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4 Bodybuilding Tips That Will Get Quick Results

    Creating an ideal bodybuilding program and nutrition to follow can seem challenging, especially if you’re a beginner. 

    You will have to prepare for several days in a week on how your workouts are going to look, the duration of your rest times exercises that you will do, and the number of reps you will do for each routine. This post from My Body Life takes you step by step through the process of crazy bulk review

    Concentrate on Lifting Weights Consistently

    The first tip in bodybuilding that will make a massive difference in your muscle gain is if you’re able to add more weights to your exercises repeatedly. 

    You are not going to build muscle faster if you do not increase the amount you’re lifting as you progress in your workout. It won’t matter if you’re principled or you’re following a specific routine. 

    The number one rule in a perfect bodybuilding routine should focus on lifting heavy weights. 

    Most people get stuck and are not able to increase the weights they’re lifting. If you find yourself in this situation, you will start using other methods such as supersets. Well, they might help to boost the body’s potential, but later, you will need to increase weights.

    Use One Rep Short of Failure

    You will need to be keen on failure when it comes to bodybuilding. Most people have the belief that lifting weights to failure in each set is the ideal way to boost muscle. They say that to increase muscle; you have to lift heavy weights. 

    Well, it is true that if you want to notice the progress, you have to lift heavy weights. However, you can encounter a couple of problems when you lift to failure. One major issue is that you will start experiencing central nervous system fatigue. Exercise programs that go to failure will be too much on the central nervous system. 

    After several weeks of an intense program, you will feel the central nervous system is fatigued, and you can’t even lift weights. The number of reps you were used to doing will be challenging to do. 

    Another problem when you go to failure is that if you don’t do it in your first routine, you’re not going to have it well in the next methods later. Since you need to be doing numerous different exercises, you will find it challenging to achieve.

    In the meantime, you can target to do one to two reps. The routine will still get your body working hard and at the intensity that you need to build muscle. Also, it won’t destroy you such that you will have to take a couple of days off to rejuvenate. 

    Choose Exercises That Build Two Muscle Groups at Once

    This bodybuilding tip will concentrate on compound exercises. You will not maximize the potential of building your muscles if you only spend less time in the gym due to recovery and time focusing on tasks that will help develop less small muscle groups. 

    You can opt to choose the rule that will ensure 80% of your routine will be focusing on exercises that boost two muscle groups. 

    For example, squats will improve hamstrings and quads. Shoulder press will develop triceps and shoulders. The bench press will develop triceps, chest, shoulders, and to a small degree, the biceps. Instead, the barbell curl will develop the biceps. Triceps pushdowns will improve triceps. Leg curls will keep the hamstrings in check.  

    You should do all these exercises fewer times because they will not offer the best results compared to the energy you’re using. What’s interesting is that compound lifts will allow you to lift more weight, which will ensure you’re successful in bodybuilding. 

    Fuel Your Body Pre-Workout and Post-Workout

    Another tip that you need to follow in your bodybuilding exercise routine is always to provide you fuel your body well both pre-workout and post-workout. 

    If you fail to consume the essential amino acids that your body needs to create new muscle or the required carbohydrate that offers energy to improve the new muscle tissue, you will not get the desired results. 

    You can’t be wrong about the diet in this situation. Pre-workout and post-workout are when you need to have the food ready to boost your muscles. 

    Later, when you’re doing other activities, you can be more flexible with your meals and the composition available so that you meet nutrient and calorie needs. But before and after the workout, everything needs to be right.