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4 Benefits of Root Canal Treatment: What Is the Expected Outcome?

    When a tooth is in distress, it’s pretty easy to tell. Discomfort and pain, sensitivity to cold or heat, swelling, and infections can mean that the root has been damaged and the tooth will need to be repaired. While no one looks forward to having a root canal procedure, it is often the best treatment option. The techniques involved in the procedure itself have advanced greatly over the years. A root canal is nothing to fear. It should alleviate your pain and discomfort and allow you to keep your natural tooth.

    What is a Root Canal?

    Whether you need to have a Root Canal Procedure Idaho Falls or in some other location, the procedure is the same and will have the same results. A root canal is necessary when damage has occurred inside the tooth. A dental specialist begins by drilling the tooth so the pulp and roots can be completely removed. Next, the inside of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected. The next step is to fill the tooth with a permanent material that will keep it from decaying and from becoming infected. Finally, the tooth is sealed with a filling or a crown. Crowns are more commonly used if the tooth is at risk of breaking in the future.

    Even though the procedure sounds complicated, and it’s common for people to be afraid of it, there are many advantages of having a root canal as opposed to tooth extraction.

    Advantages of Having a Root Canal

    The benefits of having the root canal outweigh the consequences of continuing to remain in pain or of having the tooth removed.

    1. Your Mouth is Protected from Infection and Degeneration. Once the infectious tissue or root is removed from your tooth, it can never return. It also cannot be spread to other teeth. Tooth loss can also result in damage and deterioration to the jawbone, so keeping the original tooth helps to keep the original bone structure intact.

    2. The Appearance of Your Mouth Remains the Same. The tooth that had the root canal procedure will look normal, and your mouth will look natural as before. The tooth will also remain functional, and you will be able to chew without causing further damage to the tooth.

    3. Tooth Extraction is an Option, but It Changes the Mouth. The hole left by the extracted tooth will close over, but chewing will not be the same. Your jaw and its ability to chew are weakened by the absence of the tooth, and the gums can be irritated while chewing various kinds of foods.

    4. Dental Implants are Costly. There is a lot of hype about how easy it is to get dental implants. The truth is that the procedure is lengthy and costly. It is less expensive in the long run to keep the natural tooth than it is to replace it later. It is also not the same to chew with implants. It is much easier and more natural to chew with your original teeth.

    What Should the Result Be?

    A root canal procedure that has been properly done should allow you to go on with your life as though nothing happened. You will be able to chew with no risk of further damage to the tooth. Your mouth will look and feel natural, and you will look and feel great.