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310 Shake vs Arbonne Protein Shake Review

    arbonne vs 310 shake review

    arbonne vs 310 shake review

    “310 Shake tastes awful!” That’s what Arbonne Protein Shake Fans say about the weight loss shake, but 310 Shake customers claim that Arbonne taste only so good, because of the high sugar and fat content in the meal replacement shake. Both shakes seem to have their weak points, therefore we wrote this 310 Shake vs Arbonne Protein Shake review for you.

    At the end of our review, you will see that one of these supplements is far superior than the other one. But one thing after another. First we will take a look at the ingredients of both substitutes.

    What kind of ingredients do the shakes contain?

    One portion of 310 Shake contains around 90 calories, whereby one serving of Arbonne Protein Shake offers 160 calories. That’s a pretty big difference. Both shakes contain a healthy amount of calories for people who want to lose weight, but 310 Shake is the clear winner regarding calorie content.

    We have a similar situation, when we compare the amount of fat in both supplements. Arbonne Protein Shake has 3g fat per serving and 310 Shake only 1g. Not bad, but still a difference.

    The same with the sugar content. 310 Shake contains 0g sugar and Arbonne 9g per meal. A clear winner regarding the basic ingredients.

    Nevertheless you shouldn’t jump to any conclusions yet. There are far more important factors that you have to consider, if you are looking for the best meal replacement shake.

    How much proteins do both shake offer?

    Now the tables have turned. Arbonne Protein Shake scores with 20g proteins in one serving and 310 Shake loses with only 15g. Don’t get me wrong: 15g proteins per portion are a lot for a weight loss shake, but Arbonne is the undisputed winner in this round.

    Well so it seems…

    But there a different kinds of proteins with various health beneficial capabilities. Let’s take a look at 310 Shake first:

    It contains a unique combination of three different proteins, which is called Triplex-Protein. All types of proteins in 310 Shake are high quality and especially good for athletes. This includes whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and milk protein concentrate.

    Arbonne Protein Shake also offers three different kinds of proteins, but they don’t have the same quality as whey proteins do.

    So if you are intersted in losing weight AND improving your workout performance, then you can consider 310 Shake as the winner of this round.

    Proteins are important to curb your hunger and therefore promoting weight loss, but there is another ingredient that is as essential as proteins are…

    What about the fiber content in both supplements?

    A recent study proved that 10g of dietary fiber per day increases weight loss and curbs hunger. Unfortunately both weight loss shakes lack this amount of fiber. 310 Shake offers 5g per portion, whereby Arbonne Protein Shake contains only 2g.

    However, maybe the number of vitamins in both supplements is going to reduce your disappointment.

    How many vitamins can be found in both weight loss shakes?

    Arbonne Protein Shake offers 23 nutrients to its customers, whereby 310 Shake only offers 16. Nevertheless both shakes contain enough vitamins to replace a conventional meal.

    Here is a list of with all ingredients of both shakes:

    Arbonne Ingredients:

    arbonne vs 310 shake review

    310 Shake Ingredients:

    arbonne vs 310 shake review

    Click on the buttons to read what other people think about 310 Shake and Arbonne Protein Shake:

    310 shake vs arbonne review

    310 shake vs arbonne review

    How long do the shakes curb my hunger?

    We analysed dozens of reviews and found that most people are satisfied for 3-4 hours after drinking 310 Shake and nearly 5 hours if they consumed Arbonne Protein Shake.

    Of course this numbers can vary depending on your gender, bodyweight, metabolic rate and your workout.

    Are both shakes vegan and gluten-free?

    Yes. To our luck we can say that both shakes offer a vegan version and are gluten-free.

    Are 310 Shake and Arbonne supported by studies?

    There is a study from the Mayo Clinic, where participants drank Arbonne Protein Shake and lost a significant amount of weight compared to the control group. Furthermore the consumers stated to feel healthier and energized.

    Sadly we couldn’t find any studies supporting the 310 Shake, but there are countless clinical studies that prove the effectiveness of meal replacement shakes in general.

    If you are visual type like me, you might want to see the results instead of reading about them:

    310 Shake Reviews:

    310 shake vs arbonne protein shake review 310 shake vs arbonne protein shake review

    Arbonne Protein Shake Reviews:

    arbonne protein shake before afterarbonne protein shake before after

    Impressive isn’t it? You can read more customer reviews on amazon. Just click on the button the see them!

    310 shake vs arbonne review

    310 shake vs arbonne review

    Great, but how do the shakes taste?

    Rarely do we see such a gap between two meal replacement supplements, but Arbonne Protein Shake is, without doubt, the winner regarding taste. Now you can taste that 310 Shake barely contains any sugar.

    310 Shake contains stevia, a natural sweetener, but Arbonne Protein Shake is far superior regarding taste, even if the reason for that is sugar.

    310 Shake isn’t terrible. It tastes okay, but compared to Arbonne it can’t keep up. Click here to see what flavors Arbonne offers and click here to see all flavors of 310 Shake.

    And what about the price?

    One package of Arbonne Protein Shake costs $76 and offers 30 servings. 310 Shake costs $68 and contains 28 servings. Not really a difference if you do the math.

    To your luck, we found the cheapest vendors for both supplements:

    310 shake vs arbonne review

    310 shake vs arbonne review

    And now the most important question…

    Which shakes is better?

    It was a hard decision, but we choose 310 Shake as the winner of this competition. Arbonne Protein Shake isn’t bad, but contains more calories, fat and sugar. The difference between proteins and vitamins isn’t that big and both shakes have similar good reviews on amazon.

    Nevertheless you shouldn’t forget that Arbonne taste WAY better than 310 Shake, so if taste is more important for you than Arbonne Protein Shake might be the right decision.

    In the end you have to choose for yourself…

    310 shake vs arbonne review

    310 shake vs arbonne review