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4 Amazing Bra Hacks That Every Girl Should Remember

    It is a given that bras do not last forever. These articles of clothing are designed to bear the weight of your breasts. Over time, bras begin falling apart under this constant pressure. The fabric begins stretching out, wires starts popping out, and overall, a bra loses its ability to provide its wearer with proper comfort and support. Despite the fact that we all know about the fragility of bras, it still sucks when an old bra suddenly gives out on you.

    In fact, a bra failing you out of nowhere can become a serious problem for you. A worn out or damaged bra can result in a wardrobe malfunction and it can also be bad for your breasts. Luckily, there are a number of hacks that one can rely on in situations like these. Let’s go through some of these hacks and learn how we can repair and even extend the life of your favourite old bra.

    #1 Underwire Pop Out Fix

    The underwire is perhaps the most infamous part of any bra. Pretty much everyone has had to deal with an underwire popping out. Normally, women deal with a popped out underwire by simply discarding their entire bra. This is due to the fact that most women believe that under wire cannot be fixed once it has been damaged. Fortunately, that is not true. Fixing an under wire can be a very simple task.

    In order to fix your underwire, you can start off by locating its end that is popping out. Cover this end with a bit of duct tape in order to hide any sharp ends. After doing this, slowly push the wire back into place. Once the wire has been set into its original position, you can shut the hole that it came out of by covering it with super glue or stitching a small piece of soft fabric on top of it.

    #2 Loosening Bra Straps

    Over time, the straps of a bra are bound to lose their elasticity. This can happen due to a number of reasons. You might be wearing your bra wrong, placing extra pressure on your bra straps. Another reason why this may happen can be that you machine wash your bras. Regardless of why it happens, when your bra straps become loose, you can fix the right up with a bit of stitching. 

    Tightening bra straps is a very simple process. All you have to do is reduce the length of the bra straps by unstitching them, cutting them to size and stitching them back again. This process can be fairly simple if you are decent at stitching. If you are not confident about your skills with a needle and some thread then you can use clips to shorten the straps to your liking. While the clips will not be as effective as stitching, they will help with making your bra feel more secure.

    #3 Torn Fabric

    Bras can become ripped and frayed over time. This can ruin the look of your bra and even compromise its overall structure. If a bra has a really big tear in it then you probably cannot save it. However, medium to small sized tears can be dealt with. If you fix them quickly, you can prevent them from growing and potentially lengthen the lifespan of your bra.

    Fixing a tear can be done with the following; a patch of soft cloth or lace, a thread and needle, and a bit of superglue. You can start off by sealing the tear with superglue, once the glue cures, you can cover the area with a patch of cloth or some lace. Depending on your skill with a needle and thread, you can even upgrade your bra’s design by sewing on some fashionable lace.

    #4 Bent Hooks

    It is very common for bra hooks to get bent out of shape. When this happens, your bra can feel odd when you wear it. Luckily, fixing a bent hook is perhaps one of the easiest bra hacks that you can learn. All you need to do is find the hook that is bent out of shape and bend it back into its original position. In order to do this, a pair of pliers is necessary. You should be careful when you are twiddling with your bra’s hooks. The last thing you want is to accidentally break a hook or pull it out completely.

    These were some of the best bra hacks that we could find. All of them are relatively simple to perform and can make a huge difference for you. The next time you have a damaged bra, before you throw it away, maybe you should take a moment and check whether you can give it a quick fix. Keeping these hacks in your memory just might help you extend the life of your old faithful bras. For more useful information on bra wearing and bra maintenance, you can head over to Bra-Di-Da.