Here is the link.

    I for one, care more about real customer reviews. Just check what these people said about Advocare and 310 Shake:

    310 Shake Reviews

    310 shake vs advocare meal replacement shake review 310 shake vs advocare meal replacement shake review

    Advocare Meal Replacement Shake Reviews

    310 shake vs advocare meal replacement shake review 310 shake vs advocare meal replacement shake review

    Still not impressed? Click on the button and check the 310 Shake vs Advocare Reviews for yourself:

    310 nutrition reviews

    310 nutrition reviews

    Which shake tastes better?

    Some customers were not satisfied with the taste of 310 Shake. The lack of sugar is the reason for that. Advocare Meal Replacement Shake contains 12g sugar and additional sweeteners, which became noticeable after tasting the supplement.

    Advocare is the unchallenged winner regarding taste. To your luck both shakes offer a wide range of flavors. Click here to see what flavors 310 Shake offers and click here to see the flavors of Advocare Meal Replacement Shake.

    How much do the shakes cost?

    One package of 310 Shake costs $68 and provides you with 28 servings. That’s about $2,40 per portion. Quite good!

    Compare it with Advocare Meal Replacement Shake and you will see that one bag costs $45, but only contains 14 servings. So $3,20 for a single meal. Also not bad, but 310 Shake is the clear winner regarding price.

    We checked the cheapest vendors for both shakes on the internet. Click on the button to buy the shakes:

    advocare reviews

    advocare reviews

    That’s well and good, but which shake is better?

    That’s depends on your goals and preferences. 310 Shake is cheaper, contains less calories, no sugar and a good amount of proteins, whereby Advocare Meal Replacement Shake satisfies your hunger for longer, contains more proteins and offers more vitamins.

    Furthermore there is a big difference regarding taste. You will have to decide for yourself which shakes suits your goals and preferences more.

    advocare reviews

    advocare reviews